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Off-topic / Re: Can anyone suggest some MMORG game?
« Last post by Wieunkc on 12:04:47 - 04/16/15 »
one piece online  ;D ;D
Off-topic / anyone here play Chaos?
« Last post by Hlqscott on 09:22:32 - 03/31/15 »
its a funny and new magic game, try it ,
Game discussion / Meropis
« Last post by Feeniks on 22:30:48 - 03/07/15 »
Okay,... I have to ask. If I continue to level to level 60 and meet the requirements to enter Meropis, will there be any new dungeons/charms waiting for me to acquire? Or will it be a fool's errand? Actually, will there be anything interesting there at all?
Bugs & Typos / Re: Redirect to Estiah 2?
« Last post by Asahi on 14:13:55 - 03/07/15 »
After clean the cache, the problem is solved.
But here comes another problem......
All in one script fail to operate.  :P
I know it's not a bug, but could I do something to make it operate again?
Tavern of the glittering charm / Re: You're doin' it wrong!
« Last post by Quazee on 15:29:38 - 03/04/15 »
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.

About time to address that! Here's a glorious replay of cleansing yourself 73 times while facing a short RA deck. =]
Game discussion / Re: Server Maintenance
« Last post by Feeniks on 00:06:25 - 03/03/15 »
Well, I'm back and running. Thanks for not giving up on the game or its servers.
Game discussion / Re: Server Maintenance
« Last post by Seniunas on 19:14:55 - 03/02/15 »
thank you, and thanks for still keeping game, after all these years still find fun seeing replays of colli :)
Game discussion / Re: Server Maintenance
« Last post by Zhern on 18:43:59 - 03/02/15 »
Thanks very much, Nipal.  Really grateful that you guys still make the effort to keep the game running after all these years. :)
Bugs & Typos / Re: Redirect to Estiah 2?
« Last post by Sosuke on 14:05:42 - 03/02/15 »
redirect was affecting me, i couldnt even get to these forums(checking with my phone worked though)

i tried clearing the cache and it seemed to fix the redirect.
Game discussion / Re: Server Maintenance
« Last post by Nipal on 14:00:29 - 03/02/15 »
manually reset dungeon, move etc. is a bit complicated, i won't do this because i may screw
up the whole database. ap was easy to give, so just enjoy this please :D
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