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Title: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 01:49:05 - 06/07/10
UPDATE:  All player actions should be sent to me in PM. I will play them out in subsequent posts on the forum.  This is done since some things remain secretive.  If you find you have an ally in play and your "engagement outcomes" allow for certain things like trading skills or other strategic maneuvers, you may PM them, so long as any final decisions are relayed to me.

AND ANOTHER UPDATE:  Since the question is bound to come up.  If you are an unrevealed God and one of your allies is revealed and in the flow of play, there is no rule stating you cannot contact them to reveal your identity.  And if there was, I wouldn't be able to enforce it.  Is it sporting? That's up for debate.  But as I see it, it's something akin to going out and finding one of your buddies to bring to a fight.  Just know that all gods will eventually get revealed during the first rounds, and spending your turn engaging an ally isn't always necessarily the most efficient use of your turn.

NOTE:  This is largely experimental.  The last place I did this was in a different format, and potential prizes were much more numerous.  We'll see how it goes.

So I was rooting around some of my old files and I found a game I created and used to host in the Kingdom of Loathing chatroom long, long ago.

Bit of nostalgia convinced me it might be fun to run a game of it here on the forum.  In KOL I could run the thing constantly because I was disgustingly rich and could give away millions in meat and prizes.  Here I can only offer PFs so prolly won't be a regular thing.   I can't say exactly what the prize will be, since the game can be won by 1 player or a number of allied players.  Let's say between 10-20.  Winners will get enough to at least be able to purchase something ;p

Still!  It might be fun.  The game was infamous for confusing the crap out of people with its convolutions, but eh...that's sort of my forte (see: upcoming patch >.>)

So here's how it works...

Mt. Olympus!

In this game you play at being the bickering gods of Mt. Olympus, constantly levying their power and influence against one another in shows of superiority.  To join the game, forum pm me with the 3 gods on the list below you'd like to be most.  If no one else has yet requested one of your gods, that is who you will get.  If you are unfortunate or late in joining and your 3 choices are spoken for, you will be randomly assigned a remaining deity.

When you are assigned your god, you will be sent their "player card" listing the various interactions they can have with the other gods.

Each god starts with five points of Status and three points of Influence.  When a player is reduced to 0 Status, they are eliminated.  When a player uses a special ability during the Influence phase they lose an Influence point.  Some Influences can be used out of turn.

All players start with their choice in god unrevealed.  I will randomly determine play order.  

On your turn, you will choose another player/god to engage.  Your god and the god of the player you engage in are revealed, if they have not been revealed,  and events occur depending on the abilities of the gods in question.  

Zeus: Zeus, chief among gods, is a wholly neutral party and has weaknesses and strengths against all of his fellows.  When he engages or is engaged, a 1d2 is rolled.  With a 1, Zeus' gets to act upon the other god.  With a 2, the other god may act upon Zeus.

When all gods remaining are neutral to one another, they must pm me who they wish to ally or rival.  Choose wisely, because a claim of rivalry from one player trumps a claim of alliance (i.e.: doublecross).  Newly bred Rival engagement outcomes will be random.  When only allies remain, the prize is split between them.

Remember, Mt. Olympus is not necessarily a game of aggression.  This is not warring gods per se.  This is a game of power, influence, and politics.  Your power over "rivals" may merely come from the charms you have over them.  You may want allies in your struggles for supremacy in matters of godly import.

You may choose from the following gods:


1) All players begin with their gods unrevealed.  During each engagement phase, 1 random god is revealed and all revealed gods get to act.  That player may engage with an unrevealed player or with a revealed god, whichever they choose.

2) When you eliminate a player, you get to see their list of Engagement Outcomes and choose one for yourself.  This will not be announced to the other players until necessary.

3) Influence abilities may only be used once your god has been revealed.

4) Please opt out of participation if you do not regularly read the forums.  When it is your turn, for every 24 hours that passes without an action on your part, you will lose a 1 Status.

===== Players ======= Deity ===== Status Pts. == Influence Pts. ===== Special Notes =====
          Toben          |       Hephaestus      |        4       |           1           | +1 in future struggles
   Greatcatatonic    |            Hera           |        0       |           2           |  Now neutral to Hermes/Hades/Athena, shared outcome with Demeter/Ares, No effect on Hestia,  |
        Bazabaza       |          Athena          |        4       |           3           |   +1 in all struggles, protected from next status loss  |
          Misha          |        Aphrodite        |        3       |           3           |           |
          Sparky         |         Artemis          |        5       |           2           |   +2 in all struggles, 2 shared outcomes with Ares, will prevent Athena's next loss of status   |
         Kyruko         |         Hermes         |        0       |          3          |   +1 in all struggles, Shared outcome with Demeter  |
       Mario 766       |          Hades           |        0       |           1           |  +2 to future struggles ??Engagement outcome removed?? Now Neutral to Hera  |
        Dreizen         |        Poseidon        |        4       |           2           |                                           |
     Qqchampion     |           Hestia          |        5       |           2           |   Demeter/Hera/Poseidon have no effect,   |
        Dollstate        |         Zeus          |        3       |           1           |    +1 in all struggles, next struggle that would eliminate prevented     |
  Courpsemourne   |           Ares           |        3       |           2           |   -0 to all struggles, prevents next struggle that would eliminate zeus, retaliates against Zeus eliminator, 2 shared outcomes with Artemis  |
          Fenrir          |         Demeter        |        8       |           0           |   No effect on Hestia,??2 Stolen engagement outcomes??, shared outcome with Hera/Ares/Hermes, now Neutral to Hephaestus   |
          Azharh          |          Apollo          |        3       |           0           |   Brotherly Auto-Eliminate, Next loss of status is prevented   |

For a quick-reference to the gods' abilities, click the following link.  You probably won't understand jack about it at first.  Gonna have to just go with the flow!
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 01:49:35 - 06/07/10
Remember to PM your wish to join and the selection of gods you'd prefer.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Thatguy on 01:53:58 - 06/07/10
I got this.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Mario766 on 03:27:19 - 06/07/10
I'm in.  :)
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Sparky on 03:39:05 - 06/07/10
Hehehe, secrecy, plans, spying and backstabbing... I can't reveal that I'm in.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 03:41:56 - 06/07/10
6 out of 13 Players in so far.

Also a warning I already posted in IRC:

Beware..the game is very unpredictable.  Due to the frenetic nature of the game, particularly early on when gods are unrevealed, you may tangle with the wrong guy and get knocked out pronto, or you could get caught in a game that lasts many rounds.  i never knew what would happen when i ran it on KOL

Also, if it's a success, I'll gladly take suggestions on how to improve it.  I ran it many times on KOL, but because the "Games" room was often absurdly fast-paced/ADD and I was one of the primary Game Hosts, I never got much feedback.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 06:29:16 - 06/07/10
One slot left.  First come first serve!

Registration Closed!  We'll get this started on the morrow.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 00:09:09 - 06/08/10
Whew...took awhile, but all player cards are sent out.

The 13 players are listed now in the OP.  That table will be where all info is tracked.

If you have any pressing questions, send them to me, but in general, it's best to just get a feel for things in the first couple rounds (barring any lightning eliminations).

Toben has the first turn of the game.  His God and the God of the player he chooses to engage will be revealed as soon as he gets back to me.

Good luck to all.  Hope you have some fun.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 00:11:34 - 06/08/10
Read New Note in OP.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 00:29:50 - 06/08/10
And one new update up top as well since I thought of it.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 01:50:29 - 06/08/10
To clarify the way rounds and turns work since 3 people have asked:

Round 1: Toben is revealed.  Toben takes a turn.  End of round.
Round 2: If Toben didn't engage him already, Greatcatatonic is revealed.  Great takes a turn.  Toben takes a turn.  Whoever Toben revealed takes a turn.  End of round. (if Toben revealed Great, then I would be reveled Bazabaza instead).
Round 3: If he has not already been revealed, I reveal Bazabaza.  Bazabaza takes a turn.  Toben takes a turn. Great takes a turn, and whoever else has been revealed takes a turn.  End of round.

And so on and so on.

And yes.  You can choose to abstain from an action on your turn if you so choose.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Mario766 on 02:09:09 - 06/08/10
To clarify the way rounds and turns work since 3 people have asked:

Round 1: Toben is revealed.  Toben takes a turn.  End of round.
Round 2: If Toben didn't engage him already, Greatcatatonic is revealed.  Great takes a turn.  Toben takes a turn.  Whoever Toben revealed takes a turn.  End of round. (if Toben revealed Great, then I would be reveled Bazabaza instead).
Round 3: If he has not already been revealed, I reveal Bazabaza.  Bazabaza takes a turn.  Toben takes a turn. Great takes a turn, and whoever else has been revealed takes a turn.  End of round.

And so on and so on.

And yes.  You can choose to abstain from an action on your turn if you so choose.
So people far down on the list won't get a turn for a while then?
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 02:17:25 - 06/08/10
To clarify the way rounds and turns work since 3 people have asked:

Round 1: Toben is revealed.  Toben takes a turn.  End of round.
Round 2: If Toben didn't engage him already, Greatcatatonic is revealed.  Great takes a turn.  Toben takes a turn.  Whoever Toben revealed takes a turn.  End of round. (if Toben revealed Great, then I would be reveled Bazabaza instead).
Round 3: If he has not already been revealed, I reveal Bazabaza.  Bazabaza takes a turn.  Toben takes a turn. Great takes a turn, and whoever else has been revealed takes a turn.  End of round.

And so on and so on.

And yes.  You can choose to abstain from an action on your turn if you so choose.
So people far down on the list won't get a turn for a while then?

All depends on who your fellow players decide to toy with.  I have gotten Toben's first turn.  Will update shortly.  For now...I've got work to do  :P
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 05:14:00 - 06/08/10
It's another typical day on Olympus.  The sun is shining.  Down below the mortals are squabbling over which of their national heroes would best be depicted by Brad Pitt in the distant future.

From the forge of Hephaestus (Toben) we hear the steady clang of a godly blacksmith's hammer.  

Suddenly, the sound of the ringing hammer is replaced by raised voices.  We enter and find the Lame God and his aunt Demeter (Fenrir) arguing.  Demeter commands her nephew to forge a weapon that a mortal could wield to destroy her hated brother's chariot and keep him from taking away her daughter Persephone every winter.  Hephaestus refuses, having nothing against his uncle and wishing to avoid such familial conflicts.

Demeter will have none of it and in  fit of rage insults the god's shortcomings in the marriage bed his wife Aphrodite frequently avoids sharing with him.

Normally even-tempered, Hephaestus sees red and shoves his aunt through the door of his forge and stands above her splayed form menacingly, a stream of curses flowing from him.

Their fellow Olympians look on at Demeter's humiliation and become interested...


-Hephaestus (Toben) revealed
-Demeter (Fenrir) revealed
-Demeter loses 1 status point.

Round 1 Ends.

Round 2 Begins.  Greatcatatonic, please PM me with the Revealed God or Unrevealed Player you would like to engage.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 05:17:56 - 06/08/10
Table will be updated after each player's turn.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 05:20:20 - 06/08/10
As the game has just begun, if someone would like to take the place of ThatGuy, you may.  You'll get the God he chose.  He doesn't think he'll have the time to follow everything.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 09:32:28 - 06/08/10
Seeing her sister being harassed by her repulsive excuse for a son, Hera (Greatcatatonic) steps forward to intervene.  Before she can, Hestia (Qqchampion) blocks her path and says to let the two work things out for themselves.  

"Nobody cares what you think, sister.  We'd all be perfectly happy if you went away forever and let Dionysus take your place.  He's far more entertaining than you and your tedious passive aggression."

Hera pushes past her sister, leaving her blushing meekly.

-Hera (Greatcatatonic) revealed
-Hestia (Qqchampion) revealed
-Hestia loses 1 status.
-Hera, if she so chooses, may make any one god Neutral to her.  You may PM me if you wish to do so.

Round 2 continues.  Toben's turn.

Edit: Corrected a minor error.  Hera's ability is not restrictive to "revealed" gods only.  Should have copy/pasted.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 13:30:02 - 06/08/10
ThatGuy has been replaced with Azharh.  Game continues easily enough.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 22:15:59 - 06/08/10
As Hera approaches Hephaestus, a form looms before her.

Hades (Mario766), sullen but imposing, stares coldly the scene before him.

"What IS the cause of this unseemly display."

Hera glowers, but Hephaestus (Toben) straightens up from his threatening stance over his aunt and approaches Hades.

"Uncle, this fool of a woman conspires against you.  She urged me to forge a weapon capable of destroying your chariot.  I told her I would not get involved in your affairs.  Her response was violent and petty and I would have none of it!"

Hades, his sullen look never changing, looks down at Demeter.  "Worry not, Hephaestus.  You shall not be forced into appeasing my dear sister's increasingly uninspired machinations."

-Toben's turn, ended.
-Hades (Mario766) revealed
-Hephaestus is now protected from the next struggle he is involved in.

Round 2 continues...

Fenrir has the next turn.

Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 04:35:25 - 06/09/10

-Hera, if she so chooses, may make any one god Neutral to her.  You may PM me if you wish to do so.

Edit: Corrected a minor error.  Hera's ability is not restrictive to "revealed" gods only.  Should have copy/pasted.

-Hera has declared Hermes as "neutral".  Both of their rival effects are currently obsolete unless this is reversed.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 04:35:34 - 06/09/10
Brief summary of the turn before I lost:

Demeter further humiliates poor Hestia, because she's basically a massive 'yatch.

-Hestia loses 2 status.

Then Bazabaza's turn.

"How very typical of you, dear Demeter, to turn your own folly into someone else's misery."

The melodious voice, tinged with just the slightest bit of haughtiness, echoes from behind a column on the far end of the courtyard.

Athena (Bazabaza) steps nimbly across the marble yard, a regal air only amplified by her rapid movement.

"Here you are browbeating Hephaestus and Hestia, two of the most non-malignant individuals I have ever known, because they wish to stay out of ridiculous games of power and one-upmanship.  How very typical of you indeed.  I would choose my actions more wisely, lest we find out who is best at such games.  For I think, we would all come to find very soon, you are no match for the wits of others in your company."

Athena coughs mildly and smiles sweetly.

"Hephaestus (Toben) my brother, we do not always agree on matters, but know that I respect your desire to keep your nose firmly out of other people's business."

She approaches and places a soft hand on his shoulder and turns to face the onlookers.  "Anyone else care to interject an opinion?"

-Athena is revealed
-Hephaestus receives a permanent +1 in all status inflicting struggles.
-Athena will eliminate the next rival she engages
-Athena has spent an influence point to learn the identity of Courpsemourne

This shit just got real!

Round 3 continues.  Toben's turn.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 22:25:01 - 06/09/10
Woops...I accidentally edited the last turn instead of making a new post. WTF.

Owell...lost the text to Fenrir's turn, but Baza's turn is above  :-(
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 03:02:05 - 06/10/10
Hephaestus (Toben), bolstered by the various shows of support, straightens up proudly on his mangled leg.

"The arrangement between Hades and Persephone has been long standing.  We have all come to terms with this in that previous debacle that had some of us at each other's throats.  I have no interest in fanning those flames that should have died long ago.  Demeter, you and your daughter were duped, plain and simple, fair and square.  That is how some you play at being gods.  And from what I understand, oh dear kin of mine, thy daughter may have eaten those seeds on purpose.  Some say she is fond of Hades."

Demeter turns bright red and a hint of a grin crosses Hades' dour expression.

Hera (Greatcatatonic) holds her sister steady.  "How dare you even insinuate that that darling of a girl would WISH to be among the likes of him!"

Hera lashes out to slap Hephaestus and he catches her wrist in his iron grip.

"You know mother, you bestowed upon me a favor oh so very long ago that I have always thought owed due return."

Hephaestus' eyes gleam and Hera's eyes burn.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh come now mother, the falls not so bad as all that."

With that, he lays the flat of his other palm on his mother's chest and with a mighty heave, sends her soaring across the courtyard where she hits the ground and slides to the very edge of Olympus.

Shocked gasps bounce around the marble and even Hades' eyes grow round as saucers momentarily.

"Oh, so sorry mother.  I guess I didn't quite put my heart into it."

All eyes turn to the temple on the crest, where Zeus must be.  Surely, he must be watching....?

-Hera loses 2 (+1) status
-Hephaestus is immune to Hera's ability stripping and turn stealing.  Immunity now gone.
-Hades receives +1 in all future struggles.

Round 3 continues.  Mario, it is Hades' turn.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 06:45:50 - 06/10/10
Hades (Mario766) watches a visibly shaken Hera climb to her feet and painstakingly smooth her disheveled robes with trembling hands.  He sighs dramatically, unsure if the trembling stems from her brush with terror or white hot outrage.  Probably more than enough of both to make this place most unwelcome in coming days.

Hades turns to Hephaestus, "Heed my words, nephew.  Were I you, I'd return to my forge without another word and try to forget the events that have just transpired.  If consequences are to come, so be it, but you might as well not invite them."

Hephaestus nods grimly and turns to go.

Hades then sweeps purposefully towards Hestia (Qqchampion) and grasps her by the elbow.  "Come, sister.  Let us try to forget today's unpleasantness."

He masterfully ignores a venomous glare from Demeter.

"Besides, I have to go make sure nobody chiseled something vulgar into the side of my chariot"

-Hestia is immune to her next struggle

Round 3 continues.  Qqchampion's turn.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 23:55:36 - 06/10/10
Several days later...
Back in Hephaestus' Forge...

"You need to leave, NOW."

"Excuse me?"  Hephaestus (Toben) looks at his aunt Hestia (Qqchampion) quizzically as he wipes soot onto his smock.

"There are very angry murmurings going on about what went on between you, Hera and Demeter.  Started, as I'm sure you'd understand, by my sisters."

"Yes, well, this does not surprise me.  I am not concerned.  Hades and Athena have shown me support.  That should even things out somewhat."

"They are GONE, Hephaestus, you crippled fool!  Hades is back in his underworld.  Athena is down below toying with her mortal subjects.  But some very angry members of your family are here and pouring poison into Zeus' ear."

Hephaestus' expression turns grim.  "Well, I will deal with the consequences of my actions."

"Are you daft!  There is talk of banishing you to Tartarus!  If you have the sense we gave a human you'd flee from the Mount immediately."

The Lame God swallows and his throat bobs tensely.  "Tartarus...  Wild rumor.  I'm sure--"

"Do you really care to find out?"

Hephaestus sighs and places his hammer down somberly.  "Flight seems a hasty decision.  Apollo was never sent to Tartarus despite the threats he would be..."

Hestia sneers slightly but attempts to impart a soothing tone with her words.  "Yes, dear nephew, but Apollo is beloved by almost all save Hera.  He is a golden child.  You-- You Hephaestus, to nearly everyone here will always be the disfigured cripple that revolts... You are no Apollo.  Do you really think Zeus has enough paternal affection for you to spare you?  My sister's idea of maternal instinct was to throw you off this mountain after all."

Hephaestus, crestfallen, says nothing for a long time and then nods.

"Then I must go.  But why do you warn me?  Demeter and Hera will be none too happy."

"Demeter is of no threat to me.  I am still her older sister and she knows I care not for these plays at power.  Hera...well...Hera is far more spiteful.  But I will deal with her when the time comes.  For now, consider yourself banished for your own good Hephaestus the Lame."

With that, Hestia departs, leaving Hephaestus to gather his things and be on his way.

-Hephaestus is eliminated (oh shi--!)
-Hestia immune to Hephaestus' 0 (+1) status removal.  Immunity is now gone
-Hestia has used an influence point to remove her and Demeter's engagement outcome.

Round 3 will conclude with Fenrir (Demeter)'s next turn.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 01:16:03 - 06/11/10
Note:  Immunity only fades if something would have happened to the player.  Had Heph not had +1, Hestia would still have her immunity.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 01:47:38 - 06/11/10
Another Reminder: When a player is eliminated, the victor gets to take an engagement outcome from that player's list.

So bear that in mind now that we've had our first elimination.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 23:00:56 - 06/11/10
For the record, Fenrir HAS contacted me, but I cannot proceed until he responds back to my last PM, so he hasn't been AWOL the entire time.

Hopefully he'll be back soon.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Mario766 on 21:05:42 - 06/12/10
and its now been 22 hours since your post..
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 21:11:26 - 06/12/10
Word quickly spreads that Hephaestus has fled from Olympus in fear of Zeus' wrath.

Hera is outraged and demands to know who spoke to the god of the talks of his banishing to Tartarus.  None, including Hestia, take responsibility.

Demeter (Fenrir) knows the truth though, but instead of pointing the finger at her sister, she revels in Hephaestus' running away with his tail between his legs.  She begins to take credit for finally purging the Mount of the ugly cripple.

"Yes, I'm sure dear Aphrodite must be tremendously happy I have prevented her from ever having to share the marital bed with that pathetic abomination again."

Apollo (Azharh), looking bored and beautiful, yawns and looks off into the distance.  "Now now, auntie, that *is* my brother you're referring to.  I bear the poor fellow no ill will, nor do I to you, but really the whole tawdry affair I find mightily uninteresting.  So you were terribly furious at Hephaestus.  And he nearly flung that witch you call sister over the side of the Mount.  How droll!  But I'm sure it was more fear of father and a wish to simply be left alone that imparted a desire for flight from old Hobbling Hephaestus than it was your ever-so-potent influence."

Demeter narrows her eyes briefly, then straightens her back proudly and forces a tight-lipped grin.  "Do not be so sure of that lovely Apollo.  And do not be so blase!  It was not so very long ago when you nearly met the fate your brother will if we ever get our hands on him."

"Mhmm.  Fascinating."  Apollo yawns and begins to doze.

-Demeter uses an influence point and gains the status of the fallen Hephaestus (+5!).  She also steals the engagement outcome Hestia claimed for her successful elimination
-Apollo is revealed
-Demeter engages a neutral party, Apollo

End of round 3.  

Round 4 begin, Misha it is your turn.  FINALLY.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 04:29:53 - 06/13/10
"Sometimes I really do think you think of me as some cheap human whore."

Sheets, light and sheer and spider silk, cling to Aphrodite's (Misha) perfect form as she stretches with seductive grace.

"Perhaps, my lovely, you should act like less of one.  Your faithful husband has been gone how long? And here I've found myself dragged into your bedchamber in front of the eyes of half my brethren."  Ares (Corpsemourne) runs his hands over his lover's body lustily and a wicked fire ignites in his eyes.

Aphrodite shoves his hands away and sulks.  "Well it seemed a grand idea at the time.  Hephaestus is no longer here to drag *us* into the courtyard in a tangled mess to be mocked by all.  It's no wonder your half-sister is always getting the better of you in your bloody war games when you let yourself AND me be made fools of by that repugnant cripple.  And who knows when Zeus will again make me captive in a marriage to some monster. All I seek is love. But perhaps I should have chosen a less cruel suitor.  I do not need to be spoken to crassly."

Ares grabs Aphrodite and pulls her violently against him.  "Mind thy tongue my pretty little wench.  And speak not to me of Athena or your husband anymore. You can throw yourself at any man on creation and no one bats an eye.  That body of yours was made to be put to good use.  I, however, have a reputation to uphold.  And absent husband or not, you are but  diversion.  I lust for the blood of man foremost. "

"Oh you *are* a ghastly man Ares.  But at least you are a man.  An impressive man to be sure.  Surely entertaining me here is more rewarding than slaying thousands on a battlefield.  What's the worst that could happen?  Some random Spartan captain going to rise to godly power and usurp your throne?"

"My little wench jokes.  Nice.  Here's what you're going to do.  Lay back, close thy mouth, and let me get the most out of that which my kin will mock me for."

Aphrodite submits.

-Aphrodite is revealed
-Ares is revealed
-Ares loses 1 status
-Ares steals Aphrodite's next turn

It is now Greatcatatonic's turn.
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In the distance, in the palace of Zeus we move to another bed chamber.

From coitus to conniving, we find Hera (Greatcatatonic) seated before a vanity of silvered glass brushing her godly hair while she rants in a torrent of unladylike expletives.

Demeter (Fenrir) lounges upon satin pillows indulging in the fruit of the gods listening patiently.

Hera calms ever so slightly and speaks in a measured tone.

"I have had enough of these meddlers, Demeter.  Athena needs to stick to playing the humans' divine and beloved mistress. Hades needs to stick to his accursed underworld.  And *Hestia*-- sister..."

Hera spits the word distastefully.

"But of course I agree, Hera.  And of course Hades is the cause of all this ruckus to begin with.  If that pathetic excuse for a god Hephaestus had just done what I'd told him to, none of this would have happened.

