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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #30 on: 04:29:53 - 06/13/10 »
"Sometimes I really do think you think of me as some cheap human whore."

Sheets, light and sheer and spider silk, cling to Aphrodite's (Misha) perfect form as she stretches with seductive grace.

"Perhaps, my lovely, you should act like less of one.  Your faithful husband has been gone how long? And here I've found myself dragged into your bedchamber in front of the eyes of half my brethren." Ares (Corpsemourne) runs his hands over his lover's body lustily and a wicked fire ignites in his eyes.

Aphrodite shoves his hands away and sulks.  "Well it seemed a grand idea at the time.  Hephaestus is no longer here to drag *us* into the courtyard in a tangled mess to be mocked by all.  It's no wonder your half-sister is always getting the better of you in your bloody war games when you let yourself AND me be made fools of by that repugnant cripple.  And who knows when Zeus will again make me captive in a marriage to some monster. All I seek is love. But perhaps I should have chosen a less cruel suitor.  I do not need to be spoken to crassly."

Ares grabs Aphrodite and pulls her violently against him.  "Mind thy tongue my pretty little wench.  And speak not to me of Athena or your husband anymore. You can throw yourself at any man on creation and no one bats an eye.  That body of yours was made to be put to good use.  I, however, have a reputation to uphold.  And absent husband or not, you are but  diversion.  I lust for the blood of man foremost. "

"Oh you *are* a ghastly man Ares.  But at least you are a man.  An impressive man to be sure.  Surely entertaining me here is more rewarding than slaying thousands on a battlefield.  What's the worst that could happen?  Some random Spartan captain going to rise to godly power and usurp your throne?"

"My little wench jokes.  Nice.  Here's what you're going to do.  Lay back, close thy mouth, and let me get the most out of that which my kin will mock me for."

Aphrodite submits.

-Aphrodite is revealed
-Ares is revealed
-Ares loses 1 status
-Ares steals Aphrodite's next turn

It is now Greatcatatonic's turn.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #31 on: 00:49:24 - 06/14/10 »
In the distance, in the palace of Zeus we move to another bed chamber.

From coitus to conniving, we find Hera (Greatcatatonic) seated before a vanity of silvered glass brushing her godly hair while she rants in a torrent of unladylike expletives.

Demeter (Fenrir) lounges upon satin pillows indulging in the fruit of the gods listening patiently.

Hera calms ever so slightly and speaks in a measured tone.

"I have had enough of these meddlers, Demeter.  Athena needs to stick to playing the humans' divine and beloved mistress. Hades needs to stick to his accursed underworld.  And *Hestia*-- sister..."

Hera spits the word distastefully.

"But of course I agree, Hera.  And of course Hades is the cause of all this ruckus to begin with.  If that pathetic excuse for a god Hephaestus had just done what I'd told him to, none of this would have happened.

"Naturally.  We allowed that vile thing to house himself here, to sup with us, to serve alongside us, to BED one of us-- gads am I glad no offspring has resulted in that vulgar union.  For we all know Eros is not of the cripple's loins but of my warrior son.  I will not let Hephaestus' flight from the Mount free him of the punishment he so rightly deserves for dishonoring me as he did that day."

"So be it.  We must assert our power.  But Zeus turns deaf ears to us.  He acts bored and disinterested.  How are we to get him on our side."

"Sister, I do not need my fairweather husband on my side.  I have power enough to engage those who would overstep their bounds."

"Do not be so sure sister.  You have been shamed greatly, but your support is far from unanimous.  I would tread lightly were I you.  I will play my part though.  You-- no offense, my beloved sister-- have a tendency to quickly burn through the little good will our kin have for you."

Anger boils beneath the surface in Hera's expression.  "I do not get the respect I deserve.  This will end so help me."

"All things end eventually, sister."

-Hera and Demeter may each share one of their engagement outcomes.

It is now Athena's turn.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #32 on: 04:31:40 - 06/14/10 »
Bazabaza has used his influence.

His turn will come in the morning.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #33 on: 20:37:02 - 06/14/10 »
==Earth, An open glade in a forest in the heart of Thessaly==

Athena (bazabaza) sits upon a large stone, chin in hand thinking and waiting.

