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Game discussion / Re: AllInOne - Greasemonkey script (version: 0.5.6)
« Last post by Gauss on 03:33:09 - 11/12/19 »
hey guys,

any way to get this working again? At least the part with the  charm progress in the dungeon overview would be nice :-)


I have most of it working in Firefox via Tampermonkey, most notably ExtraGears and DungeonLoot (the latter I believe is the one you specifically ask about).  I don't have time right now, but I'll try to dig back through later this week and remember what changes I had to make to get them running.
Game discussion / Re: AllInOne - Greasemonkey script (version: 0.5.6)
« Last post by Lufos on 19:29:30 - 10/10/19 »
hey guys,

any way to get this working again? At least the part with the  charm progress in the dungeon overview would be nice :-)

Game discussion / Re: HTTPS and Wiki
« Last post by Gabbin on 08:12:11 - 07/09/19 »
Hey look, the wiki. Hooray for maintenance!
Tavern of the glittering charm / Re: 54 Club
« Last post by Grett on 19:16:48 - 06/14/19 »
So is that job that required level 60 still around somewhere?

Even at level 60 with well over the required gold, "Contraband (Meropis)" is still grayed out and can't be selected.  It seems that city is just not accessible, sadly.
Game discussion / HTTPS and Wiki
« Last post by Nipal on 16:06:54 - 05/01/19 »
I got bored so I did some maintenance works.

HTTPS has been enabled for our sites, the following sites should work now:

I repaired Wiki using an old copy of database, but there are so many spams and bots
and it may go offline if it got defaced again.

I'll let HTTPS run for a while then will maybe enforce it in the future even there is some
hiccups because our sites are really old :(

I also noticed the login form in the forum header doesn't work. The normal login page
works though.

Game discussion / Re: miss you guys
« Last post by Sparky on 10:48:37 - 12/30/18 »
Damn, it's been four years already since I stopped...
Estiah was amazing and I still consider it one of the best games I've played, so kudos to Lez and Nip for providing countless hours of engaging fun.  I also miss the community with whom I've spent hours theorycrafting, deck building and testing; great times. Shame the IRC has been deserted (by myself inlcuded); is there a Discord server?

PS: Have you guys seen that Zruda hit lvl 60? I mean, LEVEL SIXTY. 
Game discussion / Re: miss you guys
« Last post by Gabbin on 20:37:35 - 12/26/18 »
I still log in and yell into my guild's shoutbox every now and then.  I like to think that one or two people might still be getting  notified by RSS and chuckle. Estiah was good times.  Do we still have an active wiki somewhere?
Game discussion / Re: miss you guys
« Last post by Qqchampion on 00:17:26 - 12/25/18 »
Oh, no question that Lez and Nip did a great job overall, sorry if I came across as too harsh on them. Ultimately I think a lot of the player retention problems (while new content was still being developed) resulted from people shifting their gaming preferences away from browser based games and that's just a market trend kind of thing, not on the devs.

It's easy to look back and say this or that didn't work or should have been balanced differently, but that's after years of experimentation and deckbuilding. I suppose it's harsh to call design decisions bad when it's not obvious at the time and only becomes apparent after lots of testing in highlevel play. Certainly it's no worse than what happens in other card games, even the big names like mtg occasionally print something that isn't good for the game. That estiah managed to stay fun for years and achieved some fairly diverse highlevel metas in that time is impressive, all things considered. I guess what I'm trying to say is even though there's a lot of things I would change if I was going to make a spiritual sequel to estiah or e2, it was fun enough despite those things that I would still come back for new content.

The irc community was good through early 2011 I want to say, though there was a pretty big drop in mid-2010.
Game discussion / Re: miss you guys
« Last post by Quazee on 15:23:11 - 12/21/18 »
That's a bit harsh, Qq. More rigorously, not "harsh" but disingenuous.

I had, like most/all other E1 vets, my own opinions and preferences about various factors relevant to the game environment. I've shared some fairly critical perspectives before (three examples, sorted chronologically: 1, 2, 3), but loading the burden of E1's fate upon the developers alone is simply an unreasonable proposition. I've followed E1 since 2009, although I haven't started playing until very early 2010; as such, I'm aware of the jolly effervescence mentioned by Qq. If I were to think of a single year to describe E1's peak in terms of its community, I'd look at the second half of 2009 plus the first half of 2010. Perhaps slightly skewed towards including more of 2009, and subsequently less of the following year.

The problem becomes readily apparent at this moment. The very best mechanics of E1 have emerged later : KK (half of 2010), FotD/TBN/WWAMS (late 2010), SS/SiS (early 2011), UB and the last five-star events (late 2011), BD (half of 2012), all the PvP implications and higher-order ripples stemming from the newly introduced charms and mechanics. And that's looking at the game itself, which is only a part (the most relevant part, but still incomplete on its own) of the whole story. The addons and the wiki, in addition to the base game, provide the complete frame of the game environment. Everything was improved upon gradually, compared to the aforementioned peak of popularity which has unfortunately occurred too early. By 2012 the game environment was substantially better in every conceivable way, yet people were leaving in droves.

Therefore it's unjust to blame the developers solely, without the due consideration to the community itself. Personally I've been waaaaay more disappointed by the atrocious retention rates of E1 rather than any design or development decision I can think of. E1 was and still is a stellar game, but it's deserted altogether. Blame the players, not the developers.

That much said, I want to thank Lez and Nip once again for this hidden gem of a game. For the sheer determination (and willpower, hehe, they must be scripted as having infinite spirit!) of keeping the website online. It's unequivocally inspirational, a testament to conviction. :)
Tavern of the glittering charm / Re: 54 Club
« Last post by Quazee on 14:37:48 - 12/21/18 »
Zruda gains a level! Zruda gains 26 hit points and 1 spirit.

Progress to next level (1/992960)

Hehe, you've made it in the end! Belated congratulations, Dr. Z. Thanks for the fun you've graciously provided in Coliseum and other past endeavors. :)
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