"Naturally.  We allowed that vile thing to house himself here, to sup with us, to serve alongside us, to BED one of us-- gads am I glad no offspring has resulted in that vulgar union.  For we all know Eros is not of the cripple's loins but of my warrior son.  I will not let Hephaestus' flight from the Mount free him of the punishment he so rightly deserves for dishonoring me as he did that day."

"So be it.  We must assert our power.  But Zeus turns deaf ears to us.  He acts bored and disinterested.  How are we to get him on our side."

"Sister, I do not need my fairweather husband on my side.  I have power enough to engage those who would overstep their bounds."

"Do not be so sure sister.  You have been shamed greatly, but your support is far from unanimous.  I would tread lightly were I you.  I will play my part though.  You-- no offense, my beloved sister-- have a tendency to quickly burn through the little good will our kin have for you."

Anger boils beneath the surface in Hera's expression.  "I do not get the respect I deserve.  This will end so help me."

"All things end eventually, sister."

-Hera and Demeter may each share one of their engagement outcomes.

It is now Athena's turn.
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Bazabaza has used his influence.

His turn will come in the morning.
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==Earth, An open glade in a forest in the heart of Thessaly==

Athena (bazabaza) sits upon a large stone, chin in hand thinking and waiting.

The faintest of rustling, undetectable by even the most vigilant of woodland creatures but loud enough in Athena's godly ears, echos from the edge of the wood.

Artemis (Sparky), in full huntress regalia and face paint, steps nimbly from the treeline and saunters in a dance-like rhythm towards her sister.

"Greetings, Goddess of All Wisdom.  You must feel terribly out of place in a land so devoid of human 'civilization'."

Athena, surprising both herself and the Goddess of the Bow, stands and embraces Artemis.

"Not at all.  It is a nice respite from the goings-on of men."

Athena leans back and looks her sister up and down.

"My you do cut an imposing figure when you're down here on Earth don't you.  A regular savage, eh?"

"I have a reputation to uphold, even to the little creatures."

"I suppose you do.  So...  Is all in place?"

"Aye, it is.  Apollo has his eyes on things upon the Mount.  I have Hephaestus sequestered somewhere safe.  Are you ready for your role?"

"Oh, dear Ares is inciting conflict amongst my Athenians and their neighbors.  But then, the sun rose this morning and will set 'pon the eve.  What else is new.  So yes, I have sent my message to our uncle.  Dour and gloomy as he may be, he seems always ready to get the better of his sisters."

"Well then.  Have a seat again.  Let us discuss our options."

Artemis, at one with her surroundings, flops down upon the grass while Athena smooths her toga and sits delicately back upon her stone.

They began to plan...

-Artemis is revealed
-The next status loss Athena might suffer is prevented

Round 4 continues
It is now Hades turn!
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A fiery chariot drawn by jet black stallions with crimson nostrils flared bursts through the bank of clouds hanging low beneath the peak of Olympus.

The horses draw to slow canter as they approach the main courtyard of the gods and Hades (Mario766) leaps from the back of his transport and strides purposefully towards the palace of Zeus.

A startled looking Aphrodite accompanied by an exhausted Ares looking as if finally met his match on a battlefield of silk and goosefeather step aside at a warning look from the God of the Underworld.

Demeter hurries from inside the palace, harsh words on her lips, and Hades disinterestedly pushes her aside and presses on, completely ignoring the shocked fury that his sister delivers in bitter expletives.

Hades approaches Zeus' throne room, its golden doors closed and Hera (Greatcatatonic) barring his path.

"I would speak to my brother."

"You would not.  Zeus is entertaining no visitors."

"What Earthbound farmgirl did you find him with this time that you think him so willing to dodge your wrath that you can dictate who sees him?"

"Bite your tongue, morbid one.  Do you forget yourself?"

"Would that I could but forget my lovely sisters, my days would be infinitely less cumbersome.  Now take your arrogant nonsense elsewhere, lest you wake up with Cerberus filling that icy void you call a womb one very unpleasant night."

Hera, appalled, reaches back to slap her brother and he steps back, a bored expression replacing his brief and rare show of emotion.

"Tut tut, show some refinement sister.  Now, shall I speak with Zeus, or should I just tell you Hephaestus is safely hidden where you shall not find him and I will see to it he returns to his proper place on the Mount."

"You think highly of yourself for one that hides beneath the ground and surrounds yourself with marionettes of the dead you can puppet with no defiance."

"And what do you do, Hera, besides throw tantrums and scream like a harpy?"

"Mark my words, Hades.  I do not understand why you so strongly wish to aid that thing I am ashamed to have birthed, but if Hephaestus sets foot on Olympus, he will suffer mightily."

"Duly noted.  Mark *my* words, though, if you are capable of comprehending them.  Your delusions of grandeur end soon, sister.  You are a goddess of empty threats.  A goddess of impotence.  A tin goddess.  Those that fear me, have good cause.  Those that fear you, think of you the same way any sane man thinks of his wife.  That is why dear Persephone remains simply my consort."

Hades smirks.

"You can tell Demeter I said that by the way."

Hades raps upon the golden doors over Hera's head.  "Brother, if you ever reclaim that manhood of yours you seem to so frequently misplace, I do so hope you'll take the time to get in touch."

Hades' smirk twitches slightly and he turns on his heels and walks away.

-Hephaestus is returned to the game at full status

Round 4 continues.

It is Hestia's turn.
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Hades (Mario 766) approaches his chariot, more than ready to leave Olympus, where he finds Hestia quietly patting the sides of one of his hellish mounts.  The steed wickers uncomfortably but relaxes as the sight of its master.

"Ah, the sister I don't want to throttle.  I nearly forgot I had one."

Hestia (Qqchampion) turns and cocks her eyebrow.  "I'm not sure whether to be charmed or insulted."

"Be at ease and I will be too.  I cannot dawdle though Hestia.  I have business to attend to."


"Need you ask?"

"Take me with you.  I would see my outcast nephew."

"He claims you're the one that banished him."

"Well, for his own good.  But I feel a storm is brewing, and since I know there is no way to avoid involvement, I would like to see what side of the line I should be on."

Hades grimaces and steps into his chariot.  "By my crown and scepter, woman, you can't possibly be considering any side involving THOSE women."

Hestia laughs and steps up beside her brother.  "Wouldn't that be something."

Hades flicks his reins and his horses jump forward.

Eyes watch the two of them depart.

-Hestia's influence is restored
-Hestia is protected in next struggle
-Poseidon has no effect on Hestia
-Hades has one of his engagement outcomes removed

It is now Demeter's turn.
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To clarify some more complex points now that things have gotten interesting on the backend of the game (PM exchange only):

[15:47] <Anonymous> I was under the impression that if you engage someone else, it goes by your outcome chart, but if they engage you, it goes by theirs.
[15:47] <Merton> the player with multiple outcomes gets to choose
[15:47] <Merton> in the event that BOTH have multiple outcomes
[15:48] <Merton> whoever chooses rival trumps ally choice (rival always trumps ally as a form of betrayal)
[15:48] <Merton> in the even that both have DIFFERENT rival outcomes that they choose
[15:48] <Merton> whoever is doing the engaging chooses
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Demeter (fenrir) steps out from behind a column and watches Hades and Hestia quit the Mount.

"So, have I made a compelling argument, nephew?"

Ares (Corpsemourne) lifts a flagon of wine to his lips and takes a long drink.  He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and laughs.

"So let me get this straight.  You are asking *me* of all people if I'm willing to wage a war.  Not only that, but we would be fighting my lover's husband who has humiliated me in the past, an uncle for whom no love of mine is lost, and my sister I have devoted much of my time to ruining."

"Well it appears my pitiful sister, as well as Artemis-- and thus most likely Apollo-- are in their camp as well."

Ares shrugs unconcernedly.  "That is of little import.  I confess I have a soft spot for Artemis and her huntress ways, but I am indifferent beyond that.  But what of father and Poseidon?"

"Our fearless leader and my always inferior brother refuse to weigh in on this yet.  Frustrating...  Which is why we need to escalate matters."

The God of War grins maniacally.  "I do so like the sound of that, Demeter.  Though I must say we're rather outnumbered aren't we if we cannot get father on our side.  He and I don't exactly see eye to eye, and he does adore being contrarian where mother is concerned.  Hermes is on good terms with the both of us I believe, though he is an irritatingly likable sort that way so the same can be said for he and Hephaestus."

Now Demeter takes her turn to shrug.  "Of what value are you as God of War if you can't match their alliance?"

Ares looks wounded, though Demeter is unsure of the sincerity in the expression.  "Believe me, I am up to the task.  So long as you and mother know what you're getting us into.  It could get very nasty.  Which is how I like it."

"Yes, yes, I get it.  But with the exception of Apollo, they are off the Mount.  We are free to strike them down however we see fit.  But if we act too slowly, Zeus WILL get involved for better or worse and things will get infinitely more complicated."

"Hmm.  Options.... could be fun."

-Ares and Demeter may share an engagement outcome

Round 4 concludes with Apollo's turn.
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==We return to Artemis' Glade==

Artemis (Sparky) the huntress stands like a sentry, waiting implacably. 

She looks up at the sun as it crests its noonday point.

She stares, undaunted by the searing bright light, for a long while and then nods in satisfaction.

A disturbance in the air pushes down on her ivory skin, marked in paint of blue, green, and brown tones.

A screaming sound only she and the animals of the wood can her begins to build and she can feel forest creatures nearby scatter in confused panic.

She stands patiently as the pressure and the sound increase.

Suddenly with a sharp and violent thud, a burning arrow buries itself into the earth in front of her toes.

She waves the fire into non-existence, yanks the arrow from the ground and gently pulls a roll of gold leaf from the shaft.

She reads the message emblazoned in fiery silver lettering and begins to nod again.

"So that's how it is.  Very well then, message received brother."

She fingers the string of her bow and considers sending a response to Apollo (Azharh), but decides none is really needed.

She saunters off back into the forest.

-A God of Artemis' choice will have their player revealed to she and Apollo
-Artemis receives +1 in all struggles
-Artemis will protect Apollo from his next status loss

Round 4 concludes.

Round 5 begins.  It is Kyruko's turn.
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I got held up doing work so the next post will have to wait until tomorrow, but Toben you can go ahead and send me your turn. I will contact you with the results of this upcoming turn so you can decide what you'll do.
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"A thousand warm greetings to you, sister of peerless beauty."

Aphrodite (Misha), in her and Hephaestus' bed, wakes with a start and quickly gathers her bed sheets around her exposed form.

"Her-- Hermes? (Kyruko)  What--" Aphrodite tries to shake the fog induced by a night of far too much indulgence in wine and pleasures of the flesh from her mind and rubs her eyes.  "What is it?  Why are you here?"

Aphrodite tries to contain a sense of urgent disquiet she always feels around the dashing and silver-tongued Hermes.  A series of rendezvous in their godly youth gave to them a son and an ensuing series of peculiar events transformed their son into a curious androgynous immortal.  Hermes, carefree and aloof as always, was bothered neither by this nor the abrupt ending of their affair.  But it had never sat right with the Goddess of Love.

She anxiously eyes her robes tossed haphazardly on the floor across the bedchamber in the heat of passion.

Hermes laughs cheerfully and jogs the short distance to them, scoops them up, and tosses them at Aphrodite, who, still unnerved receives them full on to the face.

She splutters briefly and harrumphs in annoyance before slipping out of bed and hastily dressing herself.

Trying to compose herself, she asks again in a quick and sharp tone, "So I ask again, brother, what brings you to wake me at my bedside so rudely?  And where is Ares?"  She swallows the last word and blushes.

Hermes laughs again.  "Your favorite diversion is off planning what seems to me to be full scale war against our brethren.  Surely this comes as no surprise to you."

Aphrodite replies in a soft tone, "Oh..."

"As for myself.  Well, that's the crux of the situation isn't it?  I am fond of dear brother Ares.  Perhaps not as much as you--"  Hermes grins and clears his throat.  "But I safely call him friend.  However, I would call that poor cuckold of a husband of yours friend as well.  And I have a place in my thief's heart for both of my aunties.  Of course, I also always enjoy playing pranks on Hades-- but then, I suppose this has swept far past the bounds of prankstering.

"So sister, as someone who is as indifferent about the events that brought about this silly blood feud as I am, where should I stand?  You and I had our fun with the Trojan war did we not?  I figured who better to ask for advice than she who played such a tremendous joke on so very many humans."

Aphrodite blushes again, this time in anger.  "The Trojan war was not me having fun, nor me playing a joke Hermes!  I was acting on a principle!"

Hermes laughs his loudest at this and grabs Aphrodite by her shoulders and shakes her in merriment.  "Oh indeed!  I should start telling all the robbers and charlatans that pray to me to use that as a defense when their life is on the line.  See how far that gets them!"

"By Zeus' beard, I will not have you mock me Hermes.  What in the world do you want me to say to you?  You know whose side I am on...and you know the reasons."

Hermes presses uncomfortably close to Aphrodite and with the honeyed voice he is legend for, whispers into her ear, "And what very noble reasons those are, aren't they precious sister?"

He steps back and grins again mischievously.  "Very well.  Let us say this then, dear of my heart.  I shall play Ares and Demeter's game with them until it grows dull.  If dull it grows, I'll take my discus and go home!"

Aphrodite shrugs and looks down at her feet.  "And if you decide you'd have more fun with my husband and the others I'm sure you'll skip away to their side."

"Oh sister, you see me as a traitor.  My honor is gravely wounded!"

Aphrodite looks back up, fatigue in her eyes.  "You are no traitor Hermes.  You just take things far too lightly."

"Aww.  Such serious business the affairs of gods.  Men think the same thing.  Mice likewise I'm sure."

Aphrodite rolls her eyes and resigned to defeat in the unyielding force of her brother's jolly irreverence, slips back out of her clothes and climbs into bed, pulling her pillow over her head to drown out any more he has to say."

Several moments of silence follow and then the pillow is yanked away and Hermes' smiling face looms above.  "Perhaps a kiss for good luck!"

Aphrodite begins to groan in annoyance but is cut off as Hermes kisses her passionately.  She resists the urge to enjoy the nostalgia of the kiss, but fails.

Hermes jumps back dramatically.  "Stolen kisses taste all the more delightful.  And I remain a thief to the last.  Time to go find that bloodthirsty brother of ours."

And quick as can be, he's gone.

Aphrodite stares up at the ceiling, pondering, the feel of the kiss still lingering.

-Hermes is revealed
-Hermes receives +1 in all future struggles.

Round 5 continues.  It is now Toben's turn.
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==The Underworld==

In a cavernous dining hall with a high vaulted earthen ceiling, Hephaestus (Toben) sits alone at a large ebony table.

He stares down as his hands, missing the feel of steel and soot, missing the heat of a forge in place of the dead air in Hades that feels neither hot nor cool.

Hades (Mario766) strolls into the room and takes a seat at the table.  "Not enjoying your stay, nephew?"

Hephaestus looks up and grunts.  "I confess I was more comfortable where Artemis had secreted me away."

Hades remains expressionless.  "Yes, well, I've brought you here to ask a favor in preparation for our upcoming fray.  By the way, the lady Persephone bids you warm welcome."

The God of the Forge grunts again.  "What does the lady Persephone think about you warring against her mother?"

The trace of a smirk creeps onto Hades face.  "It is true my lady loves her mother dearly.  But, believe not the foul rumors Demeter spreads of my devilish trickery and underhandedness.  I stake my life on the claim that she loves me far more."

"If that is true, then I envy you wholeheartedly.   Now, what is this favor you wish to ask of me?"

Hades rubs his palm along the large scepter he keeps with him  "Though I know you prefer the familiarity of your own forge, you can work wonders in any forge and with any material, this is true?"

Hephaestus narrows his eyes.  "True indeed.  Metalworking is to me what watching over the departed is to you."

Hades nods emphatically and lifts the scepter and crashes it onto the table.

"Then I would have you work your craft upon this.  Forge me a weapon worthy of the days of mine and my brothers' war with the Titans.  And use my scepter as your raw material."

A troubled expression flits over the Lame Gods face.

"A task worthy of you nephew...  even if the cause gives you pause."

"If my father intervenes on this war and decrees anything involving me, I shall adhere to his wishes.  Let that be known."

"Well then, consider this a task also worthy of potentially being your last."

Hephaestus' mood turns dark and he stands.

He departs....but not before taking the scepter from the table purposefully.

-Hephaestus uses his influence to give Hades an additional +1 in all struggles.
-Hephaestus' influence is restored
-Hephaestus is protected in his next struggle.

Round 5 continues.  It is now Hera's turn.
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==Zeus' Throneroom, Olympus==

Hera (Greatcatatonic) sits regally upon her throne next to her husband's vacant seat and looks down at her son, Ares (Corpsemourne).

"You wished to see me mother."  The fire of rage always kindled behind Ares' eyes flares slightly as he speaks.

"My son, I bid thee welcome.  I know you were less than enthusiastic to pay me this visit.  I appreciate you accepting Hermes' message graciously."

Ares growls slightly under his breath, yet bows ever so slightly.

"Ares, I do know we've had our spats in the past.  I do find you a brutish young man, and somewhat mad.  And you, like so many of your siblings loathe my very presence."

"You are my mother.  I do not actively seek to dishonor or disrespect you."

"Yes.  Though you could perhaps find yourself less frequently entrenched between that harlot's legs when there are battlefields to be bloodied."

Ares flushes in genuine embarrassment, the slight against his attention to his duties one that cuts to the quick.

"Nevertheless, dear boy, you are a gorgeous, strong, virile son.  A son a mother could be proud of.  And I am proud.  And I owe you a service for you not being the twisted shame your brother Hephaestus is."

The fire jumps back ablaze in the God of War's eyes.  "A service?"

"Destroy your brother.  Destroy your brother and Aphrodite is yours with no shame attached.  I will see to it.  Your father will not deny me."

The cords in Ares' muscular neck stand out as his body grows tight with anticipatory bloodlust.

"This I can do, mother.  I assure you."

"Then go.  Win your trophy.  Erase both our shame in one stroke."

-Hera uses a new earned outcome on Ares
-Hera and Ares may each share an engagement outcome.

Round 5 continues.  It is now Athena's turn.
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I have baza's move (and it's a fun!), but I'm being taking out for my first father's day so it'll be later today when I put it up!

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==The Palace of Zeus, Gardens of Gaia==

Athena (Bazabaza) walks beside her father Zeus (Dollstate) through the lush and unique flora no man alive will ever see, kept on Olympus purely for the pleasure of the gods.

"But father, I need you to listen to reason.  I know you do not like to get tangled up in our often petty squabbles.  But I fear if you do not intercede or take a side, there will be full scale war amongst us the likes of which we've never seen."

Zeus laughs, short and gruff.  "Daughter, you are infinitely wise.  Surely you would know I would not let something such as that come to pass."

Athena takes her father's hand and clasps it between both of hers, forcing Zeus to stop his slow and steady gait.  "Father, I surely know you would not WISH to let something such as that come to pass.  But the momentum has built, the heat of many angry fires burns hot.  Prevention may no longer be an option.  That leaves you only with intercession."

"And you would have me stand next to you, Hephaestus, and my brother and rebuke my wife and sisters."

"It is not just those you have named involved.  Battle lines have been drawn.  Only you and Poseidon have removed yourselves from this entirely.  The twins and Hestia support us as well.  And bloodthirsty Ares seeks eagerly to destroy three he has loathed for ever so long.  Father, this started because of Demeter's pettiness.  Hephaestus did nothing wrong except show honor in trying to remain apart from others' business and then strike back when abuse was hurled at him.  A natural reaction even you have frequently displayed."

Zeus nods, his beard brushing his daughters hands as it goes up and down.  "You speak true, daughter.  But of course, your mother has spent many long days convincing me--"

"Mother's tongue is laced with venom, father!  And she is NOT my mother.  Do not deign to call her that."

Zeus glowers and a distant roll of thunder echos not so coincidentally.  

Athena squelches her fire and assumes the meekest look and posture she can muster.  "I apologize for my outburst father.  But... you know the bitter chord you strike there.  Forgive me."

"From the day you were born you have been a headache to me child, but I have great affection for you.  And I know there is truth in your words."

Athena releases her father's hand and he turns and surveys the breathtaking life in abundance all around him.

"I am not yet ready to enter this fray in earnest.  I must confer with your uncle Poseidon who thinks this folly as much as I.  But by my bolt and beard I promise I will see to it you do not come to harm."

Athena embraces her father.  "I must trust that you will extend your protection to other innocents as well, but I thank you with every fiber of my being."

Zeus's voice booms in her ear, a touch of humor in his tone,  "I would not call of you innocents.  Brother Hades loves tormenting our sisters."

Athena laughs.  "Family's wonderful, is it not?"

How appropriate for Father's day!

-Zeus is revealed
-Athena's influence is restored
-Zeus will prevent the next struggle Athena is engaged in by another player (this prevention is not the same as he current protection)

It is now Ares' turn (Aphrodite is skipped and she now returns to the turn queue)

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Meanwhile, Artemis (Sparky) and Apollo catch one another up on events down below and on the Mount in the home of the Goddess of the Hunt.

Their casual voices cut off abruptly and tension thickens the air as a loud knock raps upon the bronze and wooden door of her entryway.

Artemis shoots a meaningful look at her brother and beckons the caller in.

Ares (Corpsemourne) opens the door, steps in, closes the door behind him and approaches, every movement cat-like and every action exceedingly deliberate.

"Brother.  Sister.  How goes your scheming."

Apollo's ever present smirk dissipates momentarily.  "I beg your pardon, Ares?"

The God of War pulls out a seat without invitation and straddles it backwards.  "Tut tut, brother.  No need to play coy.  We are on the eve of war.  On such a day, if you are anything like me, every room serves as a war room."

"I am reasonably certain I am nothing like you, brother.  No offense."

Ares smiles and claps Apollo on the shoulder.  "None taken.  That's the sort of statement only a friend or brother could make without me gutting them before they could blink of course.  But no matter."

Apollo plays along and smiles broadly.  "Of course.  No matter at all."

The muscles in Artemis' back knot up from the tension and she queries in a half-hearted attempt at indifference.  "If we are on the eve of games of war, what brings you to my quarters, brother."

This time Ares slaps a hand on Apollo's shoulder and loosely drapes his other arm around his sister's back.  "Brotherly love, what ever else could it be.  Artemis my dear, you and I have shared many a good time have we not?"

Artemis looks up at the ceiling and shrugs.  "We have brother."

"Indeed.  Indeed we have.  So I come to you as a brother that does not wish to wage war haphazardly."

Apollo snorts derisively.  "You?  Did you just say you 'do not wish to wage war' in any context whatsoever?  Come now brother.  I hold no malice in my heart for you,but surely even you see the humor in such a statement coming from yourself."

Ares smiles a wide smile, perfect teeth shining whitely and hinting at an inherent madness both the twins find unnerving.  "You make sport of me.  And deservedly so, brother!"  A raucous burst of laughter fills the room and Ares takes a moment to compose himself.

"I have simply this to say.  Hear me out and I shall make my exit and let you continue your plots.  I know you are fond of Athena.  You know I am not.  Fine.  We are at an impasse there and we will let the cruel whims of fate decide what lies down any path regarding her.  But both of you loathe Hera.  This I know is true.  And I want to wrap my hands around Hades and Hephaestus and feel their life pulse beneath my fingers.  Give me just that.  And I will give you Hera."

Ares waits for no response.  He quickly stands, twirls the chair back around and slides it back easily beneath the table, and departs, leaving Artemis and Apollo struck dumb by the brashness of the proposition.

-Artemis receives an additional +1 in all struggles

It is Artemis' turn.

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==Hera's Chambers, Olympus==

"I know why father has been so disinterested in the events transpiring around him, mother."

Hera (Greatcatatonic) stops her preening and turns from her silvered vanity and watches Ares storm through her door aggressively.

"And who doesn't?  He is being weak and non-committal.  In fact, he is probably refusing to act out of spite for me, the blowhard."

Ares shakes his head quickly.  "No mother, you do not understand.  He's found himself another woman down below.  She bears him yet another bastard child."

Hera freezes and turns ashen.  "....What?"  The ice in the single word chills the air in the room.

"You heard me, mother.  Zeus is too preoccupied with his latest consort to bother himself with our affairs."

A keening whine builds up in Hera's throat, the precursor to a shriek of outrage.

"Calm yourself mother."

The sound chokes off and Hera glares daggers.  "Who is this *woman*."

"She is the widow of a farmer.  He fought in one of the many wars I have incited in Thessaly.  He fought bravely and he died well. In the last moments of his life, he called out to Zeus to watch over his beloved and Zeus granted him his boon.  And it seems father has taken this boon personally into his own hands and into the fallen man's marriage bed."


