Author Topic: [P] Skill Suggestion Thread  (Read 1989 times)


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[P] Skill Suggestion Thread
« on: 11:57:02 - 05/21/08 »
I'm going to make this a fairly general topic, hopefully people can contribute their ideas and maybe some of the better ones can make their way into the game.

First of all, I'd like to say that skills and the little completionist details are a very nifty aspect of this game, and has always been an appeal in games for me and other players I've known.  I know there are tons of skills out there, 'unlockable' via various methods, but the more the merrier I would say, as long as balance with leveling is still considered.  It's quite a good thing if people can play this game and have many many options to progress their character - not just leveling this or that gear or gathering this or that type of resource.

My suggestions?

So-and-so Hunting Skills - Just like hunting with a sword will increase your sword level, I think hunting certain types of fairly common mobs could raise skill in that department.  For example, killing a hundred rats could master you the Rat Hunter skill, yielding a reward of stats or possibly just a charm like a free Rat Flail or something.

Non-stat related skill rewards - Perhaps to offset the leveling imbalance that would be created by introducing too many skills to the game (characters would be progressing in too many skills too fast), there could be skills that when completed, reward something other than stats.  Maybe a title, or a free item like I mentioned earlier.  Maybe access to a special shop, or just a little bit of gold. 

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Re: Skill Suggestion Thread
« Reply #1 on: 12:49:30 - 05/21/08 »
we'll add new skills over time, i kinda like your idea about non-stat related skills, there are already skills which give items as
reward (collector serie that you'll discover as you level up), maybe we should add more skills that give off only special charms,
we'll think about it.

as for "rat hunter", it has been planned already. sorry that we can't reveal our todolist to the public  :'( actually it's more about
just killing 100 rats, we want to implement real battle skills like "mage slayer" that will boost your attack against all casters.
it's still in conception phase, any ideas about this aspect of game are welcome.