The faintest of rustling, undetectable by even the most vigilant of woodland creatures but loud enough in Athena's godly ears, echos from the edge of the wood.

Artemis (Sparky), in full huntress regalia and face paint, steps nimbly from the treeline and saunters in a dance-like rhythm towards her sister.

"Greetings, Goddess of All Wisdom.  You must feel terribly out of place in a land so devoid of human 'civilization'."

Athena, surprising both herself and the Goddess of the Bow, stands and embraces Artemis.

"Not at all.  It is a nice respite from the goings-on of men."

Athena leans back and looks her sister up and down.

"My you do cut an imposing figure when you're down here on Earth don't you.  A regular savage, eh?"

"I have a reputation to uphold, even to the little creatures."

"I suppose you do.  So...  Is all in place?"

"Aye, it is.  Apollo has his eyes on things upon the Mount.  I have Hephaestus sequestered somewhere safe.  Are you ready for your role?"

"Oh, dear Ares is inciting conflict amongst my Athenians and their neighbors.  But then, the sun rose this morning and will set 'pon the eve.  What else is new.  So yes, I have sent my message to our uncle.  Dour and gloomy as he may be, he seems always ready to get the better of his sisters."

"Well then.  Have a seat again.  Let us discuss our options."

Artemis, at one with her surroundings, flops down upon the grass while Athena smooths her toga and sits delicately back upon her stone.

They began to plan...

-Artemis is revealed
-The next status loss Athena might suffer is prevented

Round 4 continues
It is now Hades turn!
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #34 on: 06:05:16 - 06/15/10 »
A fiery chariot drawn by jet black stallions with crimson nostrils flared bursts through the bank of clouds hanging low beneath the peak of Olympus.

The horses draw to slow canter as they approach the main courtyard of the gods and Hades (Mario766) leaps from the back of his transport and strides purposefully towards the palace of Zeus.

A startled looking Aphrodite accompanied by an exhausted Ares looking as if finally met his match on a battlefield of silk and goosefeather step aside at a warning look from the God of the Underworld.

Demeter hurries from inside the palace, harsh words on her lips, and Hades disinterestedly pushes her aside and presses on, completely ignoring the shocked fury that his sister delivers in bitter expletives.

Hades approaches Zeus' throne room, its golden doors closed and Hera (Greatcatatonic) barring his path.

"I would speak to my brother."

"You would not.  Zeus is entertaining no visitors."

"What Earthbound farmgirl did you find him with this time that you think him so willing to dodge your wrath that you can dictate who sees him?"

"Bite your tongue, morbid one.  Do you forget yourself?"

"Would that I could but forget my lovely sisters, my days would be infinitely less cumbersome.  Now take your arrogant nonsense elsewhere, lest you wake up with Cerberus filling that icy void you call a womb one very unpleasant night."

Hera, appalled, reaches back to slap her brother and he steps back, a bored expression replacing his brief and rare show of emotion.

"Tut tut, show some refinement sister.  Now, shall I speak with Zeus, or should I just tell you Hephaestus is safely hidden where you shall not find him and I will see to it he returns to his proper place on the Mount."

"You think highly of yourself for one that hides beneath the ground and surrounds yourself with marionettes of the dead you can puppet with no defiance."

"And what do you do, Hera, besides throw tantrums and scream like a harpy?"

"Mark my words, Hades.  I do not understand why you so strongly wish to aid that thing I am ashamed to have birthed, but if Hephaestus sets foot on Olympus, he will suffer mightily."

"Duly noted.  Mark *my* words, though, if you are capable of comprehending them.  Your delusions of grandeur end soon, sister.  You are a goddess of empty threats.  A goddess of impotence.  A tin goddess.  Those that fear me, have good cause.  Those that fear you, think of you the same way any sane man thinks of his wife.  That is why dear Persephone remains simply my consort."

Hades smirks.

"You can tell Demeter I said that by the way."

Hades raps upon the golden doors over Hera's head.  "Brother, if you ever reclaim that manhood of yours you seem to so frequently misplace, I do so hope you'll take the time to get in touch."

Hades' smirk twitches slightly and he turns on his heels and walks away.

-Hephaestus is returned to the game at full status

Round 4 continues.