"Mother, perhaps you act too rashly.  Hermes tells me father has said he loves the woman.  Dare you anger him?"

"Anger him!  Anger HIM!  I will make him suffer for this, you will see.  I demand you tell me where this human whore lives."

Ares steps back, flustered and considers his response.


Ares bows and nods his head.  "Of course mother.  As I said, she lives in Thessaly.  A small farm in the northern foothills....."

==A small farm in the northern foothills of Thessaly==

A figure in a brown dress of poor fabric threshes wheat with a sickle.  A shawl covers the figure's head and most of their face.

They reap the wheat in silent determination, oblivious to their surroundings.  The sun shines high above, the air shimmers with heat, and the only sound is the steady swish, swish of the sickle through stalks of golden  grain.

The air shifts dramatically and an imposing figure in white, bathed in godly light stands fifteen feet away from the figure.

"Look to me, human.  Look into the eyes of your doom."

The form in the brown dress straightens up slowly and turns its shadowed face to Hera.

Hera lifts her arm, some cruel fate devised by her crackling at her fingertips and making the air tingle with anticipation.

Suddenly an ever so soft sound whispers through the silence.

Hera's eyes grow round in surprise.

She looks down to see the shaft of an arrow of dark red wood, reddened slightly further by a hint of her godly blood, protruding from her chest, expertly placed between her heart and shoulder.

Confusion clouds her vision and she makes a feeble grab for the item buried inside her.

"Hera!  Turn and look into the eyes of *your* doom."

Hera slowly turns on shaky feet to see Artemis (Sparky) standing at the far edge of the wheat field, the hot wind blowing her wild hair dramatically.

Hera's mouth moves but no words come forth.  She looks back down at the shaft of the arrow and notices something peculiar. The skin and cloth around it have begun to take on the same mahogany color and she reaches to feel them with partially numbed fingers to find they've taken on a rough woody texture.

She looks back at Artemis, who smiles wanly.  "This has been a long time coming, dear.  Join the Earth.  You are Gaia's problem now."

Hera screams as her skin more rapidly turns woody and her body begins to twist and gnarl.  Her long, luxurious hair begins to grow coarse, thick and rigid, the tips broadening and turning a brilliant green.

Artemis turns away from her step-mother's transformation, having lost interest after the brief rush of victory.  The figure in brown hurries to catch up to her.

Ares, upon a black stallion, gallops up from over a rise and leaps off nimbly.  He stares into the middle of the wheat field at the giant, misshapen tree rooting itself there and is momentarily speechless.

He shakes his head vigorously and turns to Artemis as the figure in the brown dress pulls off its head covering to reveal Apollo, grumbling.  "I don't see why I had to be the one to dress as a woman for this charade."

Ares sniffs mildly.  "Because it suits you brother."  He turns and looks at Artemis, a grudging admiration tinging his expression.  "Nice handiwork there sister.  But I've upheld my end of the bargain.  Were it not for me, Hera would not have been upon the Earth for you to work such....impressive...enchantment over her.  You are rid of her.  Now it is your turn.  Give me the cripple and our Uncle."

Apollo looks uneasily from his sister to Ares and back again.

He turns and looks back at the tree that was Hera and shudders slightly.

-Hera is eliminated by Artemis

It is now Hermes' turn.
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==The Underworld==

Hades (Mario766) sits upon a funeral throne, his consort, the lady Persephone at his side.

He stares unblinkingly at one of the few souls, mortal or immortal, with the gall to trespass into his realm without his leave.


Hermes bows.  "I bring a message from Artemis for my lord."

Hades frowns deeply.  "Why do *you* bring a message from Artemis.  Why does she not deliver it herself?"

"Because it is my duty to do so and because the lady Artemis is indisposed.  Which relates to her message."

The brow of the God of the Underworld furrows as his frown pushes itself to its limit.  "Fine then, Hermes.  What is this message."

Hermes stands up straight and assumes a serious tone.  "The lady wishes to inform you that King Zeus has entered into the current feud and is demanding Hephaestus' return to Olympus for punishment and for a ceasing of your intended aggressions against the individuals you have been plotting against, namely your sisters, the ladies Demeter and Hera."

Hades leans forward and scrutinizes Hermes, his only indication of emotion being an angry tightening of his hand around the black hilt of his new weapon, forged by Hephaestus.  

Persephone leans close to her captor and lover and whispers into his ear.  "I thought you said Athena had won your brother to your side with honeyed words?"

"So I thought..."  Hades turns his attention back to Hermes.  "How can I know this message comes from Artemis?"

Hermes nods and pulls a mahogany arrow from his belt.  The fletching on the arrow leave little doubt as to the owner.  

"I see...  And where was Artemis when Zeus confronted her with this."

"Apparently, in Thessaly, near a massive tree that was once your sister, Queen Hera."

Hades hides a surprised smile while Persephone gasps in shock.

"Well that's an interesting turn of events.  You will have to tell me *that* story at some point in the future.  However, that aside, I shall not bring Hephaestus to Olympus until I have spoken with Zeus himself.  Has he returned to the Mount?"

Hermes shakes his head.  "He has not.  He remains on Earth, rounding up your conspirators.  He should be in the Temple of Athena in Athens.  I shall take you to him."

Hades rises, a dark look on his face.  He bends and kisses Persephone on her forehead.  "Let Hephaestus know of this turn of events.  But whatever you do, do NOT let him leave here.  Cerberus will heed your word while I am away.  Have him tear the fool's good leg off if he must."

Persephone shakes her head sadly.  "I would be careful were I you Hades.  You've grown a little cocksure in recent days.  If Zeus awaits you, do not push him too hard.  But I warn you to keep yourself on guard.  Something feels wrong about this."

"We are of one mind on that.  But either something foul is afoot, or someone has gotten the upper hand on Artemis."  Hades descends from the dais upon which his throne sits and Persephone curls her legs beneath her, a look of concern etching lines in her face

==Temple of Athena, Athens==

"Alright, Hermes.  What game are you playing at?  You bring me the arrow of Artemis, threaten the wrath of Zeus, and lead me to a Temple to Athena quiet as a tomb."

Hermes shrugs and tilts his head at a sound in the corner.  "Not so quiet as that, uncle."

From the darkness a woman appears, carrying a crying newborn.

Hades scowls.  "Hecate," he hisses.  "I ask you again God of Lies, what are you playing at."

Hecate speaks softly.  "Do you recognize this child Hades?"

"Of course not!  It looks as though its barely had time to get used to being out of its mother's womb."

Hecate coos softly to quiet the child and rocks it slightly.  "You saw fit to steal this infant from the world of the living at the moment of his birth and drag him down to your underworld this eve.  I saw fit to steal him back."

Hades' eyes narrow and he approaches for a closer look at the child.  Recognition flashes across his face and he looks up at Hecate angrily.  "How dare you!  You've no right trespassing into my realm and taking from me what is rightfully mine.  You offend even more than Hermes!"

Hecate smiles.  "Rage away Hades.  But you know what it means when one that never has a chance to live crosses the Styx and then crosses back."

Hades steps back abruptly, fury transforming into panic.  He reaches for the weapon at his side and a serpent coils itself around his wrist.

"And thus you are vulnerable until another newborn fails to breathe its first breath of life," Hecate whispers breathily and then laughs.  She backs into the shadows, and disappears.

Hades hears her not though as he spins around to look at Hermes.  The Messenger God holds his caduceus in his hands, its symbolic serpents absent.  Hades frantically looks at the floor to find the second snake looping itself around his feet.

"I apologize for the deception, uncle.  But as I said before, it is my duty to deliver messages between our kin."

Hermes steps forward and raises his winged staff.  "I give to you a message from Ares."

The staff falls, crashing down against the side of Hades' head.

Hades, weakened by Hecate's trickery and restrained by Hermes' serpents, crumples to the ground and groans.

His vision blurred, the God of the Underworld rolls around on the floor, head throbbing as he tries to pry the serpents off of him.

Heavy footsteps, clearly not those of Hermes in his winged sandals, echo through the temple, increasing in volume as they near.

Hades stops his struggling and awaits, knowledge blooming in his pain-filled mind.

A familiar face looms before his distorted vision and a hand grips his throat and squeezes.

"Ah yes, such a strong thread of life beating 'twixt my fingers for such a sickly looking one as you, uncle."

Ares (Corpsemourne) grins a toothy grin and squeezes harder, causing bursts of purple and red flares to swim in Hades' eyes.

"How wonderful to bring you to your knees in the temple of my accursed sister.  She will rage at the defilement.  But now, uncle, you are mine.  Not yet to die.  I must hedge my bets.  But you are mine."

Ares turns his head, still clasping Hades' throat.  "Nicely done, brother.  I will take over from here.  Set things in motion to trap the cripple.  He-- capture might be out.  I'll relish killing him, though."

"Ares...this foul business does not sit well with me at all.  I feel sullied."

"Yes yes, you have already whined about such things.  But you chose your side.  With Hera gone, things go as I say they go.  That means you will bloody your hands if I say."

Hades feels the serpents around him relax and slip quickly away.  Moments later, soft and fleet footsteps reverberate across the marble.

Ares sighs loudly and then mutters something in annoyance and then a noise of curious interest issues from him.  His hand slips from Hades' throat and begins to tug at the weapon in the god's belt.

Hades, powers drained, slips into unconsciousness.  

-Ares uses influence to increase Hermes' power vs. Hades
-Hades loses 4 status
-Hermes loses 2 status

It is now Hades turn.
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I didn't expect an out of turn influence, congrats.
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So- About that counter attack. :-[
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==In a stone chamber far beneath the Mount==

Awareness slowly creeps back into Hades (Mario766), but he makes a point of keeping his eyes closed.

"Damnation." he thinks as he feels the weakness of his being and the chains that anchor him to the earth. "How long does it take for another human babe to die in birth.  I suspect not long... but then, if Hermes and Ares have recruited Hecate, with me stuck in whatever prison they have me in, she could keep me as powerless as a lamb for eternity...  Oh Persephone, would that I have but heeded your words more truly.  I was proven a rube...  And what of Artemis?  Was she involved in my downfall?  What a fool I am..."

Even in his weakened state, Hades feels the presence of someone watching him.  Slowly he resigns himself to whatever tortures await and opens his eyes.  And then his chest rocks briefly with silent laughter and a quick succession of raspy breaths leave his throat.

"Sister... to what do I owe this pleasure?"

Demeter (Fenrir) stands across the room in rigid posture, a mixture of wrath and self-satisfaction distorting her lovely features.

"Oh how I have longed for the day when I could see you in such a state, Hades.  I only regret that I could not have put you in this situation myself."

"Come to check up on me I see.  Your consideration is ever so much appreciated."

Demeter sneers and comes closer.  "Ares' bloodlust is insatiable.  This you know.  You only live because he fears Zeus.  But the more he fights, the more ravenous for blood he becomes.  Your days our numbered very few if nothing stops this ongoing feud."

Hades tries to laugh again, but stops himself as his head reels from the pain the exertion triggers.  He coughs dryly and in a casual tone, taunts his sister.  "I doubt this very much.  And if I am wrong, it would be poetic I suppose for myself and Hera to be removed from our place amongst you and our kin."

Demeter looks confused.  "What do you mean?  What has Hera to do with this?"

Hades smiles, cracked lips cracking further sending his godly blood trickling into his mouth.  "Oh my dear sister.  Has Ares left you in the dark?  Surely Hera has been absent from the Mount for an unusually long time.  Young Artemis has earned a very decisive victory over our sister, from what I have been told."

"You lie."

"Lie?  I am not the trickster and deceiver you make me out to be.  Look to Hermes, it seems, for that. But I know how to free Hera from the enchantment Artemis put on her.  I saw the arrow Hermes presented to me as proof.  I know the magic that she worked.  I believe few others do.  If Artemis refuses to release Hera from her arboreal bonds, it would take a Herculean effort," and here Hades chuckles to himself, "to find a way to free her.  That is, of course, unless I help."

Hades continues while Demeter looks for a proper retort.  "If you want to talk of truths you are sure to see as lies, let us talk of my beautiful Persephone."

Demeter's eyes flash.  "She is not YOUR Persephone.  She is no object for you to possess."

Hades shakes his head solemnly.  "No, sister, you are most certainly right about that.  She means more to me than any mere object could.  Should I tell you that when I left my realm to find myself ambushed by those rogues we call kin, it was your daughter that urged me lovingly to be on my guard, to which I foolishly ignored her."

Demeter spits in Hades face.  "She would never aid you!"

"Should I tell you that she has pleaded with me to allow her to bear me a child?"


Hades licks his lips free of blood slowly, with care and deliberation, and smiles again.  "Should I tell you that if I die, no man or woman, mortal or immortal, neither Hermes nor Hecate nor ZEUS HIMSELF will be able to bring dear Persephone away from my realm?"

Demeter stops short of striking him and shakes with her anger.

"And she will be happy there, for it will remind her of me, the one she loves more than any other.  Even dear mother."

Demeter screams again in frustration and runs from the chamber...

-Demeter loses 5 status to Hades
-Demeter will prevent Hades next victory
-Hera is restored to the game and is now Neutral to Hades

It is now Hestia's turn.

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Oh.  Snap.

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==The Foot of Mt. Olympus, midday==

"Why have you brought me here, my boy?  First Athena appears before me telling me her temple in Athens was defiled by other Gods and that apparently Hades was assaulted and captured there.  Then you come wild-eyed to me and drag me here to the bottom of Olympus.  What unsavory business is this?"

Apollo (Azharh) takes Hestia's (Qqchampion) hand in his.  "What Athena told you is true.  Ares and Hermes tricked Hades and trapped him with some ruse and defeated him in combat.  And... aunt... I am afraid my sister and I are to blame!"

Hestia yanks her hand free.  "What do you mean?"

Apollo looks shamefaced.  "Ares came to Artemis with a proposition.  He would give her Hera in exchange for bringing Hades and Hephaestus to him, vulnerable.  Artemis agreed and... I went along with her plan."

Hestia's eyes narrow.  "I would expect no less of Artemis, Apollo.  Her loathing for Hera runs deep.  Far deeper than her care for Hades or Hephaestus.  But you?"

"I know!  But she's my sister!  And... I had retained some hope that she would doublecross Ares in the end.  And perhaps she still will, for she is who informed me of Hades being held here into some deep cavern within the mount.  She has eyes upon the moon as I do the sun, and she saw Ares spirit Hades away from Athens to inside Olympus, though she knows not how he accessed this cavern."

Hestia bows her head into her palm and rubs it sorrowfully.  After awhile she looks up, fatigue evident in her features.  "I am no fighter, boy.  Truth be told, I am as passive as a mouse when all is said and done.  But this-- this I cannot stand for.  If Ares and my sisters have Hades, no good will come of it.  The Mount will run red with blood.  The outrage amongst some of us will not be suppressed."

"I am so very sorry, aunt.  I... I was joyous at the thought of removing Hera from our lives.  I confess, even after all these years, I fear her terribly.  She is wicked and petty."

Hestia slaps her palms on the sides of Apollo's face softly.  "She can be that, this is true.  But she is our queen.  Furthermore, as timid as I may seem, I was the first born of Cronus.  On my honor, you have nothing to fear from your step mother."

Hestia begins to stand taller as she is invigorated by her own words.  "In fact, nor have I!  I know not what your sister did to Hera, but it was nothing irreversible.  She is not so powerful as that.  And when Hera returns, filled with fire and bile, we will slap her down as the common crone she so often behaves.  Until then, we have to save Hades and you and your sister have to save face.  Get her, and knock some bloody sense into her.  We face up against the God of War.  This is no time for betrayal and childish nonsense."

Hestia slides her hands off Apollo's cheeks, puts them on his chest and gives a mighty shove to send him running.  She turns and stares up at the mount.  "Mere Goddess of Hearth and Home I may be Ares the Braggart.  But this goddess does not think kindly of you disturbing the peace and harmony of her own home.  Ares the Warrior, indeed.  Ares the Bully more like.  And you remain but a pup to me."

-Apollo may immediately use another one of his Ally outcomes
-Hestia uses her influence to remove an engagement outcome from herself and one from Apollo.

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==Interlude:  Shrine to Apollo at Clarus, Ionian Coast==

"Uncle, you understand the situation from all angles.  I know you and father have conferred.  And I know you shall be taking a stand soon.  I beg of thee, put aside your differences with any of our kin and simply join those you see as just and unfairly dishonored.  I can only hope, that when you do that, we stand side by side."

A towering figure stands before Apollo (Azharh) and stares for a long, hard minute.  Without a word, the figure descends into the sea.

==Back at the foot of Olympus==

Hestia (Qqchampion) still stands, pondering her options and the course of actions that must be taken.  The sun has descended and dusk approaches rapidly.

Hestia curses aloud and is startled when a voice responds from behind her.  "Vulgarity does not suit you, Hestia."

She turns to face Ares (Corpsemourne) and grimaces.  "What have you done with Hades, Ares."

Ares shrugs.  "I have merely removed him from the gameboard for the time being, Hestia.  What is it to you?  What concern is this entire affair to you?  Why can you not merely do what you always do and fade into the background."

Hestia deflates, but only slightly.  "You are a viper Ares.  You are the most wretched of my sister's spawn."

"Tsk tsk, elder one.  Words can hurt."

"Not one such as you.  Have you come to bloody your hands upon me as well."

Ares feigns a wounded expression and bows his head in mock shame.  "My, but you do me great injustice.  No dear aunt.  I have come to make a proposition to you as I did with Artemis."

Hestia glares menacingly.  "What chicanery do you play at Ares.  Since when do you weave deals and make propositions.  Where is your sword and spear.  Is that not how you handle things?"

"Lady, I am the God of War.  And in that, I know wars on not won on battlefields alone.  I must secure my higher ground, metaphorically speaking."

"I do not deal with swine."

"You just may.  You just may, indeed.  It is a simple proposition, and no harm will come to anyone from it."

Hestia, incredulity etched into her features, sighs.  "Fine, what have you to say to me."

Ares smiles.  "It is simple.  I will release your beloved brother on the condition that he never return to Olympus and that Hephaestus remains for all eternity in the Underworld with him.  Now, isn't that pacifistic of me?"

Hestia frowns, confusion growing.  "So you remove your two greatest threats by exile?  That is how you wish this to come to a head?  I do not trust you."

Ares turns away and saunters off, throwing a final comment over his shoulder.  "It was merely an offer aunt, to ease your troubled heart.  I will have plenty of time to eliminate them once my sister meets her fate."

-Following up the previous turn, Apollo receives +X in all struggles, where X is = to the current status of Poseidon.  This will take effect the moment Poseidon is revealed.  Poseidon may also share influence points with Apollo.
-Using a shared outcome, Ares deals 1 status loss to Hestia that is prevented.  Hestia's struggle prevention is now expired.
-Using a shared outcome, Ares makes himself neutral to Hephaestus

It is now Demeter's turn.
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==Palace of Zeus, Olympus==

Demeter (Fenrir) paces before Zeus' throneroom like a caged animal.

The golden doors open and Hermes (Kyruko) exits, face drawn.  Demeter makes a lunge to get through the doors but they slam shut in her face.


"Save your breath."

Demeter turns away in frustration and notices Hermes unnerved state.  "What in the world is wrong with you."

Hermes rubs his palms together and shuffles his feet for a moment.  "Father is not pleased with me for conspiring with Ares against Hades."

Demeter pales.  "He...he knows we have Hades beneath the mount?"

"Father has an odd ability to know things one would not suspect.  Though I do think he knows of no involvement on your part since you've only paid uncle a visit."

"Well that's something I guess.  So are you being punished?  Why is Zeus *still* refusing to see anyone?"

Hermes' shakes his head slowly.  "He mentioned no punishment, to my shock.  He just... said he was very disappointed."  The Messenger God acquires a pained look and starts to walk away.

"Oh Hermes you can't possibly be distraught over Zeus' *disappointment*.  And you didn't answer my other question."

Hermes keeps walking.  "I have no idea why father has locked himself away.  But I believe I may do the same."

Demeter sighs in exasperation and follows on the winged heels of Hermes.  "Allow me to accompany you.  We need to get your head out of the murk and we need to discuss matters of importance."

-Hermes and Demeter share an engagement outcome

It is now Apollo's turn.

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==Palace of Zeus, Olympus==

The door to Hermes' (Kyruko) chambers opens and Demeter storms out and turns back.  "Hermes, if you insist on quaking in your sandals because of the admonitions of your father, then you are a fool and a coward."

Demeter slams the door and stomps down the hallway, the sounds of her steps echoing loudly around her.

Apollo (Azharh) approaches Hermes door, pulls his rarely worn sword from his belt and raps on the golden door with its hilt.  "Messenger, I must speak with you."

No answer.  Nary a sound from behind the door.

"Hermes, open up.  I fought the Giant Tityos.  A door is not going to stop me."

Still no answer, but Apollo detects the slightest hesitant shuffle behind the door.

Apollo sighs.  "Brother, would you *please* open up.  Make this easy for both of us."

Finally Apollo hears a latch click and the door slowly opens.

Hermes appears before Apollo, words on his lips and Apollo flicks his sword to his brother's throat.

Hermes eyes widen and he stammers unintelligibly.  

Apollo drives Hermes back, the point of his blade pricking the god's flesh.  The tiniest droplet of blood blossoms crimson on Hermes' throat.

Both men's chest heave rapidly, adrenaline surging.

Apollo calms first.  His muscles relax, shoulders slump, and his blade lowers to the floor.  "By Zeus' beard Hermes, what have you done?  You've been a champion of nobility.  You've aided heroes of man.  You protected Odysseus, brought sanity to a mad Trojan war, helped destroy Medusa.  And now... you help a witch like Demeter, our hateful stepmother, and a bloodthirsty maniac like Ares to do what?  Crush a good-hearted cripple and an uncle who disturbs us but is perfectly happy just left alone?"

Hermes sinks to his knees.  "I know brother... I know my folly.  I was playing games.  I was... seeking amusement.  I... I god carried away.  I allowed Ares to turn mischief into blood feud.  I did not think things would get so out of hand so rapidly without father stepping in and stopping fun with stern admonitions."

Apollo looks aghast.  "You jest?  You thought this wouldn't get out of hand?  Look, by Kronus, who we are dealing with!"

"I was also trying to play Ares for a fool..."

"Come again?"

Hermes falls back spread-eagle and starts to laugh before a sober and despondent gloom settles over him.  "While he's been traipsing around preparing for war on the earth, I've been bedding Aphrodite."

Apollo groans.  "We are all little better than children... Brother, are you out of your mind?"

Hermes nods dejectedly.

Apollo slides his blade back in his belt and offers Hermes a hand.  "Brother, I need you to tell me how to get to where Hades is being held.  And then I want you to leave the Mount until this blows over.  Stay with Persephone in the Underworld, go home to Arcadia.  Or go stay with the Nymphs on Parnassus.  They will welcome you as I was once their student and you were once mine."

Hermes stares vacantly ahead for a moment.  "You'll need to bloody yourself to enter.  You're not expected."

"I can deal with that..."

==Hades prison, inside the Mount==

Hades (Mario766) ears perk as the sound of battle echos through the cavern.  He cocks his head in curiosity.

The tumult continues for several minutes and eventually Hades sees a bright yellow glow in the distance.  Hades fights a smile and tries to tidy his disheveled appearance and assume a bored posture.

Eventually the noise dies to a murmur of beastly groans and death rattles and Apollo charges in, sword glowing bright as the sun and clothes in tatters.

"I thought I recognized that telltale glow of yours, nephew.  Greetings.  I see you met friends."

Apollo lets his sword arm drop and pants slightly.  "I found them a bit rude personally."

"So are you here for conversation or to admire the decor?"

"You can cut the drollery.  We need to get out of here before Ares gets back."  Apollo slices easily through Hades chains and yanks Hades to his feet.

"Nothing would please me more.  I'll be a bit slow I think.  I'm weak."

Apollo presses his hand against Hades chest and shudders slightly.  "Something is dampening your power indeed.  But at least your pain should be alleviated."

Hades takes a deep breath and extends to his full towering height.  "Thank you for that, nephew.  May we return to my home now, or are you dragging me elsewhere."

Apollo begins to jog down the cavernous corridor.  "Underworld first.  But not for long uncle."

Hades sighs and follows after Apollo lackadaisically.  "You know, nephew, the whole...running thing.  Yeah... not really my thing."

-Hermes loses 5 status (eliminated)
-Apollo is protected from 2 status loss, protection dissipates.
-Apollo uses influence to heal 2 status on Hades

End of round.  Beginning of new round.

It is Poseidon's turn (Dreizen, duh)!
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Evening workload was will have to come tomorrow.

