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« on: 21:22:45 - 11/09/08 »
I am looking into the possibilty of joining a Guild in the future, but could someone please tell me the benefits of joing Guilds? What is their function in the game/what are they for? Etc..

Thank you.


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Re: Guilds
« Reply #1 on: 21:27:22 - 11/09/08 »
ehhh benefits you say...
1) stat gain food from restaurants
2) various charms, some witch could only be gained from guilds
3) fun in guild battles
and thats all if you are materialist :D
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Re: Guilds
« Reply #2 on: 21:39:33 - 11/09/08 »
Just to add on. You can get some great charms for basically free. You can also make groups with members of your guild. Such as the raid dungeons and the new coliseum. If you are in a guild together it is much easier to talk to and build a gear around each other. We (Wolf Pack) will have more openings here soon. If you want to join us. ^_^
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Re: Guilds
« Reply #3 on: 22:03:41 - 11/09/08 »
Yeah, coz you've got the Guild Chat feature, making it easy to communicate...  :laugh:
The main purpose of Guilds is having fun with friends though ^^ The GvG battles are just fun ! I like them, even if my squad ("Miserable Failure") keeps loosing and loosing over and over again  :P