It is Hestia's turn.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #35 on: 21:33:11 - 06/15/10 »
Hades (Mario 766) approaches his chariot, more than ready to leave Olympus, where he finds Hestia quietly patting the sides of one of his hellish mounts.  The steed wickers uncomfortably but relaxes as the sight of its master.

"Ah, the sister I don't want to throttle.  I nearly forgot I had one."

Hestia (Qqchampion) turns and cocks her eyebrow.  "I'm not sure whether to be charmed or insulted."

"Be at ease and I will be too.  I cannot dawdle though Hestia.  I have business to attend to."


"Need you ask?"

"Take me with you.  I would see my outcast nephew."

"He claims you're the one that banished him."

"Well, for his own good.  But I feel a storm is brewing, and since I know there is no way to avoid involvement, I would like to see what side of the line I should be on."

Hades grimaces and steps into his chariot.  "By my crown and scepter, woman, you can't possibly be considering any side involving THOSE women."

Hestia laughs and steps up beside her brother.  "Wouldn't that be something."

Hades flicks his reins and his horses jump forward.

Eyes watch the two of them depart.

-Hestia's influence is restored
-Hestia is protected in next struggle
-Poseidon has no effect on Hestia
-Hades has one of his engagement outcomes removed

It is now Demeter's turn.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #36 on: 21:50:35 - 06/15/10 »
To clarify some more complex points now that things have gotten interesting on the backend of the game (PM exchange only):

[15:47] <Anonymous> I was under the impression that if you engage someone else, it goes by your outcome chart, but if they engage you, it goes by theirs.
[15:47] <Merton> the player with multiple outcomes gets to choose
[15:47] <Merton> in the event that BOTH have multiple outcomes
[15:48] <Merton> whoever chooses rival trumps ally choice (rival always trumps ally as a form of betrayal)
[15:48] <Merton> in the even that both have DIFFERENT rival outcomes that they choose
[15:48] <Merton> whoever is doing the engaging chooses


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #37 on: 09:12:06 - 06/16/10 »
Demeter (fenrir) steps out from behind a column and watches Hades and Hestia quit the Mount.

"So, have I made a compelling argument, nephew?"

Ares (Corpsemourne) lifts a flagon of wine to his lips and takes a long drink.  He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and laughs.

"So let me get this straight.  You are asking *me* of all people if I'm willing to wage a war.  Not only that, but we would be fighting my lover's husband who has humiliated me in the past, an uncle for whom no love of mine is lost, and my sister I have devoted much of my time to ruining."

"Well it appears my pitiful sister, as well as Artemis-- and thus most likely Apollo-- are in their camp as well."

Ares shrugs unconcernedly.  "That is of little import.  I confess I have a soft spot for Artemis and her huntress ways, but I am indifferent beyond that.  But what of father and Poseidon?"

"Our fearless leader and my always inferior brother refuse to weigh in on this yet.  Frustrating...  Which is why we need to escalate matters."

The God of War grins maniacally.  "I do so like the sound of that, Demeter.  Though I must say we're rather outnumbered aren't we if we cannot get father on our side.  He and I don't exactly see eye to eye, and he does adore being contrarian where mother is concerned.  Hermes is on good terms with the both of us I believe, though he is an irritatingly likable sort that way so the same can be said for he and Hephaestus."

Now Demeter takes her turn to shrug.  "Of what value are you as God of War if you can't match their alliance?"

Ares looks wounded, though Demeter is unsure of the sincerity in the expression.  "Believe me, I am up to the task.  So long as you and mother know what you're getting us into.  It could get very nasty.  Which is how I like it."

"Yes, yes, I get it.  But with the exception of Apollo, they are off the Mount.  We are free to strike them down however we see fit.  But if we act too slowly, Zeus WILL get involved for better or worse and things will get infinitely more complicated."

"Hmm.  Options.... could be fun."

-Ares and Demeter may share an engagement outcome

Round 4 concludes with Apollo's turn.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #38 on: 23:56:45 - 06/16/10 »
==We return to Artemis' Glade==

Artemis (Sparky) the huntress stands like a sentry, waiting implacably. 

She looks up at the sun as it crests its noonday point.

She stares, undaunted by the searing bright light, for a long while and then nods in satisfaction.