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==Zeus' Throne Room==

"Are you aware your son has been run off the Mount?"  Demeter (Fenrir) asks Zeus (Dollstate), barely contained fury smoldering in her even tones.

"If you are referring to Hermes' departure, I am aware of course.  Though he was not 'run off'.  He has merely sought a peaceful haven away from current turmoils."  Zeus sits rigidly upon his throne and stares down at Demeter with his piercing blue eyes.

"How you are aware of anything, the way you hole yourself up in here all the damned time, is beyond me."

Zeus moves nary a muscle.  "I know many things Demeter.  I know Hermes got himself embroiled in a mess ill-fitting for him.  And I am aware you, too, were involved, though I led my son to believe I was ignorant of this fact.  Hermes and Ares are my children.  You, dear sister, I must handle differently."

Demeter's eyes flash.  "And just what is that supposed to mean."

Zeus leans forward, placing his colossal hands upon his knees and letting his long beard flow from his lap to the floor.  "What I mean, sister, is that if you are wise, you will cease your hostilities with Hades.  If you know what is good for you."

Demeter trembles slightly in fear and rage.  

Zeus leans back and slouches.  "I must hand it to you though, sister.  My estimation of your ruthlessness has increased greatly as of late.  You truly can be a vicious little beast."

"Do not belittle me, Master of Thunder.  I have not the pomp and braggadocio you do, but I will not be put looked upon as merely a bad tempered girl."

Zeus laughs heartily.  "My dear Demeter.  If I thought so little of you, I would turn you around, and boot you straight in your ass out my door.  You are an impressive woman, sister.  But my pomp and braggadocio as you call them are far from just a show.  This you know and had better respect.  Now consider this your warning.  Extinguish your fires of war and tend to your harvests."

Demeter remains silent and unmoving.

" a good girl."  Zeus finishes.

Demeter begins to bellow an angry retort but swallows it whole when she sees the stormy look on her brother's face.  The smell of burnt ozone fills the room and finally Demeter's resolve crumbles and she flees the room, already formulating how to twist the events with Zeus into gossip to work to her advantage.

From the shadows  Poseidon (Dreizen) emerges, trident in hand.

"My but she's a feisty one.  If I could but bed her again...preferably not as a horse this time."

Zeus chuckles and then assumes a stern expression.  "Leave off, brother."

"So... things have come to a head then.  The time has come for us to intervene and separate squabbling children."

"Well, we've played the part of squabbling children ourselves, truth be told.  But aye, with the recent imprisonment of brother Hades and the transforming of my *wife* into a tree--"

Both men start to laugh.

Zeus calms himself.  "It has become apparent we should stop letting them try to sort things out on their own.  We must choose our side."

Here Poseidon looks dour.  "I am not sure I agree with you there brother.  I know you told me Athena spoke great wisdom to you of the current affair, and I am in agreement that both Hephaestus and Hades have been most injuriously wronged when all is said and done.  However, I counsel neutrality.  Punishment across the board.  Apollo sought my boon and blessing as well, and my heart went to him in his plea, but this has gotten far too out of hand.  Who would have thought dear, sweet Artemis would do what she did to Hera?  And that Hermes, for all intents and purposes little more dubious than a lovable rogue, would get talked into assaulting an elder god in the manner in which he did?  I find these actions unforgivable."

Zeus sighs and thunder rolls.  "Well...I would argue that the altercation between Hera and Artemis was a long overdue.  It came to a head most precipitously to be sure, but you'll find more hatred between two people in very few.  Even Demeter and Hades-- the hatred goes one way.  Hades merely finds Demeter a laughable nuisance and enjoys tormenting her.  And Athena and Ares-- with one like Ares, I'm not sure I can call it more than mere sibling rivalry."

Poseidon nods.  "Be that as it may, this is too much drama and violence at one time.  I stand by my advice."

Zeus ponders for a long time, stroking his beard and frequently changing positions in discomfort.

Finally he stands.  "Very well brother.  They must all come to the Mount.  Let us see if we can sort this mess in the open with all their machinations illuminated by the bright glare of day."

"Demeter will be none too pleased.  You just sent her away."

"To the abyss with her."

Both men smile.

With that, Poseidon turns, chants something eldritch under his breath and then spinning his trident in a half circle, thrusts it into the marble floor.

With that the very Earth shakes, and god and men alike tremble in disquiet.

==Somewhere down below==

Hestia sits in a plain but well-loved cottage, dining as an honored guess with a poor farmer, his wife, and his newborn daughter.

When she appeared at their doorstep they were struck speechless and she had to command them to desist as the couple began to prostrate themselves before her.

She asked if they might have food to spare her for she had traveled for a very long time and was weary.  Disbelieving but enraptured, they welcomed her into their home.

When the tremor began and crockery began to rattle precariously on shelf edges, the farmer and his wife shot to their feet, wide-eyed and alarmed.

Hestia waved her hand and the cottage stopped its convulsions.

"Be not afraid, my dears.  Blessings be upon this hearth and home."

-Demeter uses an influence point to gain the status Hermes had the turn of elimination and steal an outcome
-Poseidon uses an influence point to deal 1 status to all gods
-Athena's immunity to next status loss fades and she takes 0 status loss
-Poseidon engages Zeus and wins the roll.  All gods but he and Zeus take 1 status loss.
-Hestia is eliminated

It is now Hephaestus' turn.

Sorry for the delay!
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Barring a miracle my computer is boned.

So we can get the ball moving again until I can recover my data, please PM me all of your updated lists of Engagement Outcomes.

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Make sure you send me UPDATED outcome lists..with any outcomes you have gained or had removed during the course of the game.
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Your computer suicided after realizing the horrors it had wrought (the new questline). :P

Seriously though, I hope you can get it working ASAP. I know how much it sucks to not have a working computer...  :(
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Those who have not sent me their outcomes do not need to.

Took me all damn night but I've got her up and running again.

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==Courtyard, Mt. Olympus==

Zeus (Dollstate) and Poseidon survey the deities gathered before them with stern expressions.  Under the weight of those eyes, a variety of reactions takes place, some brazen, some cowed, some shamed, and some antagonistic.

Poseidon hammers the butt of his trident upon the ground three times.  No earthquake ensues, but the loud reverberations silence the group and give pause to all fidgeting. 

Initially mixed in amongst the younger generation, Hades steps forth and slowly approaches his brothers.  Taking his place at Zeus' left side, he turns, none missing the physical effects of his imprisonment or the wound inflicted by Hermes' caduceus.

Demeter, as an elder, contemplates also stepping forward, but an icy glare from Poseidon, as if he could read her mind, stills her.

"Hades joins us as my brother and as the King of one of the world's 3 realms.  But as I am King amongst you all, he is my subject, and he must understand that he is not immune to any of the words that shall follow."

Zeus turns to look at Hades.  Hades keeps his eyes trained straight ahead and nods once.

Poseidon looks annoyed.  "Where is Hestia.  Who knows of her whereabouts.  Brother, is she in your realm?"

Hades responds smoothly, "No brother.  Though I only spent a brief time back home after gaining my freedom--" He pauses for dramatic effect.  "--our sister was definitely not there."

Exchanged glances ricochet back and forth amongst the other gods.  Finally Apollo takes a step forward, bows and says, tone sullen and unsure, "I believe I was the last to see Hestia.  I took her to the foot of the Mount to inform her of Hades' capture.  She... sent me away to get aid, but she remained behind.  I have not seen her since."

Poseidon frowns.  "Come now.  No others have seen Hestia since that time?"

Ares curses aloud, "Fine, yes.  I saw the damned woman directly afterwards.  We sparred-- verbally mind you-- briefly and then I let her be.  I've no reason to assault a weak and pitiful woman such as she, nor have I any reason to lie about it, for I do not fear you uncle."

"Mind your tongue, son, or you may lose it.  Or better yet, you may find it turned into something unpleasant."

Ares sneers.  "As I said, I've not seen Hestia.  None of my party harmed a hair on her head.  So unless one of these other cowards did something to her, I would wager she chose to ignore your overwrought and arrogant summons Poseidon."

Poseidon looks troubled by this prospect, but Hephaestus (Toben) interrupts his pondering.  "And yet here you are, Ares.  Ever the brave warrior."

Ares pulls a jet black sword from a scabbard and lunges at Hephaestus threateningly.  Hephaestus and Hades' eyes both widen, but at the sight of the weapon and not Ares himself.  "And what is your excuse, cripple?"

Hephaestus remains calm, but he stares daggers at the God of War.  "Frankly, Ares.  I was ready to come home."

"This is your home no longer, wretch!" Demeter pipes in.

Zeus bellows.  "QUIET!  Not a word more lest you eager to see my wrath."

A fragile calm settles back over the assembled gods.

"Now, other than Hestia, and my wife who Gaia is eagerly trying to turn back into a woman-- and will assist her in reversing that enchantment when we are through here if you know what is good for you--"

Artemis quavers slightly but neither confirms nor denies the request.

"As I was saying, other than two of our sisters, we are all here now save young Hermes' and I sent word to the Nymphs of Parnassus to tell him he may ignore our summons.  I will deal with him later, though he at least I know is remorseful for his part in this foolishness."

"We have here two opposing sides.  The lines drawn here divide simply it seems, but for many reasons.  So many I'm not sure it's worth addressing them all.  Most pressingly, there is the issue of our sister Demeter's continued virulence towards Hades.  I am loathe to retread ground we've already covered in the past, but it seems our previous rulings have gone unheeded.  Demeter, I say to thee now, *stay your hand*.  Persephone is Hades' consort now.  Now and forever.  You must accept this.  The price you will pay for ignoring me again will be steep."

Demeter digs fingernails into her palms until they bleed.  When she speaks, the venom laced through each word makes even the air taste bitter.  "As you will it, brother, so it shall be."

"Indeed you shall.  Now... we must address the altercation that started this all.  Sister Hera is not here to defend or accuse regarding her part in things, but again we come to Demeter.  We will all acknowledge that she was out of line to demand from Hephaestus that which she did.  But we must judge my son on his behavior towards his aunt and mother following that act."

Zeus seems prepared to roll right into his thoughts on the subject but Hephaestus strides forward, significantly closer to the elder Olympians than Apollo had dared approach.  He falls to his knees and bows his head.  "Father, I beseech thee, forgive me for my treatment of your wife and sister.  But in asking forgiveness, I admit my great wrongdoing, and I am prepared to suffer whatever consequences await me."

Murmurs spread behind Hephaestus and Zeus looks towards them, squinting as he tries to make them out.  Meanwhile both Poseidon and Hades look down at the God of the Forge submitting to punishment before them.  Poseidon seems shocked by the display, but Hades, eyebrows raised, wears an expression of aggravated disappointment.

Hades raises his voice so all can hear. "Oh Hephaestus, you great dolt.  Rise to those twisted feet of yours and stop playing the part of a repentant criminal.  Brother, surely you are not going to punish your son for defending himself after the years of abuse he has endured.  He is, for all intents and purposes, a gentle and well meaning fool."

Zeus takes his eyes off the crowd, looks sidelong at Hades and then down at Hephaestus.  He massages his temples with the heels of his hands. "I feel as though another daughter is about to burst forth from my head.  No, Hades, I will not punish Hephaestus for finally growing tired of those that live upon this Mount treating him like a grotesque animal.  He has tolerated a great deal of disrespect."

Here Zeus looks from Aphrodite (Misha) to Ares and back again meaningfully.

"Which brings us to another situation I have just about enough of.  Lady Aphrodite, you will approach."

Aphrodite, radiant as always, quails, but holds her head up high and moves forward, each step a luxurious display of seduction.

As she nears, Zeus thrusts his hand inside her robe and grips something around her waist.  Aphrodite's sultry demeanor fades as she is startled by the move.  "And you can stop parading yourself around like a whore."

Zeus yanks hard and a rending sound accompanies Aphrodite's squeal of confusion.  Her back arches beautifully for a moment before she falls flat on her face.  Hephaestus, still on his knees, looks down at his wife, a mixture of concern and satisfaction fighting for dominance on his features, and then looks up at Zeus and gasps as he sees the magic girdle he himself fashioned in Zeus' upraised hand.

Zeus drops it in front of Hephaestus while the gods behind being to murmur even louder this time.

"I believe, son, the lady Aphrodite has more than enough womanly charm without your craft aiding her in keeping your marriage bed warm with the bodies of every man other than yourself.  Instead, I think you can put your craft to better use.
I have devised an item for you to make.  I am quite proud of it actually.  I foresee it becoming quite the popular product in years to come.  I call it a belt of chastity.  You will forge this item for your lovely wife and she will wear it whether she likes it or not.  And since she seems to be afflicted with an ailment that makes it impossible for her to keep her legs closed, this belt will bear a lock to which you possess the sole key.  And I will enchant this item so that every month the key is not turned at least once in it, our lady Aphrodite will lose a year of her beauty.  We shall see what she values more, her beauty or the beauty of those she shares a bed with."

Aphrodite, having pushed herself onto her hands and knees, upon hearing this, stands and runs away towards her and Hephaestus' home, crying all the way.

"Such a shallow creature....lovely though she may be," Zeus muses.

The stunned silence amongst the other gods is the only reply.

-Hepheastus engages Zeus.  Zeus wins the roll.
-Aphrodite is eliminated.

It is now Hera's turn.  The Bitch is Back!
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The silence is broken as a woman, larger even than Zeus, attractive but imposing, matronly though still sensual, looms forth from the direction of the gardens.

She strides towards the gathering and in her wake a smaller form, disheveled and bristling with negative energy follows.

"Greetings young ones.  Zeus..." Her towering body bows, though her demeanor evokes a teasing nature.

Zeus blinks at Gaia.  "Greetings Earth Mother.  Ahem..."  He peers around her and sees the approaching Hera (Greatcatatonic) and grimaces.

"I must thank you again for those lovely gardens you keep upon this incredibly dull and barren Mount."

Zeus clears his throat.  "Ah yes, the gardens.  Well...they are in honor of you Mother Gaia."

Gaia slaps Zeus on the shoulder and it takes all the strength he can muster to not stumble from the impact.  "Of course they are, my love. seems you misplaced your wife in my realm some days ago.  I found her, she was in a sour sort of mood.  She should really learn to be less on edge."

Zeus looks around at the other Olympians and forces a smile.  "I... I was led to believe you were having some trouble freeing her from her enchantment, eldest of elders.  I was intending to send the Lady Artemis down to Earth to free her."  Zeus shoots a dark look at his daughter and shifts uncomfortably.

"Oh nonsense.  Shortly before your brother Poseidon made his charming little rumblings...Oh hello, dear."  Gaia sees Poseidon and embraces him, whispering something in his ear that makes him squirm.  "Begging your pardon.  Shortly before Poseidon made his fuss, young Hades came to aid me in poor Hera's release.  He knows his way around an enchantment, let me tell you.  For such a sickly looking boy, he has untapped talent."

Hades smiles a thin smile and bows his head respectfully.

Zeus looks with surprise at Hades and then leans towards him.  "You could have warned me you know..."

Hades' razor thin smile fluctuates not a trace.  "Apologies, brother."

Zeus looks at his wife and takes note of the unconcealed rage on her features as well as a slightly woody tone to her flesh and flat green hair still in the process of reverting to its original state.  He says under his breath to Hephaestus, still near, "That belt of chastity.  NOT my idea, do you understand."

Without waiting for a response, Zeus steps forward and extends his hand.  "Hera, it is good to have you home."

Hera flicks a sharp look at the king of the gods and then returns to surveying the gods before her, varying degrees of venom registering in her looks as she passes from one to the other.

Zeus lets his hand fall and a sour look, as though he'd just eaten something unpleasant, distorts his expression.

Finally, Hera makes a move, walking stiltedly on legs still re-acclimating to being flesh and muscle, towards Ares (Corpsemourne).

"You!" She hisses.

Ares makes a point of not taking his gaze from her.  "Me, mother?"  Meanwhile, Artemis, pale and nervous draws herself behind other Olympians and fingers the string of her bow.

"You BETRAYED me!  Do not play coy with me!"

Ares hand slides toward the hilt of his sword.  Hera's eyes flash and with speed and strength few would have guessed she possessed, one hand darts out to close around Ares' throat and the other snakes down and yanks Ares' blade free of its scabbard and holds the edge against his abdomen.  "God of War!  Pah!  You are NOTHING.  And I am STILL your mother!  You dare to betray me to that beastly sister of yours?  I will split your godly damned gut open and spill its contents right here on the Mount."

Ares maintains his composure, but a trickle of sweat runs from his temple to his neckline.  Though strained by the fingers wrapped around his throat, he speaks. "Mother, I think you know not of what you speak.  You are drawing conclusions from thin air."

Gaia stoops down next to Zeus.  "You know, my young king, were I in charge, I believe I would expect more decorum be exhibited by my kin and subjects.  But this way is far more entertaining.  Are things always this lively here?"

Zeus looks at the scene before him, troubled.  "Dearest Earth Mother, with the utmost respect, I would suggest that perhaps now is not the best time for a visit.  We are....working through some family affairs."

Gaia pouts.  "But Zeus, my dear boy, I am certainly family.  Where would any of you be without me?  Grandmother Gaia, you should call me."

Zeus sags visibly.  "Only too true, first of us all.  But nevertheless, perhaps these unpleasantries should be left to the eyes of immediate family."

"My, how rude indeed.  Fine fine.  I will go on one condition.  You, or Poseidon, or perhaps that other gaunt fellow you call brother, should come visit me some night near in the future.  I do get so lonely."

Zeus sees Poseidon shake his head vigorously out of the corner of his eye.  "I believe brother Poseidon finds the prospect of accidentally having another child with you a bit daunting, Earth mother.  Antaeus was just a monstrous bully, but...well...Charybdis..."

Gaia looks wounded.  "I however, and most likely brother Hades--"  Hades eyes grow to the size of pomegranates.  "--you know we would love to...but...well... we are both taken men."

Gaia squints dubiously.  "That is certainly not what I have heard."  She sighs deeply.  "No respect from you young ones... Very well.  I will leave you to your...  tomfoolery.  I know when I am not wanted."  Gaia straightens up and glides imposingly back to the Gardens.

Zeus tries to think of something to say to reverse any injury, but is too distracted by Ares and Hera.  To his left and right his brothers, equally caught up in the moment, still display visible signs of relief when Gaia departs.

For the life of him, Zeus can't recall the majority of Ares and Hera's verbal exchanged, but he cringes as he tunes back in. 

"...or perhaps I'll take this sword you value ever so much and lop off thy manhood.  Wouldn't that please that putrid little man Hephaestus?  End your little games with Aphrodite quickly, wouldn't it?"

Ares, finally fed up, bats the arm clutching his throat away and shoves Hera away with the other.  "Shut your damned mouth, woman!  Or I'll shut it for you!"

Hera screams in rage and whips Ares' black blade up.  Ares jerks to the left and then cries out in pain.  Eyes turn skyward as an ear travels a perfect arc over their heads and flies off the side of the Mount.

Ares drops to his knees, gripping the side of his head to stave off the flow of blood.  "You bitch!", he barks hoarsely.

Hera flings the blade away and arches her back like a cat.  "God of War, indeed.  You are a bug, and I will crush you if you deign to cross me ever again, son.  Never forget that."

Hades casually saunters over to Ares'-- *his*-- discarded weapon and snatches it up, sliding it home in his own belt.

"Now where is that savage daughter of the whore, Leto?"

Hera paces the other gods and spies Artemis behind Athena (bazabaza).

Apollo pipes up with this last remark.  "Speak no ill of our mother, wench.  You may be able to throttle your own son, but I will cut you down like the tree you just were and use you to fire my hearth."

Hera spits at Apollo's feet, but ignores him and heads towards Artemis who shakily pulls an arrow from her quiver.

Before either Hera or Artemis can act though, another sword is unsheathed.  Athena nimbly flourishes her blade up to hover menacingly between Hera's eyes.

"Back away woman.  You come here, a mad woman on a tirade, when we have been called to hear *father's* judgment over all of us, some equally as mistreated as you.  Stay your hand if you want to keep it.  You are not here to dispense your own punishment.  I have no love for Ares and it warms my heart to see him humiliated so, but you'll not raise your hand to my sister."

Poseidon turns to Zeus.  "She has a point.  Seeing Ares get taken down a peg is one thing.  But this is about to get uglier than we should allow."

Zeus nods.

Athena stands stolidly as Hera fumes and a pulsing light energy begins to build around her.  Apollo tries to pull both she and Artemis away.  "Sisters, she will destroy you."

Apollo is unable to make Athena budge an inch.  "Her witchcraft is nothing.  I'll send her head to keep Ares' ear company on the long fall down to Earth."

Static begins to build and discharge in the air.

Sudden a bolt of lightning slams into the ground between Athena and Hera sending them and surrounding gods flying across the courtyard.

Thunder explodes in the sky and after a moment as Olympians begin to get groggily to their feet, they see Zeus standing, smoke pouring from between his hands and small sparks dancing around his whiskers.

"I have had just about enough of this.  I say what goes here.  NO ONE ELSE."

-Hera reveals an acquired engagement outcome, making Ares an Ally.
-Hera spends an influence point to betray ally Ares, acquiring a new random engagement outcome from outcome table, and immediately engages him.
-Ares receives -1 to all future struggles
-Hera steals Ares' next turn.
-Hera engages Athena, engagement is prevented by Zeus.  No effect.  Prevention expires.

It is now Athena's turn.
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The wrath of Zeus sets all the gods upon the Mount on edge.  Hera stumbles towards Athena and the younger goddess fumbles for a sword no longer at her belt.

"Stay your hand, Athena."  Hera shakes the stars from her vision.  "My husband is king.  If he says I am out of line, then I am.  I call for truce."

Athena narrows her eyes.  "I believe us a long way off from a truce.  But if you can set aside your anger for the time being, I will agree to end aggressions."

Hera smiles sweetly, the falseness only *barely* discernible to the Goddess of Wisdom.  "Wonderful dear.  I am truly sorry for my....outburst."

She departs to join Poseidon at Zeus' side, resisting the urge to sneer in contempt at Hephaestus and Hades as she passes.

The God of the Forge comes to Athena's side, the sword that went flying at Zeus' thunderbolt in his grasp.  "I return your weapon sister."  His voice lowers to a hushed tone.  "I have put my blessing upon it.  Wield it true if the need arises."

"Oh the need will arise.  That is certain.  But let us see what more cards father has to play."

This is a Mini-Post to correct a few issues with Hephaestus and Hera's turns:

-Hephaestus spends an influence to give Athena an additional +1 to struggles
-Hera is now neutral to Athena

It is still Athena's turn.

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Hera's showy smile vanishes as she watches Hephaestus and Athena have their exchange.  Though she cannot hear their words, the blackness in her heart conjures up any number of things that make her blood boil and then run ice cold.

Hades peeks at his sister from the corner of his eye and folds his arms in front of him in thought.

Artemis (Sparky) approaches her brother and sister and slips a lithe arm around Athena's (bazabaza) waist and gives a gentle squeeze.  

"I suppose I owe you one sister.  I-- I just saw her and my nerves turned into a panicked rabbit's... I know all too well how foolish it was to humiliate her so.  I am more than willing to fight that accursed woman on an even field, but she is more conniving than the most devious of trickster spirits.  She is weak when opposed in the light of day amongst others.  Her pride is as the heel of Achilles' was to that great warrior.  It will be her downfall.  But when she guards it well, and sneaks about in the dead of night on wily schemes, she has the capacity to crush any of us..."

Athena pats the hand on her waist.  "Aye, truer words were never spoken, sister.  You have wisdom that goes beyond your mastery of woodland and the hunt.  We must be wary indeed of her."

Artemis turns Athena towards her and moves her hands up to the goddess' shoulders.  "Nevertheless, Athena.  You came to my defense, just as you did Hephaestus at the start of this whole debacle.  And for that I thank you, and I promise, when the time comes, I will do the same for you."

Athena tilts her cheek into her sister's hand.  "I know, dear."

Hephaestus, having turned back to face the elder gods, reaches back and jabs both of them in the ribs.  "Enough with the sisterly love claptrap.  I believe we should attend Zeus' words, for I think they are to be aimed at you, Artemis."

Artemis bites her lip and waits, on edge.

-Athena is protected from her next loss of status

It is now Artemis' turn.
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"Daughter, you know the severity of your acts.  All who are here know of them as well."

Artemis (Sparky) takes a deep breath and steps forward.  "I know, father.  I acted vengefully.  I stand by the belief that our queen deserved no less, but I admit that I crossed a line I should not have..."

"Assaulting a fellow Olympian in a manner such as you did is a grave offense.  One which could be punishable in many unpleasant ways."

