Author Topic: Questions about apprentices  (Read 2405 times)


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Questions about apprentices
« on: 03:15:00 - 12/04/09 »
  Hi,I've invited many friends to play Estiah with me,and set I as their mentor.Now,because of work,two of them don't have time to play.I received a warning that told me :"You are NOT allowed to apprentice your other accounts if you have any.
Doing so will result in the removal of both accounts"
So I just wondering if I can use their accounts on my computer,when I log in their accounts,will ya remove both of accounts?


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Re: Questions about apprentices
« Reply #1 on: 03:24:23 - 12/04/09 »
Sure you can use their accounts.  Just remove yourself as their mentor by either clicking the x next to their names in your character screen or clicking the x next to your name on their character screen.  Then there's no issues.
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