A disturbance in the air pushes down on her ivory skin, marked in paint of blue, green, and brown tones.

A screaming sound only she and the animals of the wood can her begins to build and she can feel forest creatures nearby scatter in confused panic.

She stands patiently as the pressure and the sound increase.

Suddenly with a sharp and violent thud, a burning arrow buries itself into the earth in front of her toes.

She waves the fire into non-existence, yanks the arrow from the ground and gently pulls a roll of gold leaf from the shaft.

She reads the message emblazoned in fiery silver lettering and begins to nod again.

"So that's how it is.  Very well then, message received brother."

She fingers the string of her bow and considers sending a response to Apollo (Azharh), but decides none is really needed.

She saunters off back into the forest.

-A God of Artemis' choice will have their player revealed to she and Apollo
-Artemis receives +1 in all struggles
-Artemis will protect Apollo from his next status loss

Round 4 concludes.

Round 5 begins.  It is Kyruko's turn.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #39 on: 10:47:52 - 06/17/10 »
I got held up doing work so the next post will have to wait until tomorrow, but Toben you can go ahead and send me your turn. I will contact you with the results of this upcoming turn so you can decide what you'll do.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #40 on: 20:53:42 - 06/17/10 »
"A thousand warm greetings to you, sister of peerless beauty."

Aphrodite (Misha), in her and Hephaestus' bed, wakes with a start and quickly gathers her bed sheets around her exposed form.

"Her-- Hermes? (Kyruko)  What--" Aphrodite tries to shake the fog induced by a night of far too much indulgence in wine and pleasures of the flesh from her mind and rubs her eyes.  "What is it?  Why are you here?"

Aphrodite tries to contain a sense of urgent disquiet she always feels around the dashing and silver-tongued Hermes.  A series of rendezvous in their godly youth gave to them a son and an ensuing series of peculiar events transformed their son into a curious androgynous immortal.  Hermes, carefree and aloof as always, was bothered neither by this nor the abrupt ending of their affair.  But it had never sat right with the Goddess of Love.

She anxiously eyes her robes tossed haphazardly on the floor across the bedchamber in the heat of passion.

Hermes laughs cheerfully and jogs the short distance to them, scoops them up, and tosses them at Aphrodite, who, still unnerved receives them full on to the face.

She splutters briefly and harrumphs in annoyance before slipping out of bed and hastily dressing herself.

Trying to compose herself, she asks again in a quick and sharp tone, "So I ask again, brother, what brings you to wake me at my bedside so rudely?  And where is Ares?"  She swallows the last word and blushes.

Hermes laughs again.  "Your favorite diversion is off planning what seems to me to be full scale war against our brethren.  Surely this comes as no surprise to you."

Aphrodite replies in a soft tone, "Oh..."

"As for myself.  Well, that's the crux of the situation isn't it?  I am fond of dear brother Ares.  Perhaps not as much as you--"  Hermes grins and clears his throat.  "But I safely call him friend.  However, I would call that poor cuckold of a husband of yours friend as well.  And I have a place in my thief's heart for both of my aunties.  Of course, I also always enjoy playing pranks on Hades-- but then, I suppose this has swept far past the bounds of prankstering.

"So sister, as someone who is as indifferent about the events that brought about this silly blood feud as I am, where should I stand?  You and I had our fun with the Trojan war did we not?  I figured who better to ask for advice than she who played such a tremendous joke on so very many humans."

Aphrodite blushes again, this time in anger.  "The Trojan war was not me having fun, nor me playing a joke Hermes!  I was acting on a principle!"

Hermes laughs his loudest at this and grabs Aphrodite by her shoulders and shakes her in merriment.  "Oh indeed!  I should start telling all the robbers and charlatans that pray to me to use that as a defense when their life is on the line.  See how far that gets them!"

"By Zeus' beard, I will not have you mock me Hermes.  What in the world do you want me to say to you?  You know whose side I am on...and you know the reasons."

Hermes presses uncomfortably close to Aphrodite and with the honeyed voice he is legend for, whispers into her ear, "And what very noble reasons those are, aren't they precious sister?"