Artemis stares ahead at her father but cannot prevent her eyes from flicking to the side briefly to see a smile creep back upon Hera's face.

Hades yawns.  "But?"

Annoyed, Zeus continues, "....BUT... seeing as how my wife has been released from the enchantment you placed upon her.  And seeing as how her captivity, though more inventive, is little different from that Hephaestus imposed on her with his Golden Throne-- well... I believe we can dispense with any overly harsh punishment."

"WHAT!?"  Hera explodes.

Zeus puts a finger against Hera's lips.  "Quiet, woman.  Did we not just establish that this is my time to speak?"

Hera fumes quietly, but Poseidon (Dreizen) interjects, "Brother, don't so hastily dismiss her actions.  I agreed to stand by your side and help you deliver judgments, but here I must say reconsider.  That girl and her bow are a great deal of trouble.  Need I remind you, she killed my son."

Artemis, humble to this point, jerks rigid as though electrified.  "NO!  DO NOT DARE BRING ORION INTO THIS!  Uncle, how many times can I beg you for forgiveness!  I *loved* Orion with all my heart.  He had the spirit of a hunter like no other.  I....I did not mean to kill him!  We...were to be wed."  Artemis begins to look back for her brother but thinks better of it.

Apollo blanches as the topic of Orion surfaces, knowing full well the part he played in the death of the son of Poseidon.  "You know she speaks true, father.  You know I took part in a deception of my own that brought about the death of Orion.  And it nearly destroyed my relationship with my sister...  She fired the arrow that felled the great hunter, but I tricked her into doing it.  These are events long in the past and I do not feel it is right to unearth them again."

"Long in the past or not, my son is still dead.  A noble and good son that did not deserve to die."  Poseidon steps forward and towers over the small-framed Artemis.

The God of the Sea watches as the Goddess of the Hunt's eyes brim with tears.  "If I weren't being judged at this very moment, uncle, I would send an arrow through your heart for opening up these still raw wounds."

Poseidon's eyes, cloudy with his own emotion, go dull and a weak smile struggles to make an appearance underneath his beard.  "And if I thought you were as dishonorable as my pained heart wants me to see you, you'd be impaled on my tines and pinned to the bottom of the ocean..."

Artemis remains silent.

"You cannot go shooting your father's wife though Artemis.  No matter how much hate and bitterness the two of you stockpile between you.  Zeus and I are here to prevent a war amongst the gods.  Had we not, such hostility is the natural byproduct of such an unsavory event.  But here you made a powerplay to get revenge for wrongs done to you by the woman, and justified as you may have thought them, they were too extreme for the nonsense we're dealing with today."

Artemis nods solemnly.  Instead of responding to the subject at hand, she simply replies, "I did love your son, uncle."

Poseidon stares down at the goddess unflinchingly.  "I believe you.  And while I can never forget the part you played in his death, I can forgive you.  And I can share in the loss you still feel..."

He turns to retake his position by Zeus.

Hera, nearly catatonic in overwhelming rage, unclenches fists to reveal bloody palms.

"Well, daughter, we have digressed from the original subject, but if Poseidon has forgiven you, I assume he withdraws his initial protest.  I will be monitoring your actions for a long time to come, but I forgive you for your trespasses, and Hera shall too."

At this, Hades laughs... "Oh yes, forgiveness has always been Hera's strong suit.  Brother, I request to be allowed to speak.  I have my own thoughts that need voiced..."

-Artemis engages Poseidon
-Poseidon reveals a new rival outcome against Artemis and chooses to deal 1 status to Artemis
-Artemis uses an influence point to prevent the effects of this male vs. female struggle
-Net Status loss on both characters: ZERO


It is now Hades turn.

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"As I have said before, the root of this whole bitter feud lies solely with our sister's refusal to accept a ruling you made many years ago brother.  And her additional refusal to believe that her daughter, Persephone, might truly love me.  Were it not for her unending bitterness towards me regarding this, this entire affair would have simply never happened."

Demeter (fenrir) stomps forward.  "I refuse to believe, because you speak bald-faced lies!"

Hades (Mario766) shrugs and shakes his head in mock sorrow.  "Then I suppose I shall have to prove to you the veracity of my claims.  What do you think your daughter will do when I give her the child she has begged me for?"

Demeter turns crimson.  "You will do no such thing!  You will not force yourself and your spawn upon my daughter like a cretin.  Zeus you cannot allow him to do this!"

"There will be no force needed, I assure you.  And I'll tell you what Persephone will do.  She will ask me to let her remain in the Underworld for all time.  For she will love that child even more than she loves me.  That is a fact you can count on as surely as the sun will climb the sky each morn."

Zeus looks troubled at this.  "Hades..."

"Brother?  You have as much as admitted to me that you know I speak true about my relationship with the daughter of Demeter.  Why do you look so... distraught?"

"You are dooming the Earth to perpetual winter.  If not something worse."

"Nonsense.  It is in your power to keep Demeter from sulking the world into a frozen waste."

Demeter hisses.  "Believe me, Hades.  If you do as you say, the world will never see warmth or green again."

Hades glares at Demeter.  "How remarkably petty you are, sister.  But you have no right to perpetrate such an act.  If Persephone approaches Zeus himself and requests our bond be made eternal, he will grant it."

Demeter seems to shrink at the thought, but brightens when she sees that the concern has only etched itself deeper into the God of Thunder's face.  "Hades...," he repeats.

Hades takes a step back, his eyes registering surprise.  He notes the varying response of the onlookers and his heart sinks.  "Brother... you would grant me this one thing surely.  I ask so little of you.  I bowed to you before Poseidon.  I took the realm no other would have wanted.  I keep to myself.  This one can give me.  Please.  I don't want a war any more than you."

Demeter sneers in derision.  "All crumbling around you isn't it Hades.  Your little plan has backfired on you.  This is no more than what you deserve.  Considerably less, by my measure."

Zeus sighs, his barrel chest heaving impressively.  "You do indeed keep to yourself brother.  And I have always respected that.

"Zeus, don't you dare bend your will to him.  He is a trickster and a monster.", Demeter retorts bitingly.

Hera interjects, "We do not want a child of Hades brought into this world, husband.  And he deserves no boon from you."

Zeus barks, "Both of you shut up!"

He sits pondering, the other gods watching the exchange in astonishment.  Poseidon shuffles beside his siblings, unnerved and caught off guard.

At last Hades smiles.  "You know sister... I am surprised you are not more concerned about the whereabouts of your own eldest sister.  Why would she not have responded to the summons of our brother?"

"What Hades, did you dispose of her like last night's bath water?"  Demeter snaps uncomprehendingly.

The God of the Underworld chuckles.  "Each and every one of us responded save Hermes, who was granted reprieve.  And Hestia (qqchampion), whom even Poseidon cannot understand her resistance.  I do believe you...all of us even... have underestimated the eldest amongst us all.  She is mild-mannered.  She, like me, prefers to keep to herself.  But what if I were to tell you in many ways, she is stronger than us all.  Than even Zeus?  And what if I were to tell you, her love for brother Hades runs quite deep?"

Demeter scoffs but then deflates when she sees Poseidon and Zeus turn to one another, color draining from their faces.

" is true.  Dear little Hestia could have been Queen of us all had she chosen to.  And I will see to it she wipes your winters into oblivion if you play games with me."

""  Demeter's voice curdles into a sickly whimper.  "You can't do this to me, Hades."

"You are unhealthy attached to your daughter, ignoring her happiness, and unhealthily attached to an image of me as a villain, ignoring the truth.  I WILL do this to you. But brother..."  Hades turns to Zeus.

"...I would prefer your blessing in this.  Hestia will follow my lead, but she would much rather not sully herself with antagonism."

Zeus, clearly rattled, stammers a few false starts before finally taking a deep breath.  "Very well then, my brother.  I give to you and Persephone my full blessing.  Upon both you and your future child--  on one condition."

Hades scowls.  "What condition."

Zeus turns his palms up in a gesture of resignation.  "That you do what you've always done best.  Keep to yourself.  If Persephone bears your child.  Upon that day, you may never set foot on The Mount again.  Are we understood?"

Gasps ricochet from a half dozen mouths around the marble pillars and a void of mute shock and uncertainty surrounds other Olympians.

Hades is taken aback for but an instant before he finally smiles.  "That, my brother, is a deal I will vow upon without pause."

Zeus nods curtly.  "So be it."

Demeter stands, unable to comprehend how her reversal of Hades victory over her could somehow go awry.

-Hades spends an influence point to restore Hestia to the game.
-Hestia is now neutral to Hades
-Hades engages Demeter
-Demeter reveals a new rival encounter against Hades
-Hades sustains 1 status loss and is eliminated
-Demeter suffers 0(+2) status loss

It is now Zeus's turn!
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Poseidon (Dreizen) pulls Zeus (Dollstate) away from the gathered gods.  Hera (Greatcatatonic) inconspicuously inches her way towards them to eavesdrop.

"Brother, if what Hades says is true, it is unsettling to be sure.  Do you sense a coup on our sister's part?"

Zeus laughs.  "Hestia?  Sweet Hestia?  I think not, brother.  I am as shocked as you are to learn of a potency in her that she has kept under lock and key these many years, but she is as humble as they come.  We need fear nothing of her."

"I wish I was so confident."

Zeus pats Poseidon on the shoulder.  "Brother, you worry too much.  I am sure Hestia is quite content being away from Olympus.  Probably mingling with humans, something she rarely has had opportunity to do.  Like Athena, she *cares* for those down below far too much for my tastes.  Our games of power are not as interesting to her."

Poseidon still looks dubious and Zeus chuckles again.  "If it makes you feel better, I shall go find our mighty and TERRIBLE sister and discuss with her something she has been considering for a very long time.  She shall step down from her position as one of the rulers of Olympus.  I will have another one of my sons step into her place.  She recommended Dionysus to me long ago, because she's sweet on the boy.  He's a lush and a troublemaker, but at least, like her, he gives not one damn inkling of a care about flexing his muscles, bullying his siblings, or crafting diabolical schemes."

Hera, unable to contain herself, chimes in hopefully, "Why not Eris!  She is a fine daughter!"

Zeus rolls his eyes.  "By Cronus woman!  She is the GODDESS OF DISCORD.  That is the last damned thing I want on The Mount.  And she is sister to Ares.  He's enough of a handful as it is.  You really want another Ares around, or are you short on ears to lop off?"

Hera sulks and turns away.

Poseidon, pretending to be deaf to the exchange, continues "Very well brother.  If you believe you can make events play out as you say, I would be relieved somewhat."

"Worry not, Poseidon.  I'm actually a bit sad at the prospect of banishing Hades and replacing Hestia, but they'll be far happier this way."

Zeus heads back to his waiting flock.

Hera edges nearer to Poseidon.  "Brother, do you realize what this means?"

The God of the Sea shifts uneasily.  "What, sister.  It means Cronus and Rhea's children are reduced to 4 'pon the Mount.  Two sons and two daughters.  What of it?"

"What it means, dear brother, is if you use that head of yours smartly, with those two thorns in our sides neatly plucked, and Zeus continually playing his non-committal games of whimsy and flights of fancy, we can make changes around here.  We can make changes *in the world*.  Shape things as we see fit."

"Hera, I am not interested in plotting with you."

"What about Demeter?"  Hera flutters her eyelashes and smiles.

"N--  Wait, what are you saying?"

"Lend us your support and you'll have Demeter as the consort you've always yearned for.  Put out that fire in your loins once and for all."

Poseidon, brute that he is, cannot help but blush slightly.  "She'll have none of it."

"Don't be so sure."  She gives Poseidon's arm a squeeze meant to convey affection, but Poseidon shudders inwardly.

"I... will take this under advisement.  Have Demeter come speak to me if what you say is true."

As Poseidon returns to Zeus' side, Hera grins like a cat.

This is two turns worth (Zeus and Hera's stolen turn of Ares)

-Zeus Engages Poseidon and wins the roll.  Chooses to eliminate Hestia (that was quick  ::) )
-Hera engages Poseidon and gets +x to all struggles, where X = Poseidon's status.
-Hera requests an influence point from Poseidon

It is now Demeter's turn.

Looks like the Conniving Bitches might be making a comeback.  We shall see!
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The Mount is silent this night.  Zeus (Dollstate) has spoken his peace.  Nine Olympians can be found this eve on the godly peak.  A front of tension and uncertainty amongst some blends with an atmosphere of relief others revel in to create a potentially violent storm system of emotion.

In the forge of Hephaestus, the Lame God pounds upon his anvil, happy for the glow of the fire as he smashes away the darkness of the recent events with each blow of his hammer.  In their marriage home, Aphrodite lies curled up in her and Hephaestus' bed sobbing inconsolably. 

Apollo walks through the night air, his half sister Athena at his side, chatting amiably in an attempt to avoid topics of conversation that trouble them both. Artemis is not in their company, having fled to the peace of her woodland back down below.  The pair pass by Ares, sitting upon a marble bench, a murderous look on his face as he stares out across the mountains.  A whet stone grinds down is sword casually.  He breaks his gaze into nowhere and squints, cocking his head to the side slightly as the wound where his ear once was pangs.  Athena conjures up a kind greeting but does not wait for a reply as she pulls Apollo along.  The God of the Sun looks back over his shoulder and sees those piercing eyes boring into Athena's back and he shudders involuntarily. 

in the Palace of Zeus, he and his brother sit at opposite ends of a large table drinking wine.  Zeus is three sheets to wind but not slowing down.  Poseidon though, barely feels the effects of the alcohol.  Brooding, he stirs the contents of his goblet with a finger and grinds his teeth.  Temptation and loyalty wage war inside him.

In Demeter's (Fenrir) chambers, two others share wine. Neither are intoxicated.  Both are conversing in a rapid and heated exchange.

"Sister, just *consider* this proposition."

"I HAVE, thank you very much.  I vowed he would never take me again."

"He'll be taking nothing.  You will be giving freely.  You will be furthering our ends.  Hades is GONE Demeter.  Gone!  All thanks to you!"

"And so is my daughter..."

"Oh forget about Persephone!  She is happy with that terrible man.  Leave her be!  We have been given an opportunity we cannot pass up.  With Poseidon on our side, we will make my husband wither into something as meek as dear Hestia.  He will lose face.  He will be our puppet!  And besides, you could fill your bed with someone far less impressive than Poseidon."

"I have already caused Zeus to lose face.  He banished Hades to keep me from going to all out war with them.  But fine, I see your point.  It does not please me, and I question the likelihood that this ploy will work, but if it does..."

Hera nods enthusiastically.  "If it does... things will change.  Drastically."

-Demeter uses an influence point to gain the status of the eliminated Hestia
-Demeter engages Zeus
-Zeus loses 1 status

It is now Apollo's turn
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==We return to Artemis' Glade yet again==

Artemis (Sparky) the huntress stands like a sentry, waiting implacably, though worry lines now mar her savage beauty.

She looks up at the full moon as it crests its midnight ascent.

She stares, bathed by the cold silver light, for a long while and then nods in satisfaction.

A familiar disturbance in the air pushes down on her ivory skin, marked in paint of blue, green, and brown tones.

A screaming sound that still only she and the animals of the wood can hear begins to build and she can feel forest creatures nearby scatter in confused panic.

She stands patiently as the pressure and the sound increase.

Suddenly with a sharp and violent thud, a burning arrow buries itself into the earth in front of her toes.

She waves the fire into non-existence, yanks the arrow from the ground and gently pulls another roll of gold leaf from the shaft.

She reads the message emblazoned in fiery silver lettering and begins to shakes her head sadly.

"You are unfortunately most likely right brother... Zeus has not ended the discord."

She fingers the string of her bow and considers sending a response to Apollo (Azharh), and does so.

She saunters off back into the forest.

==Back on the edge of Olympus==

Athena and Apollo stand together conversing still in low tones.  

"Hera and Demeter are going to be up to no good in no time.  Probably already are," Athena muses.

"That concerns me.  And what concerns me even more is a change in demeanor I saw in Uncle today.  And I am angered at his attempt to have Zeus punish my sister.  I am very fond of Poseidon, but I will not tolerate that."  Apollo peers over the edge of the Mount.

"Well... Poseidon is an an awkward position.  Do not too hastily judge him.  I would like to think he will do what is right if pressured by those *women*.  And don't resent him for resenting your sister.  She DID kill his son...something YOU tricked her into doing might I remind you."  Athena pauses as Apollo bites his lip shamefacedly.  "Besides, I think we saw a large step towards reconciliation between them today.  A good thing.  We know he has little love for Hera.  The more of her enemies he likes, the better."

A whistling sound that had been scraping the back of Athena's perception hits a high pitch she can't ignore and she looks around questioningly.  

Apollo's hand darts out over the edge of the peak and snatches a speeding arrow from the air.

Athena's eyes widen.  "Uh...well then..."

Apollo unfurls his sister's reply and grunts.  "Artemis is apparently in agreement with you.  Prepare to defend ourselves from Hera and observe uncle without too quickly judging him.   Very well then.  But so help me, if either one of them threatens Artemis, my wrath will be unmatched."

Athena smiles briefly before the weight of things tugs her lips back down into a frown.  "You are very fine brother, Apollo."

Apollo looks down at his feet, guilt obvious in his face.  "We'll see..."

-Apollo will eliminate any rival of Artemis she has previously engaged next time he himself engages them
-Artemis will prevent the next loss of status Apollo might suffer
-Apollo uses an influence point to restore 2 status to Artemis.

It is now Hephaestus' turn.
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==Forge of Hephaestus==

The familiar sound of hammer to anvil is silent this morning as a figure stoops to enter the infernally hot second home to Hephaestus (Toben).  Replacing the clamor instead is the steady whoosh of air being pumped from a bellows to fan the flames for the start of a productive morning.

The figure stands and looks around for a moment, wondering how it seems the God of the Forge always has SOME project or another to work on.  They glance at the anvil to see a device under construction and after a moment's confusion over the purpose of such an odd mass of metal, a light goes off in their head and they smile to themselves.  Aphrodite's new steel garment.  A grand jest to be sure.

"Hephaestus the Halting, a moment of your time," booms a voice.  Hephaestus abruptly stiffens his back, but relaxes his disfigured body immediately.

He continues to pump his bellows.  "Greetings, father."

Zeus (Dollstate) nods curtly.  "Son."

Satisfied with the heat of his flames finally, Hephaestus turns.  "What brings you to my humble forge this morn?  Lectures, a project, or something else?"

"There is nothing to lecture you about, my son.  You are, as always, an unfortunate victim of circumstance.  From your crippled state, to your philandering wife, to your nearly being banished from The Mount.  You have had a hard road, as roads for gods go."

"You will hear no denial of this fact from me.  Nor will you hear complaint.  You have given me back my forge.  I am happy."

"And I have given you back your wife, too.  Do not forget that!"

Hephaestus laughs bitterly.  "You've imprisoned her lust in a steel cage, but she's no more mine today than she was the day we wed."

Zeus frowns.  "Sad truth.  I feel bad for that.  Though, I knew she was trouble from the start.  That is the entire reason I wed her to you."

"I know father.  I just wish-- Well, it'd be nice if things were different."

"The story of all life, that.  But things are different now, for better or worse.  And there are those who want to further change things-- most certainly for the worse in my opinion-- in the near future.  And that is why I am here."

"The feud rages on, eh?  More conspiracies and plays at power?  What have I to do with such things?"

"Nothing.  And that is precisely why I come to you.  Of all my children, I can trust you the most.  You are as honest as the day is long.  Even Athena, blessed a pain as she is, is-- prejudiced.  Your desire to be left alone keeps your objectivity unsullied."

Hephaestus leans against the bellows behind him.  "I am not without prejudice father.  I hate mother, for one."

Zeus smirks.  "Show me a man that doesn't loathe your mother and I'll show you a man born half insane with the other half blowing away in the wind."

"And what does that make you, father."

"Perhaps not half insane.  But I certainly feel a halfwit on some days. No, I do not loathe your mother.  She is my sister and my wife.  But-- well, let's be honest.  I don't exactly go out of my way to have much to do with her."  Zeus sighs.  "Ahh...human women are much less complicated.  You tell them you're the King of the Gods and they're as pliable as well-worn leather."

"Kingship and Godhood can work wonders," Hephaestus muses.

"But Hera... by Cronus, she is a handful.  See this is what happens when a goddess doesn't find a damned hobby.  Athena has her Athenians.  Artemis, her woods and hunts.  Hestia, her affection for humans in general.  Gaia, the whole blasted earth.  Hera and Demeter... they just--  well Goddesses of Being Meddling Pains in My Ass quite frankly."

Hephaestus purses his lips to say something but then thinks better of it.

"So that brings us to the effects of yesterday's events.  Hera and Demeter are not satisfied.  Or should I say, they are thrilled at some of the occurrences and furious over others.  Obvious conclusion for them?  Use the former to their advantage to rectify the latter.  Your mother and aunt are conspiring against me my boy. And worse yet, they are trying to lure Poseidon over to their camp."

"And has he taken their bait?"

Zeus growls.  "I do not know.  I sincerely hope not... I have trust and affection for my brother.  But not enough of either to think it impossible for him to betray me."

"Hera could make a mother betray her infant child.  Betrayal oozes from like pus from an infected wound."

"So then... you want peace and quite as much as I do, my son.  Your mother needs taught a lesson.  And I am thinking perhaps we should revisit a lesson she learned little from last time because her 'education' ended too soon."

Hephaestus cocks his head, unsure of what his father means.  

"Your throne, Hephaestus.  The throne you imprisoned your mother in those many years ago.  I want you to play that trick once more.  And this time, I'll not stand in your way."

Hephaestus thinks for a time.  "And how long will we keep her captive?"

"Until she submits."

"That will never happen, father."

"Then neither will the end of her captivity."

"I am also fairly sure she'll never sit upon a throne gifted by me again."

"That is why you will be modifying her current one.  I will take her away for a day or two and endure her company while you do what you do best.  Can I count on your aid, Hephaestus?"

The Lame God sighs.  "This is not what I consider staying out others' affairs.  But you are my king and I will do as you ask of me."  Hephaestus chuckles.  "And I will relish it even more than that handiwork."  He points to the chastity belt on his anvil.

==Throne Room of Zeus, Two Days Later==


Zeus remains placid.

"You take me away and have that crippled FOOL employing his craft to his twisted ends against me again!  You must think me a halfwit to let such a trick work."

Thinking back on his conversation with Hephaestus, Zeus decides he would laugh at the halfwit comment were he not too busy restraining his wife.  "My, but it is good to be home."

Hephaestus, having hidden himself away to watch what he thought would be Hera's CAPTIVE fury, darts into the room from a side entrance and looks at his parents wide-eyed.

Hera glares and wrenches her hands free.  "YOU!  You miserable wretch!  I am DONE with you once and for all!"

She throws her hands up and that bright glow emanates from them again as they did on the day she met Artemis' arrow.

Suddenly, a heavy blow knocks her to the floor.  She looks around dazedly before being scooped up flailing and screaming.  Hera feels herself being carried towards her throne.  She screams and kicks and scratches, but Zeus pays no heed.

She feels herself leave his arms like one of his thrown bolts of lightning and slam into the backrest of the throne.

"Halfwit or not, dear wife, I do not need tricks to subdue you.  This method lacks the finesse I had hoped for, but it gets the job done."

Hera reflexively tries to jump up from the throne as if the seat was Hephaestus' own white hot forge, but when she tries the jerking motion cuts off abruptly.

Rooted to the chair, Hera bursts forth with a flood of curses and terrible screams and oaths that echo around the room.

Both men wince at the noise.

"Well...I think we're probably going to have to relocate your mother."

"I hear Ares has a very nice dungeon inside the mountain.  That missing ear of his might prompt him to show it to you."

"Splendid idea..."

-Hephaestus uses an influence to give +1 to Zeus in all struggles
-Hephaestus engages Hera.  Hera suffers 3 status loss.  Hephaestus suffers 4 status loss and negative effects that are prevented.
-Hephaestus' prevention effect dissipates
-Hera is eliminated
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Oh and it's Athena's turn  :P
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==Outside Demeter's Chambers, Palace of Olympus==

Athena (bazabaza) leans lazily against a marble wall across from the door to Demeter's dwellings.  She strains her ears to hear anything from within, but the exercise proves futile.  The Goddess of Wisdom arches her back gracefully and stretches until the bones in her spine pop.  She startles at the sound and looks around and then laughs quietly to herself.

She kicks one of her feet up behind her and rests it flat against the white stone.  She has opted for a pair of soft leather boots instead of sandals this day, and the garb of an Athenian soldier instead of her usual toga.

She closes her eyes and drifts off for a time and is jolted into alertness when a woman's screams, amplified beyond all reason echo throughout the corridors causing the walls and foundation of the palace tremble and jump.

