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Off-topic / Would you like who fall in love with Luffy in the end?
« Last post by Danielsbao on 09:24:02 - 06/25/15 »
I'd like Hancock and Luffy fall in love, haha :P :P :P Do you think so? By the way, One Piece Online is a good game.
Off-topic / Re: Did you hear about Dragon Ball z the game
« Last post by Danielsbao on 09:15:05 - 06/25/15 »
Yes, I'm playing this game! I love it! ;D ;D ;D :P :P :-[ :-[ :laugh: :laugh:
Game discussion / Re: AllInOne - Greasemonkey script (version: 0.5.6)
« Last post by Grett on 15:35:06 - 06/24/15 »
The script has been like this for me for about a month now.  I restarted Firefox one day and almost all the features had disappeared.
Off-topic / Did you hear about Dragon Ball z the game
« Last post by Wieunkc on 11:27:46 - 06/23/15 »
This is a very fun game, fun, spend some money, but it's kind of interesting, not bad, you can also try
Game discussion / Re: AllInOne - Greasemonkey script (version: 0.5.6)
« Last post by Gauss on 22:17:18 - 06/21/15 »
Hopefully there's someone still around who can help with this...

Trying to get back into Estiah after some time too busy with RL, had changed computers and so needed to re-install the script.  External replay site was down causing normal install to fail for some reason, so I just copied over the files from backup of old computer.

Seemed to install just fine, but then the extra gears never came up.  For some reason it seems like only a handful of the add-ons are actually being loaded by the script.

Any help would be appreciated.

The user.js file is a copy of the file from my previous computer, which I have checked and works perfectly with all ~20 included scripts, so it's not like the missing add-ons aren't in the file or something...
Tavern of the glittering charm / Re: You're doin' it wrong!
« Last post by Quazee on 16:40:51 - 06/10/15 »
Another take at Kysin Keep F1, reducing Frosty's 113 turns to 64.
Off-topic / playing football game now
« Last post by Wieunkc on 11:02:41 - 06/10/15 »
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Game discussion / Re: Meropis
« Last post by Gabbin on 01:47:00 - 06/09/15 »
Only one way to find out!

I'll make you a deal.  If you manage to legitimately get into Meropis in E1, and there is nothing there, I'll go back and design something new for you (probably literally just for you).  Of course, then I'll have to try and convince Lez and Nip to put it in.
Game discussion / Re: AllInOne - Greasemonkey script (version: 0.5.6)
« Last post by Asahi on 19:22:04 - 05/30/15 »

Ah, it's expired now.......
Are there any other link?
Game discussion / Re: Meropis
« Last post by Asahi on 07:36:08 - 05/29/15 »
I want to ask this, too.
Never notice this job, when did this appear?!
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