Author Topic: Prophets of Destruction [=POD=] now recruiting.  (Read 1369 times)


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Prophets of Destruction [=POD=] now recruiting.
« on: 20:45:30 - 11/11/08 »
Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a line in here announcing that =POD= is now open for recruiting. We are a tight-knit group of players that used to play on the old classic NetStorm. =POD= is, and will remain, fairly small in comparison to other guilds, but we definitely keep an eye out for top-notch players who enjoy playing Estiah and developing new/winning strategies.

If you are fairly well experienced with Estiah (level 20+), enjoy giving and taking advice, and like to forum whore it up, come give us a try. Stop by our forums at and post in the Recruitment forum if interested!