"That's my cue."  Athena plants her feet solidly and lets her palm rest in a relaxed position on the hilt of her sword.

A few moments later the door to Demeter's crash open and the goddess runs into the hallway looking around in wide-eyed confusion.  She sees Athena before her and her eyes narrow.  "You...That is Hera I hear.  WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER."  She lunges forward and stops short when she sees the hand at Athena's waist slip in practiced fashion from relaxed to tensed in grip around the handgrip of her blade.

"Dear Demeter, I haven't any more idea than you what that caterwauling is.  You are free to go investigate, though.  I have no cause to stop you."  Athena smiles sweetly, taking note of her aunt's disheveled appearance.

"I don't know what scheme you're mixed up in with those cretins, but don't think a sword can save you if they've done something to my sister."

Athena nods in feigned terror and then resumes a militaristic pose.  "Run along now Demeter.  Perhaps you can shut the banshee up."

Demeter turns red and races down the corridor.

Athena relaxes and slowly eases the blade out of her sword belt and approaches her aunt's chambers.  She pauses for half a minute until she finally grows bored and crashes the steel down on the open gold door three times in rapid succession.  The loud clanging almost drowns out the din of Hera's screams.  Athena calls into the room, "Come on out old man.  This day's womanizing have come to an end.  My apologies if you were unable to seal the deal with the lady Demeter."

For another few seconds there is not a stir beyond the entryway.  Finally though, Poseidon (Dreizen) comes into view, shamefacedly, pulling a robe on to cover his massive bare chest.

He clears his throat and then looks up at the ceiling as if words to be spoken might be found chiseled there.


"My my, I expected you to greet me in a horse form.  I figured Demeter probably enjoyed you that way too much to pass up the opportunity to have you mount her again as such, you stallion you."

Poseidon looks at Athena's sword, still in her hand and sighs.  He turns and walks further into Demeter's chambers and she follows.  The God of the Sea takes a seat one a lavishly cushioned day bed and covers his ears.  "What in Zeus' name is that damned racket."

"That would be your other sister getting her just desserts I think.  Father has had just about enough of her snake-in-the-grass shenanigans.  So he recruited Hephaestus to pull the ol' Prison Throne gag again.  All quite amusing, though I hope to Hades Hephaestus can forge a handy Godly Muzzle to shut her up."

Poseidon sits back and crosses his legs, resting his palms on one leg.  "So Hera was not as crafty as she believed.  I am unsurprised by this."

Athena nods.  She takes a seat across from Poseidon and similarly crosses her legs, balancing her blade on her knee.  "And you decided to lie in the bed of Demeter.  I suppose I'm not surprised by that either."

"It's not what you think, Athena.  I was not about to stab my brother in the back."

Athena grunts.  "Just wanted to sew thine wild oats, eh?"

"Believe what you will, little soldier.  You have no proof to the contrary, but you have Zeus' ear.  I am sure he'd believe you if you named me a conspirator."

A pained look crosses Poseidon's face and Athena grunts again.  "You're no actor Poseidon, I'll give you that much.  So mayhaps you speak true."

"So what, my little warrior niece.  Were you sent here to try to slay me?  I am unarmed, and I confess you always have gotten the better of me in our rivalries down below, but that's a pretty tall order even for you."

Athena slaps a fist down on the hilt of her blade, it flips into the air and she snatches it deftly, leveling the point between Poseidon's eyes.  "Don't underestimate me Earth-Shaker.  But no, I was sent here by no one.  Zeus and Hephaestus were alone in subduing Hera and I... Well let's just say I was curious what mischief you were up to."

Poseidon calmly pushes Athena's blade to the side and shrugs.  "Only the mischief one gets up to with two bodies of naked flesh.  Listen young Athena Areia, my wise and pretty judge of man and immortal alike, you need not assert your strength with me.  I am not Ares nor Hera.  I have no hatred for you nor ill will.  You are merely my brother's most bothersome daughter, seemingly hell bent on stepping on my toes concerning Man and, much to my chagrin, far more intelligent than me.  You have doomed me to be humiliated by a slip of a girl, but I am no enemy.  If Hades had offered me you instead of Hera offering me Demeter, I would have jumped as readily at that opportunity."  The towering god smirks.

Athena whips her blade back before Poseidon and huffs in exasperation.  "If Hades offered me to you, I would be hard pressed to know which one of you would be run through by my steel first."

Poseidon laughs heartily and stands, ignoring the blade that rises with him.  "Athena the Virgin, ever chaste.  You have bested me again.  So what now."

Athena leans back letter her sword arm finally drop and mulls things over for a time.

At last she stands and lifts her blade up quickly, nicking Poseidon's chin through his beard.  He rears back, his eyes flashing in surprise and anger.

"Calm thyself Lord of Oceans.  Lean forward."  Her blade slips to the side and hovers in the air next to Poseidon's head.

Poseidon breathes deeply and tries settling himself.  He leans forward, dubious.

Though tall herself, Athena is forced to push forward on the tips of her toes as she pats her uncle on one cheek with free hand and gives him the lightest of kisses on the other.  "I suppose I shall trust your words, uncle.  And that means I have no quarrel with you.  But, I think it's time for you to return home to your realm like Hades while Zeus and his offspring settle the turmoil here.  Go now and I never saw you here.  And for that favor, you will give calm and loving seas to all Athenian ships for ten years."

Poseidon blurts a protest.  "Ten years! That's...that is too much to ask!"

Athena rolls her eyes.  "Very well then.  Five.  My final offer."

Poseidon grumbles in displeasure. 

"I'll even have them build a nice, big new temple to you."

At this Poseidon brightens.  "At the foot of the Acropolis?"

"Tsk tsk.  No.  What self-respecting god of the sea would ask such a thing.  It will be the grandest structure on the harbor."

Poseidon squints distrustfully, but then perks up with a nod.

"That will give you incentive to provide very unfriendly seas to any invading forces Ares may send my way," she says with an innocent smile.

Poseidon purses his lips in annoyance.  "Of course."

"Of course.  Now shoo.  Back to the sea with you.  I must summon Artemis.  That sister of yours you just bedded is going to bring down this mountain if we aren't careful."

Athena runs off and Poseidon goes to lie on his back on Demeter's bed, hands behind his head in contemplation.

"Well played, little soldier."

-Athena engages Poseidon.
-Athena's auto-eliminate triggers.  Poseidon is eliminated.

It is now Artemis' turn.
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==The Olympian Stables==

Brushing down his mounts and preparing his chariot for departure, we find Ares.  Feeling his welcome warn out, he has decided the time has come to return to down below to wreak some havoc.

Abruptly, Demeter storms in and grabs the God of War's arms.  "Have you seen them!  Where are they Ares?"

Ares pulls away annoyed and returns to his task.  "Zeus, Hephaestus, and my lovely mother I assume?"

"You damn well know that's who I mean.  They're lucky I was slow to reach them while they were still in the palace.  I don't know where they spirited Hera away to, but I will have their heads. "

"I somehow doubt that.  Settle down Demeter.  Father requested I give them access to my caverns within the Mount.  I saw no reason to deny him."

"You what!"

Ares stops what he's doing and tosses the brush into a corner.  "Demeter, I understand if you are outraged by what they've done to Hera, but I have no sympathy for her.  Those of us that raised enmity against Hephaestus and Hades have been sorely beaten.  I suggest you keep your head down as I am so we don't wind up like mother or Aphrodite.  Father was lenient in not administering any actual punishment against you or I.  I intend to keep it that way."

"Your feelings towards Hera aside.  We cannot stand for this crushing of their opposers. I can turn the entire Earth into a barren wasteland if I need to, but with you on my side, we can wage a true war.  You have minions unlimited at your disposal."

"Woman, are you daft!  I am not about to challenge Zeus in martial combat."  Ares begins to board his chariot.

"Ares, if you leave now, your status as an Olympian-- let alone the God of War-- will be reduced to nothing.  Your name will be a joke soldier's utter the morning of a one-sided battle."

Reins in hand, Ares turns stock still.  "I don't appreciate such threats Demeter."

"It's not a threat Ares.  It's a guarantee.  And I am asking you to help me and save your reputation in the bargain."

The God of War scratches the bristly black stubble on his cheeks and mutters a curse.

==Elsewhere on the Mount==

Artemis (Sparky) and Athena run into Zeus (Dollstate) and Hephaestus climbing back up a rocky path descending the peak of Olympus.  The two women look relieved and the men look overly pleased with themselves.

Athena calls down to Zeus and Hephaestus.  "No time for celebration.  Demeter is on a warpath."

Hephaestus stops his trudging limp up the path and looks at Athena with one eyebrow raised.  "We're surprised about this?  What can she do?  Who will aid her?"

"Well I have seen to it that Poseidon will not.  He is oceanbound again."

"My brother would not side with Demeter," Zeus retorts.

"So he claimed.  And I confess I believe him.  But you and your brother tend to think with that bauble between your legs more often than not."

Zeus gives Athena a stern look.  "Mind your tongue, daughter."

Hephaestus suddenly looks up in alarm.  "What of Ares?"

"Ares just helped us secret away your mother.  Why would he help Demeter?"

"Because he doesn't hate Demeter and he certainly hates at least half of us."

Athena crosses her arms.  "Leave Ares to me.  I handled Poseidon.  I can handle him.  Someone needs to subdue Demeter though before things get out of hand.  If we value the humans down below in the slightest, then she doesn't really even need any allies.  She'll hold the world hostage."

Artemis shifts her quiver on her back.  "And that's where I come in right?"

Athena looks to her father.  Zeus contemplates the situation.  "We can call the current situation with Hera a spat between husband and wife, but I would like to avoid directly confronting Demeter, sister or no.  I am trying to avoid openly taking action against or for any side in this mess, though I suppose it's quite clear who I support.  But I just banished Hades from the Mount and will be replacing Hestia as one of our ranks-- I think I've been more than fair in appeasing my sisters' petty hate.  Artemis, go hunt down Demeter.  Don't do anything too bloody please.  Just make sure she she's in no position to make demands."

"That, I can do."

Zeus nods and returns to climbing up the path, leaving the crippled Hephaestus lagging behind.  "I bless your bow this day.  Make sure you use it wisely."

-Artemis engages Zeus.  Zeus wins the roll.
-Artemis has her status restore to 5 and receives another turn. (She may not engage Zeus this turn)
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Athena (bazabaza) runs to catch up with Artemis (Sparky).

"Sister, Zeus may give all the blessings he pleases, but do not underestimate Demeter.  The daughters of Cronus are far more powerful than any of them let on.  They are not much for displays of might, but forget not how Hestia ignored the summoning of Poseidon and what Hades said of her.  We may perceive Demeter's greatest threat to us as that which she can do down below, but she has weapons at her disposal that are formidable.  Mark my words."

Artemis thinks back to that day in the wheat field, Hera's hands crackling and pulsing with terrifying energy and resists the urge to shudder.

"I will keep my wits about me, sister."

"See to it.  Blessed bow of wood and feathered arrow are very nice indeed, but I give my blessing to thy mind.  Stay sharp.  Think clearly.  And do not let her get near enough to touch you.  That will be the end of Artemis.  Do you understand?"

Artemis nods.  "Sister, I may not find Demeter before she finds one of those she sees as foe."  She reaches over her shoulder, feels in her quiver a moment, and pulls out a slender arrow of blue-tinted ash marked with silver runes.  "You are wise and strong, but if your warning proves true, I would not let you fight alone.  If it is you she finds before any other, break this arrow upon thy knee and I will be there at your side in the blink of an eye."

Athena takes the arrow and inspects it with admiration.  She slides the arrow into her belt.  "Thank you sister.  I go now to find Ares.  And hope I can avoid spilling his blood.  This day at least."

-Artemis engages Athena.
-Athena is protected from her next status loss.

It is now Zeus' turn.
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==Palace of Zeus==

Artemis (Sparky) stalks the hallways and massive rooms of the palace expertly, moving from wall to column, column to wall as if she were hunting in her own woods.

No sign of Demeter has crossed her path, but her hunter's sense burns intensely and she knows she is close.  She slips around a corner from a long hallway and melts into the shadows cast by a massive golden urn twice her size inside a large and rarely used chamber of the palace.

She knows her aunt is close.  The sheen of cool sweat on her body turns icy as her skin prickles in instinctive knowledge of a prey or predator nearby.

Her keen eyes scout all around her and detect nothing though.  She creeps a bit further into the room, close to the wall, again ducking behind a massive marble pillar.  Her muscles sing with the tension in her body and she breathes deep and evenly, opening her ears up for even the faintest of sounds.

Back to the column, she cranes her neck around it to peer towards the doorway in the distance, looking for a sign of recent passing.

From the shadows of a deep set niche in the wall, Demeter glides up beside Artemis, silent as death.  She is a mere hairsbreadth away when she whispers, "Looking for me, child?"

Artemis starts and begins to raise her fists defensively and Demeter snatches them and holds them by the huntress' sides.

Heart pounding in shock, Artemis stammers,  " did--"

"My dear girl, who do you think you're dealing with?  I am not some game you can track like a wild animal.  I am no quarry for a little girl with a bow.  You are *not* that powerful, niece of mine."

Athena's words rush back to slam into Artemis' brain and her heart shrivels slightly in growing despair.

"Why did they send YOU after me, girl?  Hera would like to get her hands on you, but you are of no interest to me.  What am I to do with you?"

Calming herself, Artemis replies, "I will save you the trouble of having to figure that out."  She tenses herself suddenly and rips her arms free of Demeter's grasp and somersaults backwards, landing on her feet and immediately quickstepping away from the raging goddess. 

Demeter moves not an inch in reaction.

Across the room now, Artemis unlashes her bow and with godly celerity pulls an arrow from her quiver, knocks it, draws her bowstring and looses the projectile in the blink of an eye.

Time seems to slow to a crawl.  Demeter raises her hand and the arrow and the bow in Artemis' hands dissolve into splinters.

She seems to taste the air around her.  She barks an abrupt and menacing laugh.  "A blessing from Zeus?  That will do you NO good here my sweet."

Artemis, jaw dropped like an anchor, stands and stares for a moment.

Then without another word, she turns and flees.

Demeter's laugh follows her again.

==Olympian Stables==

Athena (bazabaza) approaches Ares' horses and pats one of them on the rump.  "Hmm.  Where is that master of yours?"

The horse nickers and stamps its foot impatiently.  "He's got you all tackled up and nowhere to go it seems."

Athena turns to see Zeus (Dollstate) enter the stables, nostrils flaring in displeasure at the smell.

"Any sign of your brother?"

"Oh yes.  He was certainly here.  I have a knack for finding Ares when I need to.  But he seemed to depart abruptly."

"I can imagine the reason.  Athena, we need to talk."

"I believe I know of what you wish to speak.  Demeter's power."

Zeus nods.  "With Hestia having removed herself from the Mount, Hades being banished, and Hera imprisoned..."

"Her powers are amplified?"

"Yes.  To a degree I do not believe any of my children can combat her.  Only myself and Poseidon--"

"Who I inconveniently sent away..." Athena mutters.

"Yes well... there is that."

"Did we send Artemis to her destruction?  You gave her your blessing."  Athena's cheeks flush a rosy color in mounting anger.

Zeus looks down at the straw covered floor.  "I would like to think she would have the wits to keep herself intact.  But she certainly will not stop Demeter.  My blessing will prove hollow."

"I had my suspicions along those lines.  But... I am also not wholly convinced of our helplessness."

"Do you have reason to believe otherwise?"

"What do you think, father?"

Zeus turns away from Athena and looks to the palace outside the stable doors.  "I think you had better share your wisdom with me once more, daughter."

-Zeus uses an influence to remove 1 status from Artemis
-Zeus engages Athena.  Athena wins the roll and grants Zeus the next turn.

Zeus goes again.
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Athena (bazabaza) is about to speak when Ares returns to the stable, sword and shield at the ready.

"Greetings father..... sister."

Athena opts not to draw her blade as she takes her measure of the God of War.

Zeus (dollstate) steps between them, a thunderbolt flashing into being in his titanic hand.  "Ares, you would be wise to think twice before allying yourself to Demeter.  She has fallen into a vortex of madness, and she is incredibly dangerous. To foe and friend alike."

Ares takes a few steps forward, saying nothing. 

"I believe he wishes to cross steel with me father.  I will appease him."

"No. No you will not.  Your thirst for blood shall not be slaked this day, my son.  Athena is under my protection and has my boon."

"I appreciate the gesture father, but I hope that boon is less hollow than the one you granted Artemis."

Zeus growls in annoyance.

"Besides, I need no protection from Ares.  I have always been his better."

Ares' eyes flash, but nary a muscle on his sculpted body twitch in response.

The three gods remain still and quite for a time until Zeus slackens his tensed body and sighs in exasperation.  "Well what is it, Ares?  What do you intend to do?"

Still Ares remains perfectly still and mute, merely staring at the two before him piercingly.

Finally, Athena too gives in to frustration.  "If you have something on your mind, brother, spit it out.  If you merely want to lock blades, then find me away from father and I will gladly oblige you."

Ares remains still and voiceless as a statue, but in his eyes Athena sees gears turning.  Trepidation invades her pretty features and she gauges whether or not the time for her sword had come.

Zeus allows the lightning bolt in his hand to dissipate into the ether.

He and Athena exchange glances.  Ares continues to stare, his chest rising and falling slowly.

==Palace of Zeus==

Artemis (Sparky) makes a bolt for the main doors, undaunted by the physical strain of her non-stop flight, but still struggling with panic.

She cries out in triumph as her long strides take her to to threshold.

Her cry cuts off as she slams into an invisible obstacle that sends her careening backwards into a heap on the marble floor.

Groggy and in pain, Artemis struggles onto all fours and crawls towards the door, feeling for the magic wall that stopped her escape in its tracks.

Slow footsteps echo from afar.

Artemis scrambles to her feet, finding the field blocking her passage and looking around for another avenue of escape frantically.

"Blessing of Zeus, blessing of Zeus, my how we do get the wool pulled over our eyes don't we.  A pittance, a blessing from Zeus."  Demeter's voice rings disorientingly from all directions.  "And you sought to challenge me with such a pithy thing.  Dear niece that was so tremendously foolish.  You did not have to die..."

Artemis slumps down against the invisible wall in defeat.

Her heart thumps in despair.

-Zeus uses another influence to remove 1 status from Artemis
-Zeus engages Athena, Zeus wins roll.  Zeus will prevent the effects of Athena's next struggle from occurring.

It is now Ares' turn.
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==Olympian Stables==

Ares (corpsemourne) finally lets out a breath, drops his shield, and slams the point of his blade down through the straw to bury itself nearly a foot into the floor.

"The woman has lost her mind.  She is ready to turn Olympus upside down and turn the earth to dust.  She is asking me to wage war.  War is what I do.  You may all think me mad, crazed for blood, barbarous.  But I am not a fool.  I am not about to rally an army to combat you father and I would keep my feud with you, sister, confined to just that-- a feud between you and I.  However, Demeter wields terrible power.  I do not know if she always had such strength secreted away inside her or if she has gained some arcane force I do not understand, but I do know that when I encountered her a short while ago in these very stables, my blood ran ice cold with the energy radiating from her very person."

Athena frowns, looking at Ares' symbol of submission in the form of his discarded sword and shield.  "Yes, brother, we were just discussing that.  Things look very bad for us.  Father believes we young ones are in no position to combat her, leaving it basically in his hands."

Ares mirrors his sister's frown.  "I don't like that prospect.  Where are the rest of us that should be here?"

"Poseidon has gone back down below.  So has Apollo, though he should be returning as soon as he completes a task I sent him on.  Aphrodite--"

Ares cuts off Athena "I don't care about Aphrodite.  She is worthless to us."

Zeus' eyebrows raise and he interjects.  "I sent Hephaestus to his forge to retrieve an item of potential value to us.  And I sent Artemis to engage Demeter to hold her at bay for as long as she can."

"Then you have sent her to her doom, father."

Zeus nods somberly.  "We have also discussed that as a distinct possibility..."

Ares shakes his head in confusion.  "Artemis is no fool.  If she realized the danger she was in, I don't understand why she wouldn't spirit herself away from that mad woman."

"She likely cannot.  Such is the power Demeter wields now," Zeus replies.

Sudden Athena gasps and begins patting her belt.  "By Cronus!  She may not be able to escape Demeter, but she also might not escape her own enchantment!"

Ares and Zeus exchange uncertain glances.

==Palace of Zeus==

Demeter stands over Artemis (sparky), a maniacal gleam in her eye.  "I promise you, dear child, I won't enjoy this...much."

Artemis looks on in horror as an orb of black smoke appears between her aunt's hands.  She tries again in vain to escape from the palace magically.  All that occurs is a dull ache in her head when her force of will fizzles.

Demeter smiles as tiny coils of the inky vaporous substance begin to creep from the orb towards Artemis.

Artemis pulls herself tighter against the invisible wall at her back.

And then without warning a red and silver flash bursts in Artemis' mind and a low and beckoning tone pulses in her ears.

Something half laugh and half sob explodes from the goddess' throat and she relaxes herself instinctively letting the enchantment she bestowed on Athena take hold of her and praying to her father it holds.

Like an evening fog illuminated by a full moon, Artemis fades away in silver mist.  

Demeter shrieks in rage and slams the orb of smoke into the invisible wall before her.  A shattering sound shakes the entryway and blue arcs of lightning trace where the wall was moments before.

==Olympian Stables==

Artemis fades into being on her feet, retaining some dignity despite immediately putting her hands on her knees and bending over gasping from fear and relief.

Athena shouts in joy and embraces her sister.  "You're alright!"

Through panting breaths, Artemis replies.  "Only thanks to you sister.  Thank you for your cleverness.  Demeter had me cornered.  I am pretty sure I was not long for this world."

"Undoubtedly," Ares mutters.  "We need to get out of here.  NOW."

Artemis finally notices Ares.  "Brother?  You are with us, then?"

Ares nods curtly but Athena cuts off any answer from him.  "So he claims.  But I am not so sure we should take him so easily on his word."

Ares glowers but says nothing.

Artemis, struggling mightily to compose herself, straightens and scrutinizes her siblings.  Finally, she states, "If Ares vows allegiance to us, his word is good enough for me sister.  But he must submit to yours and father's leadership in this situation."

Ares emits a low growl.  "I... I will follow their lead.  Damned if I have any idea what we're doing."

"Very well then.  I vouch for Ares sister.  We cannot stand divided at this juncture.  Surely you of all people see the wisdom in that idea."

Athena purses her lips and then massages her temples.  "I do... take up your arms again Ares.  You may need them very soon.  Father, you say Hera's imprisonment is contributing to Demeter's power.  Will she go to save Hera, then?"

Zeus mulls the question over for a time.  "I do not believe Demeter fully understands what is happening to her.  Her emotions and this surge of power are likely completely beyond her comprehension.  It is the likely reason she is running amok as she is.  Furious though she might be, I don't think this insanity is within her normal behavior."

"Then to Ares' dungeon we go.  We must pick up Hephaestus along the way.  Artemis, you must find your brother and bring him back.  Have you minions in your cavern, Ares?"

Zeus answers.  "He does.  In no shortage either."

"They'll be no match for her.  A deterrent.  Nothing more."

"That will have to do.  Let's get out of here."

The four gods exit the stables, eyes in all directions on the lookout for a rampaging goddess.

-Ares engages Artemis.  
-Artemis reveals a new ally outcome.  
-Artemis and Ares share engagement outcomes.

It is now Demeter's turn.

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Following Ares' instructions, Hephaestus (Toben) opens up the passageway leading beneath the Mount and looks around the rock strewn area cautiously.  He wears a curious royal blue robe, dark in shade, but colored with dyes so rich and vibrant they make the cloth look as if it were cut right from a twilight sky.

Hephaestus slips into the cave before him and turns to re-close the passage when a tremendous force slams into him, sending him head over heels and crashing him into the tunnel wall.

Blurry-eyed, the Lame God tries to reorient himself and find where the assault came from when a voice echos from the mouth of the tunnel.  "I fail to see why Ares tried to lock me out of his little haven when he himself showed me how to enter when we had Hades as prisoner.  Such foolishness."

Hephaestus jumps to his feet, back pressed against a wall with little room for flight.  "Demeter (Fenrir)... Why am I not surprised to find you skulking about waiting for me?"

Demeter stalks forward, eyes blazing madly.  "Oh Hephaestus, do not flatter yourself.  I would have been entering this cavern whether you crossed my path or not.  But how nice it is to come across you."

"You believe you have business with me?"

"Oh I know I do.  I would oh so dearly love to end that life you've lived far too long.  You should have never survived that fall from the Mount as a babe."