He steps back and grins again mischievously.  "Very well.  Let us say this then, dear of my heart.  I shall play Ares and Demeter's game with them until it grows dull.  If dull it grows, I'll take my discus and go home!"

Aphrodite shrugs and looks down at her feet.  "And if you decide you'd have more fun with my husband and the others I'm sure you'll skip away to their side."

"Oh sister, you see me as a traitor.  My honor is gravely wounded!"

Aphrodite looks back up, fatigue in her eyes.  "You are no traitor Hermes.  You just take things far too lightly."

"Aww.  Such serious business the affairs of gods.  Men think the same thing.  Mice likewise I'm sure."

Aphrodite rolls her eyes and resigned to defeat in the unyielding force of her brother's jolly irreverence, slips back out of her clothes and climbs into bed, pulling her pillow over her head to drown out any more he has to say."

Several moments of silence follow and then the pillow is yanked away and Hermes' smiling face looms above.  "Perhaps a kiss for good luck!"

Aphrodite begins to groan in annoyance but is cut off as Hermes kisses her passionately.  She resists the urge to enjoy the nostalgia of the kiss, but fails.

Hermes jumps back dramatically.  "Stolen kisses taste all the more delightful.  And I remain a thief to the last.  Time to go find that bloodthirsty brother of ours."

And quick as can be, he's gone.

Aphrodite stares up at the ceiling, pondering, the feel of the kiss still lingering.

-Hermes is revealed
-Hermes receives +1 in all future struggles.

Round 5 continues.  It is now Toben's turn.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #41 on: 06:16:18 - 06/18/10 »
==The Underworld==

In a cavernous dining hall with a high vaulted earthen ceiling, Hephaestus (Toben) sits alone at a large ebony table.

He stares down as his hands, missing the feel of steel and soot, missing the heat of a forge in place of the dead air in Hades that feels neither hot nor cool.

Hades (Mario766)
strolls into the room and takes a seat at the table.  "Not enjoying your stay, nephew?"

Hephaestus looks up and grunts.  "I confess I was more comfortable where Artemis had secreted me away."

Hades remains expressionless.  "Yes, well, I've brought you here to ask a favor in preparation for our upcoming fray.  By the way, the lady Persephone bids you warm welcome."

The God of the Forge grunts again.  "What does the lady Persephone think about you warring against her mother?"

The trace of a smirk creeps onto Hades face.  "It is true my lady loves her mother dearly.  But, believe not the foul rumors Demeter spreads of my devilish trickery and underhandedness.  I stake my life on the claim that she loves me far more."

"If that is true, then I envy you wholeheartedly.   Now, what is this favor you wish to ask of me?"

Hades rubs his palm along the large scepter he keeps with him  "Though I know you prefer the familiarity of your own forge, you can work wonders in any forge and with any material, this is true?"

Hephaestus narrows his eyes.  "True indeed.  Metalworking is to me what watching over the departed is to you."

Hades nods emphatically and lifts the scepter and crashes it onto the table.

"Then I would have you work your craft upon this.  Forge me a weapon worthy of the days of mine and my brothers' war with the Titans.  And use my scepter as your raw material."

A troubled expression flits over the Lame Gods face.

"A task worthy of you nephew...  even if the cause gives you pause."

"If my father intervenes on this war and decrees anything involving me, I shall adhere to his wishes.  Let that be known."

"Well then, consider this a task also worthy of potentially being your last."

Hephaestus' mood turns dark and he stands.

He departs....but not before taking the scepter from the table purposefully.

-Hephaestus uses his influence to give Hades an additional +1 in all struggles.
-Hephaestus' influence is restored
-Hephaestus is protected in his next struggle.

Round 5 continues.  It is now Hera's turn.
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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #42 on: 17:57:04 - 06/19/10 »
==Zeus' Throneroom, Olympus==

Hera (Greatcatatonic) sits regally upon her throne next to her husband's vacant seat and looks down at her son, Ares (Corpsemourne).

"You wished to see me mother."  The fire of rage always kindled behind Ares' eyes flares slightly as he speaks.

"My son, I bid thee welcome.  I know you were less than enthusiastic to pay me this visit.  I appreciate you accepting Hermes' message graciously."

Ares growls slightly under his breath, yet bows ever so slightly.

