Author Topic: Lvl 36 wizard looking for a 2on2 partner  (Read 904 times)


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Lvl 36 wizard looking for a 2on2 partner
« on: 00:51:07 - 07/22/09 »
I have absolutely no idea if this is the right place to do this, if not, please correct me but the other forums didn't seem right.

As the topic says, I have a lvl 36 wizard alt and my plan is to use Strike, Flame Scabbard, lots of focus and high damage charms and I'd like my partner to do the same, preferably magic damage ofc.

My decklist:

Strike x5
Wizard Shadow Skull x5
Flame Scabbard x5
Wizard Fire Orb x5
Demon Power x5
Challenger's Pyric Ring x5
Renegade Fire Blast x5
Renegade Falchion x5
Blue Dragon Bone x5

624 HP
45 Spirit

I don’t know if it’s worth using more EA’s or not. I can’t use Honor Thrust, have only got 1 Rapier after like a zillion tries -_-, and the lightning reflexes damage isn’t really worth, especially since the rogue and shaman poisons just got hell of a lot better(considering they’re awesome on my lvl 43 assassin =P). I have Dusk Cape if you find it worthwhile.
I also have all spirit charms avaible at this lvl(except for the class and guild only), so if anyone wanna do that route I can try it out.

Edit: Oh, and my alt's nick is Yarek
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Astroblade takes 732 magic damage

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