Hephaestus growls under his breath.  "Very sweet of you to say."

Demeter pouts teasingly.  "But despite my fiercest desires, it seems I couldn't kill you if I tried.  That garment you're wearing a new creation of yours eh?  Set ironwork aside for tailoring?"

Hephaestus smiles slightly.  "Indeed."

Demeter's fake pout turns into a venomous snarl.  "A very potent robe of protection is it?  And I suppose you were off to put it in the hands of your father.  I'll not have that, Crippled One."

"How do you intend to stop me, powerful as you are?  You said yourself you couldn't if you tried."

"But to what end, Hephaestus?  You are protected, but no one and nothing else is.  I will bring my fury to bear and everything you know and everything you love will be destroyed."

Hephaestus looks uneasy.  "What has become of you Demeter?  Your anger has consumed whatever vestige of good in you there once was."

Demeter ignores her nephew.  "You know better than anyone, items of magic are not without weaknesses.  You want to gamble that when I have destroyed your siblings and your father, you will still be able to stave me off?"

"What choice have I?"

"A simple one.  Give me the robe and I am done with you.  I may detest you, but you are of no importance to me dead or alive."

"And then you'll just continue on to free Hera and do battle with the others?"

"Awww, poor Hephaestus.  You want my sister to continue to suffer.  If I left her to stew in whatever trap you sprung upon her, would that make you yield your treasure?"

"How could I even POSSIBLY begin to trust your word?"

"I have no need to prove my word.  Nor really any need to keep it.  But you must weigh the options.  I will spare you-- and your whore Aphrodite if you wish-- and I will opt not to free my sister-- at least for the time being-- and all you need to do is hand over that lovely robe."

Demeter backs away and Hephaestus turns away, moving down the corridor, agony etched on his face.

"If Athena is right, we're all dead anyways.  May the elder gods punish you for your arrogance, Demeter."  He slips the robe off his shoulders, revealing his leather smithing apron over soot stained breeches.

Demeter laughs.  "May the elder gods try, Crippled One."

Hephaestus limps down the corridor as Demeter saunters over to the robe and scoops it up.

When he is far out of her sight, Hephaestus grins to himself and picks up the pace of his hobble.

==A short time later, deeper in the cavern==

Demeter, wearing the robe of protection, stands amidst a pile of bodies, Ares willing and monstrous minions.  Athena (bazabaza) faces off against her, sword at the ready.

"So young one, where are your brothers and sister.  Did Hephaestus actually warn you of the gift he gave me or is he hiding in some hole somewhere?"

"Hephaestus warned us.  I blame him not for his actions. He and Ares have since departed"

"How pathetically forgiving.  And where is Artemis, who somehow escaped my grasp earlier.  That displeased me greatly."

"Not here is all you need to know."

"So you stayed behind to die?"

"Father thinks we cannot kill you.  I aim to try."

Demeter cackles.  "I thought you were supposed to be Wisdom incarnate?  You wouldn't have been able to stop me even BEFORE Hephaestus showed his cowardice and gave me my prize.  Just what do you think you could possibly do to me now?"

Athena's blade slices horizontally and Demeter gasps as the blade cuts into her midsection.  "It's a very pretty robe, Demeter, and I hate to soil it with your blood, but it's no prize."

Demeter screams in pain and outrage.  "BUT HE WAS PROTECTED FROM ME!  WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS!"

Black smoke curls from Demeter's fingers and she pounces towards Athena, eager to dig her godkilling claws into her.

From atop a shelf of rock Zeus drops between the two and Demeter's claws bury into the King of the God's muscular chest.

Two rings on each hand glow white hot as Demeter's attack proves ineffectual.  "Hephaestus was protected.  It's your fault if you were foolish enough to not find out why.  Which is what we were counting on.  You've always been too quick to react instead of thinking.  Athena, follow the others now.  My sister and I will settle this."

-Demeter engages Athena and reveals a new rival outcome.
-Demeter deals 2 status loss to Athena and declares neutrality with Hephaestus.  Athena deals 0 (+1) status loss to Demeter.
-Zeus prevents the struggle effects, preventing both losses in status

It is now Apollo's turn

My wife's due to have her baby in the next week so...finishing off these last few rounds might have some waits between turns.  Apologies for that!  But hopefully I'll be able to keep up.

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“So we have madness ‘pon the Mount it seems.  You weave an unpleasant story, young ones.”  

Hestia sits at another humble kitchen table, Artemis (Sparky) and Apollo (Azharh) seated to her left and right.  Through a window directly in front of her she watches another poor farmer and his family in the distance, working their fingers to the bone to survive.  She smiles, for she feels the warm glow of a fulfilling life suffused through each of them.

Artemis nods.  “And that is why we come seeking your air, aunt Hestia.  We need you.”

Hestia shakes her head sadly.  “No, child.  I cannot come to fight with you.  This is no longer my fight.  My days as an Olympian are firmly rooted in the past.”

Apollo interjects.  “But Hestia.  If Demeter usurps Zeus and subdues us all, the world…what will become of it?”

Hestia gives Apollo’s hand a maternal pat.  “Young one, if my sister has slipped into madness as Artemis claims, then if what you fear comes to pass, the world will indeed fall into darkness.  And if my sister comes down to the Earth to bring ruin and misery and I am in her path, I shall fight her then and most willingly.  I will likely suffer a bitter defeat, for she is surely more powerful than I am now, but I will fight to my last.  Affairs on Olympus though, I cannot intercede.”

Apollo interrupts, frustrated.  “What then are we to do, Hestia?  Have you no advice to give?”

“You basically have three options, young ones.  First, you can count on Zeus to overcome our sister.”

“Surely that’s a safe option?”

“Nay.  Sadly no.  Zeus is mighty, to be sure, but Zeus’ greatest weakness is just how mighty he believes himself to be.  Demeter is a force to be reckoned with and no amount of hierarchy or kingship will change that.  And she is mad and madness is terrifying.  Zeus is not invincible.  No, children, relying on your father, as powerful as he is, is a risky gamble.”

The twins look grim and Hestia lets the words sink in.

“Your other option is even less likely to bear fruit.  Demeter’s tremendous strength is a reality only on Olympus where a void in the power structure there has been created.”  

The Goddess of the Hearth remains quiet for a time, off in her own world.  She continues slowly, eyes still unfocused.  “I voluntarily removed myself from Olympus.  Zeus banished Hades and imprisoned Hera.  You say Athena shamed Poseidon and sent him back to the sea?  On her own?”

Artemis confirms.  

“That means nothing then, she is only a child.  So that means three of the elder gods now share the power over the Mount that was once divided amongst six.  That is certainly trouble.  And I believe wise Athena made a poor choice running Poseidon away.  That may do more harm than good in this battle between your father and Demeter.  At any rate, down here, Demeter would only possess the same power she once had as a singular deity.  A group of you could certainly manage her in that state, but good luck getting her down off the Mount before she has firmly planted roots and removed your father from the picture.”

Artemis covers her face with her hands, on the edge of despair.  “And the third option?”

“That is where you will find victory if any is to be found, young ones.  Demeter, Zeus, I and our siblings, we are the six children of Cronus.  The elder generation.  It has always been the web of magical forces, the strands upon which the children of Cronus stand, that has held us together and made us great.  The bond we possess as siblings has allowed us to climb to the top of godhood and made Olympus and our dominion over all others possible.  I do not think my brothers and sisters have ever fully understood that.  But that is the case.  And I believe only another generation of siblings will be able to disrupt that superiority and place themselves upon the pedestal of superiority we that came before you have sat upon for so very long.  And thus the world looks to the children of Zeus to take up the torch their elders lit when we claimed Olympus as our home.  And only the children of Zeus will thus defeat Demeter.  Artemis, you must face Demeter again, with your twin brother and Athena at your side.”

Artemis pales at the notion.

“In fact, though I see you three as the heart of your generation, if you truly want to be victorious, you should make sure you have Hephaestus and Ares’ swords as well.  I would even go so far as to seek out Hermes in his haven and bring him back to Olympus.  And do so quickly, for your time is very short.”

Artemis plants her hands firmly on the table, palms down, in an attempt to hide the tremble that had begun during Hestia’s words.  “I… I don’t think I can face her again Hestia.  I’ve never felt so… helpless.”

“Then all is lost daughter of Zeus.”

Apollo stands and goes to his sister’s side.  “No aunt Hestia.  All is most certainly not lost.  Artemis, you listen to me.  I am sorry I was not there to aid you when you first encountered Demeter.  But you are one of the strongest amongst us.  We need your leadership.  And I promise you sister, though I have failed you in the past, I shall not leave your side until we see this through.  You will have my shoulder and my sword until my last breath.”

Artemis sighs and squares her shoulders.  “Your vow bolsters me, brother.  And your guidance is welcome Hestia.  None of this removes the terror I feel at this very moment though.”

Hestia smiles wanly.  “Terror is a healthy feeling at this juncture.  The future looks grim.  But I wouldn’t say doom is *imminent* yet.”

Artemis stands.  “Very well then.  Brother, let us retrieve Hermes.  We have a fight before us.”

-Apollo uses an influence to heal 2 status on Artemis
-Apollo engages Artemis.  This is a null action except for re-checking for struggles Artemis has been involved in

It is now Hephaestus' turn
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“Zeus’ beard…”  Hermes utters the oath as he tops the rise leading up to the peak of Olympus ahead of his siblings.  He drops to his knees and just stares agape.

Artemis and Apollo catch up with him and Artemis takes her brother’s hand and squeezes it as they look upon the devastation in shock.

The three Olympians stare out across the top of the Mount-- at what once was their home.  Now all that lies before them is a mockery of smashed marble and ruined earth.

Apollo shakes his head in disbelief.  “What a nightmarish landscape.  This is our fault.  All of us.  No exception, no shortage of culpability.  We are fools…”

Off in the distance an impressive but depressing mountain of smoking white rubble that once was the Palace of Zeus punctuates the severity of the situation.  To the east bright flashes burst abruptly and fade and an unsettling black and red mist drifts slowly to the sky.  The current battle field of Zeus and Demeter presumably.  To the west a peculiar roiling motion stands out against the still devastation, glints of gold sparking as sunlight hits metal bodies.

“I recognize those things,” Artemis says with a dry rasp in her throat.

“Aye.  As do I.  Hephaestus still okay then you think?  How in the world did he get a veritable army of his automatons up here?  They seem to be centered around his home and forge…”

Hermes squints against the sun and dust in the air.  “I think I see some of Ares’ unpleasant beasties down there as well.”

“So… seems our siblings might have survived this horror.  Let us find out.”  Artemis begins descending the hill at a steady jog.

==Homestead of Hephaestus==

The sea of brass and gold walking tripods and men of metal part for the three siblings seemingly instructed to do so.  The scattered monsters under Ares control snarl, stalk, and hiss at the gods but are kept from closing the distance by the automatons.

The closer the siblings had gotten to Hephaestus’ dwelling the louder the cacophony of ambulatory metal had gotten, but even still the cracks of thunder and booms of unleashed energy to the east drowned out even that when they occurred.

As the twins and Hermes approach the forge of Hephaestus, the god himself exits, wiping sweat and soot onto his smock.  He takes off the smock and gives it to Aphrodite, seated on a large stone outside their adjoining home.  Apollo notes that Aphrodite, while still stunning, is dressed demurely-- plainly even-- and a thin layer of the same grime that covers her husband speckles her garb.  Her vainglorious air is all but gone as she looks to Hephaestus hopefully, his bare and scarred chest dripping sweat from the forge’s heat.

Hephaestus (Toben) calls to them.  “Brothers!  Sister!  Come!  I have been hard at work while you were away.  I… can only hope it will be enough to save us.”

Aphrodite stands, head bowed, and slips her arm around Hephaestus’.  “I have faith in you, my husband.”

“If only that were enough, my love.”

The twins exchange disbelieving looks.  Hermes whispers, “You would be surprised how fear and hope can tinge one’s affection for someone.”

Artemis nods.

“Athena!  Ares!  To me!  Our brethren have returned and I have finished my task!”

Moments later, the door to the God of the Forge’s home opens and Athena and Ares come running out.   Both look to the eastern horizon worriedly and then redirect focus before them.

Athena (bazabaza) runs to Artemis and embraces her, lifting and spinning her about.  The women laugh and Apollo steps back, always slightly uncomfortable with his sister sharing affection with any but him.

Ares approaches Hermes, who is unable to resist an uneasy frown.  But the God of War extends a hand.  “Brother.  It is good to have you home.  I have deeply regretted the part I played in your absence.”

Overhearing this and recalling his own role in sending Hermes away, Apollo looks to his brothers.  Hermes shifts a surprised look between the Gods of Sun and War.  “I…I made my own bed.  And, my fate could have been far worse.  But what our actions have wrought inadvertently makes my heart ache.  If only Hades and Hestia were here…”

Ares, grudging but not bitter, whispers in fatigue, “Aye…”

Athena pulls away from Artemis and returns to Ares side, who slips an arm awkwardly behind her back as she rests her hand on the pommel of her sword and turns to speak with Hephaestus.

Hermes shakes his head and mutters, “Fear and hope, indeed…”

“Brother we must know what you have accomplished, but first, Artemis, what news do you bring?  I see Hermes is with us…but where is Hestia?”

Artemis sighs.  “Do you have room for all of us in your home, Hephaestus.  I think perhaps we should all sit down.”

The group heads into Hephaestus’ abode, all eyes to the east as the Lame God’s automatons and Ares’ minions mill about waiting for something-- Demeter namely-- to attack.

As the seven gods and goddesses find places to be seated in the home of Hephaestus and Aphrodite, Hermes pipes up.  “I know most of what has taken place in my absence from Artemis and Apollo, but what, By Cronus, has occurred while they were away!”

“Total madness,” Hephaestus replies.  “Zeus and Demeter have basically been waging a war of two non-stop since they first crossed paths in Ares’ caverns beneath the Mount.  For a long while, Zeus made a mockery of Demeter thanks to some rings of invulnerability I crafted for him-- well… they were never meant for him, but the need arose--“

Several pairs of eyebrows in the room raise, but none ask the question on all minds.  “Unfortunately-- a testament to her power-- the rings turned to ash and blew away in the wind, their magic spent at the end of the first day.  Since then it has been a war of no ground given, no ground gained.”

“More like a tantrum between two titans leaving total destruction in their wake,” Ares says with a grunt.

“How in the world has this place survived their onslaught,” queries Artemis.

Athena answers, deeply troubled.  “A combination of luck, the protectors outside Hephaestus and Ares brought after that first day, and the single-mindedness of father and Demeter.  You see… we belief the void in the power structure on the Mount has begun to affect father as well.  We have tried to approach him in the rare time he was not engaged with Demeter and it was if he did not recognize us.  I believe he may be going mad as she has.”

The newly returned Olympians stare at Athena, crestfallen.  “That can’t be…he is Zeus.  He’s the king of us all…”  Hermes says in a whisper.

Ares responds gruffly, “It can be and it is and he’ll be the king of no one before too long.  Please tell us you have good news from down below.”

Artemis shakes her head.  “I am afraid not.  We found Hestia but she cannot or will not return to Olympus to intervene.  She did seem to understand the situation incredibly well though and gave us three options-- none of which are very inviting.”

Athena stands up eagerly.  “Options?”

“Don’t get excited sister.  I mean it when I say they are uninviting options.  She says we can gamble on Zeus, but she thinks it a very risky gamble and I am inclined to agree if father has slipped the bonds of sanity.  She says down below Demeter would be weakened significantly, but there is no way in Hades we’ll manage to coax her down from on top of the Mount.  And…and well… the third option involves the Children of Zeus together.”

Artemis explains to the group Hestia’s idea on their potential to defeat Demeter with their combined might and as she does, Hephaestus returns to his forge and brings back a bronze suit of armor.

He drops the armor at Athena’s feet.  “Okay, so basically, it’s going to take the six of us to take out Demeter.  This is what we had already figured was to be our last ditch effort.  Seems nothing has changed but we’ve got Hestia’s blessing this time.”

Artemis looks queasy. “Please…don’t say blessing.  Last blessing I got didn’t go too well.”

“Well the Mount is a shambles and our father and aunt are on their way to primordial madness like their ancestors before them.  Let us figure out our plan and let me tell you about how we’re going to make Athena a very dangerous bait for dear Demeter and hopefully not let her get killed in the process.”

Athena sighs.  “Wonderful.”

==Somewhere in the Ruined Olympus==

Zeus flies into one of the rare remaining pillars of marble in the area and it shatters into a hundred pieces.  A layer of frost covers the God of Thunder’s body, the aftereffect of one of Demeter’s spells.  Demeter (fenrir), several dozen meters away begins storming forward, shaking a hand aching from the backhanded blow she deal her brother.

Ares and Hephaestus squat side by side behind a mound of rubble peering at the scene.

“I know you all think me mad.  Barbarous.  Bloodthirsty.”

Hephaestus gives his brother a sidelong glance.  “That’s your nature isn’t it?  None of us can help the way the Cosmos decided we were to be made I suppose.”

“True.  But look at her.  That is madness.  I am not that brother.   My sphere of domain is warfare.  A touch of madness, barbarism, and bloodthirst comes with the territory.  But by the elder gods, I am not insane.”

“He says as he prepares to attack an elder far more powerful than he.”

“Even underdogs win wars brother.”

Hephaestus’s muscles tense as Demeter nears.

“I am truly sorry I transgressed with Aphrodite, brother.  It was bad form.  She has nothing to do with war, and cuckolding you has nothing to do with it either.  At least any animosity Athena and I share crosses common ground in that regard.”

“Impending doom making you soft, Ares?”

Ares snorts derisively.  “About as likely as it making you not a cripple, brother.  But this is war, and we draw blades this day together.  I hope you are a worthy ally.”

Demeter closes in on their position and Hephaestus hurdles the rubble before them.  “Try to keep up with the cripple, brother.”

Ares follows his brother, who speeds across the short span of newly created wasteland despite his obscene hobble.  He quickly passes him and draws his blade.

Demeter charges on, oblivious to them nearing her flank as she stomps by.  Ares dances behind her and thrusts his blade beneath her armpit and she roars and stumbles.

Hephaestus tackles Demeter from the other side with such force that Ares blade parts godly bone and flesh and rends open a massive wound in her shoulder as it exits her body, his grasp firmly on the sword.  The Lame God pins her non-wounded arm beneath his knees on her back and deftly whips his only sword out, rapping her skull with the hilt.  “Go to sleep, auntie.”

“To Hades with that.  The bitch won’t go down that easy, brother.”  Ares slashes at the base of her spine and Demeter bellows in pain-soaked rage.

A burst of black energy blossoms from Demeter, sending Hephaestus into the air and crashing back to the earth.  Boils and blisters begin to welt up on the God of the Forge, but he groggily gets his feet under him again and backs off warily.

The spinal wound on Demeter splutters ichor as she stands, totally unfazed.  Ares looks over to Zeus, steaming from the layer of frost and back on his feet.  He doesn’t seem to register any but Demeter and stalks forward.

Demeter, however, finally seems to have her focus reshifted.  “Crippled wretch.  Oh your death will be sweet.  You have many misdeeds to pay for.”

The voice coming from Demeter is unnatural-- dead sounding.  But what comes from  her mouth afterwards is far more terrifying.  Her jaw drops and from it pours a red-black mist, coiling toward the God of the Forge.

From on top of a slanted roof, tipped partially into the earth, a beam of golden light shoots from a waiting Apollo, piercing the mist and making it dissipate.  Hephaestus limps backward, his exertion and new wounds causing his pain.

Demeter’s eyes grow red as she turns to see Apollo.  She waves her hand and the roof under Apollo’s feet begins to buck and ripple. She then another attack of the black-red mist condensed into a dart from her finger at Hephaestus. On the roof, the God of the Sun loses his footing as the roof begins to fold over him.  Suddenly a form darts onto the roof and picks up Apollo bodily and nimbly leaps onto the ground, depositing him and moving without pause to slam Hephaestus out of the path of the attack.

“Hermes… so the whelps brought you back to play as well.”  Demeter, grins wickedly.  “You should have stayed where it was safe.”

A thunderbolt from Zeus flashes towards Demeter and she deftly snatches it and hurls it back towards Zeus.  The bolt impacts harmlessly against the king of the gods but has enough force to send him careening into Apollo just as he regains his footing. 

An unnatural wind picks up countless razor sharp bits of marble and massive chunks of stone into a cyclone and regurgitates them all in blinding speed at Hermes.  Even he cannot outrun the unnatural volley and he is struck down, lacerated and bludgeoned cruelly.

Ares leaps to confront Demeter and she cackles madly.  “Oh ho ho!  God of War, oh so mighty.  Ignored my words like only a fool spawned from Zeus could.”  A sickle of ice materializes in her hand and she gives an agile swipe at Ares who dances backwards.  “I said men would laugh at your name if you did not join me.”

A flurry of icy blows rains down on Ares and he blocks them expertly.  He tries to find an opening in her defenses but his efforts prove futile.  The two strike and parry for a few moments more that stretch out into seeming eternity.

“Enough of this!”  Demeter brings down the sickle and Ares blocks again.  When he does so, burning cold ice shoots up the blade to cover his hand.  He yelps in surprise and drops the blade.  He has no time to react before Zeus re-enters the fray, buffeting him aside indifferently and hammering Demeter with his massive fists.

Demeter’s ice sickle strips the flesh from Zeus’ ribs and he falters, his strength flagging.  “Your children will be your undoing, brother.  Fittingly.”

An arrow pierces the hand holding the sickle and Demeter screeches and it melts away into instant mist.  The mad god whirls to see Artemis, already knocking another arrow in her new bow she crafted in her woodland while down below.  The arrow flies towards Demeter’s heart and suddenly her image blurs and becomes insubstantial.  The arrow passes through and begins to magically turn back, trailing black smoke in its fletching.

Before Artemis has the chance to grasp what has occurred, the arrow rips into her shoulder and spins her around like a rag doll.  The black smoke coils around her throat and begins to choke the life from her.

Apollo bellows in terror and outrage and sprints towards her, hands already glowing golden in the hopes of healing his sister and banishing the foul smoke.

“Now, perhaps, we can finally finish our business, brother.”

“Not so fast, auntie.”  Athena appears from nowhere, her brass armor glinting in the haze covered sun.  She walks slowly and deliberately, right up to Demeter who is confused by this course of action.

“Child, are you so foolish?”

“This ends now, aunt Demeter.”

“I am glad you have accepted your fate,” Demeter hisses as an orb of the black-red mist coalesces between her palms.

“I am a child of Zeus and Zeus was a child of Cronus before me.  As my father before me, I claim ultimate power amongst my kin.”  Athena draws her sword slowly.

“How nice for you.  Now die.”  The orb splashes against Athena’s brass armor in an oddly liquid fashion, and the droplets hover for a moment before reforming and returning the direction they came, crashing into Demeter who gasps in shock.

“And as my father before me, I shall end the reign of an older generation.  This world no longer needs you.” 

Where the orb struck Demeter, a creeping blackness spreads, directly over her chest.  She claws frantically at it, spitting and cursing. 

Athena rears back and drives her sword through the black spot, the blade skewering Demeter’s heart.  Athena immediately lets go of the blade as the blackness races up it and onto the hilt.

Demeter’s mouth opens and closes, unable to comprehend what has just occurred.  She slumps to the ground.

“Goodbye, auntie.  Olympus belongs to the Children of Zeus now.”

Thunder rolls loudly and Athena turns warily at Zeus, eyes darting wildly from side to side as the void in power tears open wider and fills him with confusion and untapped might.

But a tugging sensation begins to affect the six children of Zeus as the power structure struggles to realign itself with Athena’s declaration with Zeus still standing atop the Mount.

Athena sees Hephaestus attempting to tend to Hermes’ wounds and further away, Apollo resting his glowing hands upon his sister’s chest.  Athena decides Artemis looks unsettlingly still… Athena takes a few cautious steps back from Zeus as Ares joins her side.  “Father, it is Athena.  Do you understand me? “

Zeus stares at her and looks down at his slain sister.

-Hephaestus engages Athena and Athena chooses to gain an auto-eliminate against next rival

-Athena engages Demeter
-Demeter deals 2 status loss to Athena.  Status loss prevented.  Athena's status loss prevention dissipates.
-Demeter is eliminated

Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 09:49:05 - 08/01/10
It is now Artemis' turn.

However, we have reached a culmination point to the game.  Nearly no rivalries exist.  We are not yet fully comprised of allies though.

I will be sending all surviving players a PM.  They must respond to it before the game continues/concludes.
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Post by: Corpsemourne on 11:45:58 - 08/01/10
Apollo resting his glowing hands upon his sister’s chest.