"Ares, I do know we've had our spats in the past.  I do find you a brutish young man, and somewhat mad.  And you, like so many of your siblings loathe my very presence."

"You are my mother.  I do not actively seek to dishonor or disrespect you."

"Yes.  Though you could perhaps find yourself less frequently entrenched between that harlot's legs when there are battlefields to be bloodied."

Ares flushes in genuine embarrassment, the slight against his attention to his duties one that cuts to the quick.

"Nevertheless, dear boy, you are a gorgeous, strong, virile son.  A son a mother could be proud of.  And I am proud.  And I owe you a service for you not being the twisted shame your brother Hephaestus is."

The fire jumps back ablaze in the God of War's eyes.  "A service?"

"Destroy your brother.  Destroy your brother and Aphrodite is yours with no shame attached.  I will see to it.  Your father will not deny me."

The cords in Ares' muscular neck stand out as his body grows tight with anticipatory bloodlust.

"This I can do, mother.  I assure you."

"Then go.  Win your trophy.  Erase both our shame in one stroke."

-Hera uses a new earned outcome on Ares
-Hera and Ares may each share an engagement outcome.

Round 5 continues.  It is now Athena's turn.


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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #43 on: 17:18:28 - 06/20/10 »
I have baza's move (and it's a fun!), but I'm being taking out for my first father's day so it'll be later today when I put it up!



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Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
« Reply #44 on: 03:37:57 - 06/21/10 »
==The Palace of Zeus, Gardens of Gaia==

Athena (Bazabaza) walks beside her father Zeus (Dollstate) through the lush and unique flora no man alive will ever see, kept on Olympus purely for the pleasure of the gods.

"But father, I need you to listen to reason.  I know you do not like to get tangled up in our often petty squabbles.  But I fear if you do not intercede or take a side, there will be full scale war amongst us the likes of which we've never seen."

Zeus laughs, short and gruff.  "Daughter, you are infinitely wise.  Surely you would know I would not let something such as that come to pass."

Athena takes her father's hand and clasps it between both of hers, forcing Zeus to stop his slow and steady gait.  "Father, I surely know you would not WISH to let something such as that come to pass.  But the momentum has built, the heat of many angry fires burns hot.  Prevention may no longer be an option.  That leaves you only with intercession."

"And you would have me stand next to you, Hephaestus, and my brother and rebuke my wife and sisters."

"It is not just those you have named involved.  Battle lines have been drawn.  Only you and Poseidon have removed yourselves from this entirely.  The twins and Hestia support us as well.  And bloodthirsty Ares seeks eagerly to destroy three he has loathed for ever so long.  Father, this started because of Demeter's pettiness.  Hephaestus did nothing wrong except show honor in trying to remain apart from others' business and then strike back when abuse was hurled at him.  A natural reaction even you have frequently displayed."

Zeus nods, his beard brushing his daughters hands as it goes up and down.  "You speak true, daughter.  But of course, your mother has spent many long days convincing me--"

"Mother's tongue is laced with venom, father!  And she is NOT my mother.  Do not deign to call her that."

Zeus glowers and a distant roll of thunder echos not so coincidentally.  

Athena squelches her fire and assumes the meekest look and posture she can muster.  "I apologize for my outburst father.  But... you know the bitter chord you strike there.  Forgive me."

"From the day you were born you have been a headache to me child, but I have great affection for you.  And I know there is truth in your words."

Athena releases her father's hand and he turns and surveys the breathtaking life in abundance all around him.

"I am not yet ready to enter this fray in earnest.  I must confer with your uncle Poseidon who thinks this folly as much as I.  But by my bolt and beard I promise I will see to it you do not come to harm."

Athena embraces her father.  "I must trust that you will extend your protection to other innocents as well, but I thank you with every fiber of my being."

Zeus's voice booms in her ear, a touch of humor in his tone,  "I would not call of you innocents.  Brother Hades loves tormenting our sisters."

Athena laughs.  "Family's wonderful, is it not?"

How appropriate for Father's day!

-Zeus is revealed
-Athena's influence is restored
-Zeus will prevent the next struggle Athena is engaged in by another player (this prevention is not the same as he current protection)

It is now Ares' turn (Aphrodite is skipped and she now returns to the turn queue)

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