I thought she was shot in the shoulder.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 16:11:04 - 08/01/10
Apollo resting his glowing hands upon his sister’s chest.

I thought she was shot in the shoulder.

Yes, but she was also being consumed by Demeter's black mist.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Gabbin on 18:05:20 - 08/01/10
Also, it'll look better in the movie if his hands are on her chest instead of her shoulder.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Fenrir on 00:06:43 - 08/04/10
Nice play Bazabaza, didn't see that coming.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 05:05:03 - 08/04/10
Okay Olympus players.  I have sent you your new, cleaner Player cards with your new alliances and rivalries.

Your new outcomes will have to be announced later, but you can at least see what might be in store for you.

ONE of you managed to get away with 0 Rivals.  Well done..heh.

Unfortunately, as of 6:30 am Central time wife and I will be at the hospital to have this baby.  We'll have to see what kind of downtime I get during our stay ;p
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Post by: Merton on 02:57:10 - 08/11/10
Ok guys.  I'm back in business, new father and all, and I've sent you all your new outcomes.  I wound up rolling more complicated outcomes than i would have liked ;p  Might prolong things.  Not sure.

It is Sparky's turn now.

And to answer a question Baza posed that applies to a few of you:

If you had an "unstable" outcome before this, you get to retain that outcome (I left it off of some of your new character cards), however, you have to remove the half of the outcome that does not apply to the alliance/rivalry choice you made.  So for instance, if Athena chose to ally with Heph, both of you keep your unstable outcome, but you can just strike through any of the negative results options in that outcome.  You're not allowed to doublecross somebody using an unstable outcome now that this second "outcome" allotment has been distributed and you've declared your allegiances.
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Post by: Merton on 10:49:41 - 08/17/10
As Zeus (dollstate) and Athena stare one another down in a slow flowing moment of truth, Ares (Corpsemourne), still clutching at his frostbitten hand crosses the battle-ravaged plateau to help Apollo lift a groggy Artemis (Sparky) to her feet.

"Are you well, sister?"

Artemis looks past Ares at her sister standing small before their grand patriarch.  "Well enough, Ares.  And thank you, brother," Artemis squeezes Apollo's arm and walks unsteadily forward a few feet.

"We all stand, though Demeter has fallen.  I did not believe we would fare that well."

"Nor I, truth be told," Ares agrees.

Apollo moves to stand beside his sister.  "What of father?"

"I do not know..."

Ares interjects.  "If anyone can have this matter well in hand, it will be Athena.  She is Zeus' favorite.  It is fitting she bring him back to sanity or destroy him, whatever the end result may be."

Artemis looks off to the north where Hephaestus and Hermes sit as fatigued spectators also.  "And no matter the result, we six of the loins of Zeus shall remain.  Is that how the fates intend it, do you wonder?"

"You know you have my bow and my love, Artemis," Apollo answers.

"Aye, you probably have a less martial intent to your question, but you have my sword at your side as well, Artemis.  You've always given me my respect."

"Then make sure, brothers, that you find faithfulness in each other as well.  For if things amongst the heirs of Zeus-- the second generation removed from Cronus-- turn ugly, I would not want to choose between you, as you very nearly made me do early in this mess Ares."

"I harbor no ill will towards Apollo, despite any dearth of closeness we might have had in the past.  I can only hope he agrees.  My wars are for the men down below.  I've decided bloodshed amongst us is entirely too messy, in more ways than one."  Ares scans the devastated mountain top that he once called home.

Apollo muses.  "If Artemis calls you true ally, then so shall I brother.  I hope your words are as true as they ring and you're not just a talented liar."

Ares smirks.

"I will gladly bow to Athena if that time ever comes.  As will Apollo, I know.  And you Ares?"

Ares' smirk vanishes even quicker than it had appeared.  His eyes close and he takes a deep breath.  "She is my better.  As she's always made very evident... It may tarnish my name amongst mortals, but I will bow to my sister if that is what is asked of me.  I may even find myself a willing subject."  An intense but faraway fire burns in Ares' eyes as Artemis scans her brother's face, he staring out at his father and sister, motionless in some struggle of wills.

She shakes her head and then begins to chew her lip.  "And what of Hephaestus...  He is my brother, and I hold in my heart a place for him.  But where can one such as he fit in the grand scheme of things in this new chapter for us?"

Ares breaks his gaze from Athena and Zeus and barks a laugh.  "Come now sister,  after everything that led us up to this day, and after the part you played in it, you're not about to tell me you take umbrage at the thought of a cripple being an elder like we're making steps to become?  If I can make my peace with Hephaestus, you can definitely stave off your prejudices to his physical handicap.  He is valuable and strong, I'll grant him that most certainly."

Artemis nod hesitantly.

Suddenly Zeus roars and takes a meaty-armed swing at Athena who nimbly jumps back away from him.

The God of Thunder sprints away, heading straight towards his other offspring.

All three tense and ready their weapons.  Across the ruined grounds, Hephaestus and Hermes do likewise.

"Son!  Ares!  Protect me!  Your sister, my most beloved daughter.  My most precious... she plots against me!  Why would she do this after all I have done for her!"

Ares' mouth opens, stunned. 

"She claims me mad, Ares!  She claims I have become as Demeter before me!  You of all my dear children must understand what it's like to be branded a madman.  She says I must die for Olympus to live again!  You must protect me, Ares!  My strongest son must become his father's right hand.  I will grant you whatever boon you desire!  Athens, Hades, Death itself!  Any realm you wish is yours for the taking!  I am still your father and I am still the son of Cronus meant to rule all gods!  You will replace Poseidon as my most trusted adviser.  Just-- you must keep Athena and your siblings at bay-- or destroy them if the need arises."

Athena, having crept up behind Zeus, and the others listen to this rant and watch as spittle foams at the corners of their father's mouth.  They eye Ares uneasily, despite his recent promise.

He looks at his father, mouth agape, even more dumbfounded.

"Father... I want no further bloodshed amongst us...," he repeats his prior words to Artemis and Apollo.

Everyone looks to Ares, nerves on edge, as his thought hangs in mid air.

-Artemis engages Ares.  They each share an outcome.

-Zeus engages Ares.  Ares will prevent the next struggle that occurs to Zeus in which he would have been eliminated. 
-Ares gains any offensive bonuses Zeus has (+1).
-If Zeus is eliminated after this, Ares will deal 2 status (+ bonuses) to the eliminating god.

It is now Ares' turn.

Once again, many apologies for the delay. Hooray for parenthood.
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Post by: Merton on 19:33:11 - 08/25/10
The storm clouds above Olympus grow thick and black and the rolling thunder becomes a constant growl in the background

"Father...  you yourself told us what was happening to Demeter.  Hestia, too, explained the dangerous power flux that is occurring.  Now, you too are affected.  Please, listen to reason.  Something has been set into motion that none of us can stop.  We harbor no ill against you, father, but the sons and daughters of Cronus must quit the Mount for good or be destroyed like Demeter."

Ares (Corpsemourne) stands, stalwart against his father, and braces himself for the result of his words.

Artemis (Sparky) leans over to Apollo (Azharh) and whispers, "Father is not Hades, nor Hestia.  Neither of them ever belonged on the Mount.  Their departure made all, including themselves, happy.  Zeus will not step down off Olympus willingly, even if he was thinking rationally."

Apollo nods grimly.

"You dare usurp your king and father!"  Zeus backhands Ares and the God of War goes soaring away, arcs of lightning dancing over his body.

The twins backpedal, alternating concerned looks at Ares and calculating looks at their mad father.

Zeus moves deliberately towards Ares.  The younger god stirs and groans.

Apollo stops his retreat, a look of resolve hardening his features.  He looks up to the sky and thrusts his arms into the thrumming air. 

Instantly, a break in Zeus' clouds rips open and sunlight pours down onto the Mount.  The God of the Sun murmurs to himself and the light focuses into a golden beam that falls in a warm halo over Ares.  The warrior god gasps in surprise and exaltation and he leaps to his feet, shooting a quick glance towards his brother in acknowledgment. 

Without a word, Artemis sprints towards Zeus and Ares and before the challenged King of the Gods can close the distance between he and his son, Artemis is by her brother's side.  She looks to him, her bow at the ready.

Ares eyes focus in front of him, and without looking at Artemis, he says quietly.  "Stay your hand sister.  And follow my lead."

As Zeus approaches, Ares drops to one knee, head bowed.  Zeus stops, swaying a bit drunkenly, and looks down at Ares and then Artemis as she duplicates Ares' pose.

"Submit then, do you my children?"

Ares shakes his head, eyes still downcast.  "No my father.  The children of Cronus have ended their time at this place.  It is time for the children of the Mighty Zeus to take their rightful place as the rulers of this world.  You were king of this Mount father.  But your must step down from your throne.  I believe your most cherished daughter shall be our queen."

Ares' words catch in his throat with uncertainty before he can continue.  "And if you do not slay me as I kneel before you, then perhaps-- just maybe Athena shall let me be her king."

Ares hears a whispering intake of breath from Artemis beside him.  Ares finally lifts his gaze from the earth to his Father and sees in those maddened eyes, a glimmer of the sane mind of his father and the shock even he registers at the words of his son.

"So what will it be father.  Shall we die at your hands, you at ours, or will you let the world move on and rejoice in the glory of your offspring and the splendor of the reign you had for so long?"

A still form stands poised behind Zeus, sword drawn back, quivering and ready to strike.

-Ares engages Artemis.  The two share an outcome
-Apollo engages Ares and heals 0-3 status (1) on him

It is now Hephaestus' turn
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Post by: Merton on 06:09:55 - 09/04/10
The bloodthirsty haze seems to lift from Zeus' (Dollstate) vision as he looks at his children upon their knees.  "Know you what you ask of me, my son?  To give up the world-- the universe-- without a fight?  I am not a doddering old man or a monster like my own father..."  His head jerks with a nervous tick as the rage induced by the celestial power vacuum niggles at his brain. 

A hobbling form lurches around the towering form of Zeus.  The King of the Gods turns to see Hephaestus (Toben) place his hand on Athena's (Bazabaza) sword arm.  Zeus' eyes widen in brewing fury but Hephaestus speaks.  "Stay thy hand sister.  We are not the sort to strike when one has their back turned on us.  We shall handle this with honor, agreed?"

Athena trembles slightly in barely repressed fear and anger and then swallows audibly.  "Agreed, Hephaestus."

"You speak of giving up the universe, father.  But you do not give up everything.  You give up a title, this hunk of rock, and the affairs of man.  Little really in the grand scheme of things.  Your brothers will remain kings of the realm of sea and underworld and you shall remain king of the heavens.  But we ask that you let your children take over the realm of the earth in earnest, answering only to ourselves, and let yourself be done with it.  The earth is a messy and tiresome charge.  Your taste for the females down below aside, would you not rather wash your hands of it all?"

Zeus looks around at his children gathered before him.  Even Hermes comes nearer, though he still keeps his distance nervously.  "It times-- more often than not to be honest-- an unpleasant responsibility.  Which begs the question, why would you care to take it on for yourself?  You believe Athena can lead you as I have?  Truly?"

Hephaestus takes his father's hand.  "Even her most bitter rival is willing to bend a knee to her father.  I would follow her as far as my crippled body would take me."

Zeus looks down at Ares (Corpsemourne).  “You would follow the sister you’ve warred with since the two of you were striplings?  And you would ask her to be your bride on top of that?”

Ares nods once.

The King of the Gods turns to Athena.  “And you, my daughter, would take his hand?”

Athena gnaws on her bottom lip as her sword tip dips into the earth.  After an awkward silence, she responds.  “Ares, my brother, I am eternally grateful for the honor and comradery you have displayed with us in defeating Demeter, and thank you for your pledge of faithfulness.  But, though it seems all around me are changing their colors before my eyes, I am still myself as I have always been.  I shall not take you as my husband.”

Ares eyes widen and then his shoulders slump, his expression crestfallen.

“It has nothing to do with you, Ares.  But I vowed long ago to remain chaste and unwed.  I’ve no intention of breaking that vow because of this upheaval upon the Mount.”

Ares says not a word for a long while.  Then he gives another curt nod and stands.  “Very well.  Brothers, sisters, if father continues to resist the pull of fate I will fight by your side, but until then, I will assume you have things well enough in order.  Good day, father… I hope you come to your senses.”

The God of War plods slowly away to an unknown destination.  Nobody breathes a word and all look grimly to Athena.

Zeus’ chest begins to rock violently and silently before he explodes in booming laughter.  The retreating Ares flinches slightly but does not falter in his gait.  “Look at this sad affair.  You wish to be queen and you’ve already rebuked one of those who would follow you.  Oh yes, daughter, this will go wonderfully for you.”

Zeus laughs again as the violent impulses gnaw away at his rational being.  He rips his hand, still grasped by Hephaestus away.  "NO MY CHILDREN!  I AM KING AMONGST ALL GODS! AND I WILL DESTROY ALL INSOLENT ENOUGH TO DARE CHALLENGE ME!  I WILL NOT SEE MY REIGN REPLACED BY SUCH A MOCKERY!” 

Athena remains stock still before her father's verbal onslaught.  Lightning popping around him, Zeus rears back to smash his favorite daughter into the ground. “NO MY DEAR!  THIS FOOLISHNESS ENDS NOW!  YOU WILL ALL CONTINUE TO BOW BEF--“

The God of Thunder’s words are choked off in pain as he collapses backwards, an arrow through his knee.

Artemis (Sparky) walks forward and leans over Zeus, grinding the tip of her bow into his wounded knee. 

“Don’t try that again father.  Athena WILL be our queen and she is under my protection.”

Tears stream down Zeus’ face, the madness devolving his response to pain to that of a child.  He quiets after awhile and merely rocks back and forth.

“What, by Hades are we supposed to do now with him…. Gads.”  Artemis grumbles.

Athena sighs.  “I think I am more concerned about Ares.  The power vacuum upon Olympus must be affecting us all.  Nothing we witnessed of our brother just now was anything I would attribute to Ares.”

Artemis grimaces and Hephaestus and Apollo exchange troubled looks.

A small cough sounds from behind a rock outcropping and Aphrodite emerges tentatively.  “I…I’m afraid that’s actually my fault, Athena…”

Five shocked looks knock the goddess back slightly and she looks down shamefacedly before moving forward meekly.

“What do you mean, Aphrodite?”  Athena looks stern.

“I was just trying to help, I swear!  Hephaestus I promise I wasn’t causing trouble!” 

The God of the Forge hobbles over to his currently repentant wife.  “How were you trying to help, my love?  Just tell us.”

“I… I just thought Ares would be a valuable asset in the fight against Demeter.  But I did not know how far he could be trusted.  So… I put a spell upon him and… he fell in love with Athena.  I perhaps…overdid it.”

“Zeus’ beard…”  Artemis bites her tongue as though she’s spoken a curse and looks down at her now prone father.

“I… also was just hoping to be rid of…”

“Temptation?”  Athena finishes Aprhodite’s though.  The Goddess of Love nods nervously.

“Can the spell be removed?”

“It could.  And he would return to the God of War men fear.  But the spell does not handle unrequited love very gracefully.  His feelings of rejection would remain.  If we must deal with a spurned Ares, I believe it would be unwise to return him to his former self.”

Hephaestus sighs deeply and pats his wife on the shoulder.  “Your motives were well-meaning my wife, even if the deed was poorly thought out.”

A groggy Zeus laughs again.  “You are all fools.  I am to leave Olympus to you?”  His laugh grows louder and more venomous.

so...yeah...finally updated.  3 turns.

-Hephaestus engages Zeus to heal 2 status on self.
-Athena engages Hephaestus.  Hephaestus chooses to sacrifice 1 status, allowing Athena to deal her status in damage to ANY god other than Hephaestus.
-Athena deals 4 status to Ares.  Ares is eliminated (damn...stone cold bitch, mirite?  :(  )
-Artemis engages Athena.  She will prevent Athena's next loss of status.

It is now Zeus' turn.
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Post by: Bazabaza on 07:16:35 - 09/04/10
Yes, totally right, she is :(

(Sorry, Ares :( This wasnt an easy decision. I may explain more when its all over, in the mean time I'd just like to say (to anyone concerned) that its nothing personal, its just a game so please dont go hating my guts for ever and ever :-\)
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Corpsemourne on 21:35:07 - 09/05/10

damned rng.
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A sphere of lightning pulses from Zeus as he arcs his back and leaps to his feet.  The sons and daughters of the King of Olympus are thrown to the ground by the eruption of energy.

"You....NONE of you have any inkling of an idea what being a ruler is truly about.  I have destroyed and created more in this pitiful world than you have even encountered in your brief existences.  I AM LORD OF ALL."

Zeus looks towards a sprawled Artemis and begins to stalk towards her.  "You, young mistress of the bow, dare give your father orders do you?"  A massive torrent of lightning explodes from Zeus' hands, his godly Thunderbolt seemingly no longer necessary to control his chosen element.

Artemis screams in agony and writhes on the ground.

Coughing smoke, the smell of ozone in his nostrils, Apollo clumsily surges up from the ground.  "NOOOO!"  The God of the Sun hurtles between Zeus and Artemis and the lightning cascades over him.  Instead of blinding pain, Apollo flares with white light, an earthbound sunburst absorbing his father's celestial force.  The young god raises his arms and the combined energy of Zeus and Apollo releases a beam of searing golden light into the sky, melting the entire accumulation of storm clouds away like the lightest of fogs with the coming of midday.

"By your own beard, father you shall not harm another one of us this day."

Hephaestus, having recovered from the initial lightning attack, stoops over Artemis.  Her breathing labored, he disarms her and throws his blacksmith's smock over her shuddering form.  He looks sullenly over the withered and blackened wood of her bow, tosses it to the ground, and limps over to his brother's side.

"Father, you and I have worked hand in hand so very often.  You saw me as the crippled monster everyone else did, but you respected my craft and the hands that worked it.  And that respect buoyed my spirit.  For that I hold in my heart no small measure of love for you."

Moving faster than his disfigured body should allow, the God of the Forge suddenly closes the distance between he and Zeus, whips his hammer out and smashes it into the thigh of his elder and the god crumples with a bellow of agonized rage.  "Be that as it may, need I remind you that mother still lives, and is STILL upon this Mount.  Though the very thought fills me with loathing, I will free her if I must.  Imagine the hate-filled fury she has boiling inside her for you and I with her captivity.  Now imagine that tenfold when she learns you have slain her sister.  NOW imagine the results when the sickness that corrupted Demeter and is fighting a winning battle inside you takes hold of *her*.  Her wrath will be the stuff of legends.  We will all pay dearly, but I will pay that toll if you insist on succumbing to your base lust for power."

The pain and outrage on Zeus' face is replaced with a look of stark terror.  The madness is pushed back under and his reason struggles to regain its footing in his soul.

"You....would not really do such a thing."

"If you leave me no choice, I would."

Zeus hangs his head.

Athena approaches and places her hand upon her father's fevered brow.  "Zeus, the time of the sons and daughters of Cronus has past.  Yield and let the world move on.  The time for the sons and daughters of Zeus has come.  Let us prove the greatness of your legacy.  I give to you the heavens.  An even loftier throne than the one upon this rock.  Look down upon us for all eternity and see that we will not dishonor your name."

Athena's hand buzzes with her own intrinsic power and Zeus' brow cools, the wisdom of his daughter's words like cool water, quashing the flames of the powermongering disease rampaging through his mind.

The madness in his eyes clears once and for all and before any of his children can speak or react, a fantastic bolt of lightning climbs from the God of Thunder into the heavens, bright silvery purple visible even against Apollo's sunlit sky.  Athena rears back in surprise and her jaw sets, prepared to fight again.

But when the torrent of natural might finally crackles into silence and blue after-images, Zeus is gone, no sign of his passing left behind.

Apollo, mouth agape, stares for a long while before retreating to the form of his wounded sister.  Hermes remains still as a statue, uncomprehending of what he has just seen.

Hephaestus and Athena though, both fall to their knees, tears of joy and sadness mingling in their eyes.

Chest heaving, the God of the Forge finally mutters, "Well then, my Queen, so it ends.  So it begins."

Athena sighs, fatigue wearing heavily on her beautiful features.  "We have a great deal of work ahead of us, my brother.  Cleaning this place up looks to be a chore indeed."

The new ruler of Olympus looks up as Aphrodite, modest gown charred and soiled, approaches and bows deeply and reverently.

Hephaestus stands, takes his wife's hand, and follows suit.

As he bows Hephaestus feels a shifting in the universe as the power vacuum finds itself filled.  It permeates every molecule of existence.  Even the humans down below feel the change with fear and wonder.

===Beneath the mount===

Hera screams in violent, bloodchilling outrage.  And screams.  And screams.  And screams.  For all eternity.

===Beneath the Sea===

Poseidon sadly sits upon his throne, reminiscing over he and his brothers' many godly escapades.  He thrusts his trident into the seabed and a rift, fashioned by his will in the shape of a thunderbolt, rends the ocean bottom for miles and miles and miles.

===The Underworld===

Hades and Persephone feel the shift in the universe.  Persephone places her hands over her stomach, a new life growing inside it, concern etching lines into her statuesque face.  Hades merely chuckles and gives it not a second thought.

===Another quiet farmhouse down below===

Hestia sips a mild broth from an earthenware cup.  She feels the ascension of Zeus into the heavens.  She feels the shift in power upon Olympus.  She closes her eyes and smiles.

-Zeus engages Apollo.  Becomes immune to Artemis, but has next status loss suffered by a god from him prevented.
-Apollo engages Hephaestus.  He receives +1 power, Artemis gets -1 power, and he shares an outcome with Hephaestus.
-Hephaestus engages Athena.  He sacrifices a status to allow Athena to deal damage equal to her own status to any god.
-Athena chooses to deal status damage to Zeus
-Zeus is eliminated.

Artemis' remaining rival is Hephaestus. Artemis reveals a gained ally outcome towards Hephaestus and allies with him.
Athena's remaining rival is Apollo.  Athena reveals a gained ally outcome towards Apollo and allies with him.

4 allies remain.  At long last, Mt. Olympus' tale draws to a close.  Athena ascends to Queendom, her siblings willing and able to take on the roles the elder siblings of Zeus held before them.  A crippled and loathed god achieves superiority and respect.  A cheating, vainglorious godly wife is humiliated into seeing the error of her ways.  Fear not for Artemis, for she shall recover from her wounds and take her place at Athena's side along with her brother.  Hermes will find himself unwilling to take on too great a role in affairs upon the mount, following in the footsteps of his aunt Hestia, finding any reason to be off the mount as time creeps along. A god of war is ruined by love.  An elder god is slain in legendary fashion.  Her sister finds an even more grim fate, imprisoned forever for being a raging bitch.  Two elder gods find happiness removed from the mount forever, one finds bittersweet solitude, and the mightiest of them all ascends into a plane where the eldest and most ominpresent of gods reside, many as ancient as the universe itself.

Thank you all very much for participating.  Many apologies for the lulls between posts after the baby came!  I hope you enjoyed it regardless.

Though the game is exhausting to run, I suppose there may come a time in the future when I run it again, so I welcome all suggestions on how to improve it.  I am fully aware it's pretty rough around the edges.

Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 05:45:38 - 09/16/10

The surviving Olympians will receive 35 PFs and 14 brownies!

Athena, Queen of the Mount, Goddess of Wisdom:  Bazabaza
Hephaestus, The Lame God, Master Forger and new Patriarch of the Mount  Toben
Artemis, One of the Mighty Twins:  Sparky
Apollo, Brother to Artemis:  Azharh


Those that survived until REALIGNMENT will receive 6 PFs and 11 brownies!

Ares, Lovestruck Warrior:  Corpsemourne
Zeus, Once King of The Mount, Now King of the Skies:  Dollstate


All other participants will receive 6 PFs and 7 brownies!

Aphrodite, Now Devoted Wife  Misha
Poseidon, Lonely God of the Sea:  Dreizen
Hades, Perhaps the Real Winner of it All!:  Mario766
Hestia, The Free:  qqchampion
Hermes, Torn Messenger:  Kyruko
Hera, the OWNED:  Greatcatatonic
Demeter, the DEAD:  Fenrir
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Post by: Toben on 05:52:57 - 09/16/10
Three cheers to Merton for running an awesome game! Kept things interesting right up to the very end. And extra props for managing to keep running the game with a brand-new baby to keep you busy and sleep-deprived. If you ever feel like running a round 2, I'm in for sure.  ;D

edit: whoa, awesome know I was expecting like, a phoenix feather and a pat on the head, right? Amazingly generous, to top it all off. You're the man, Merton.  8)
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Post by: Sparky on 06:02:08 - 09/16/10
Thanks a lot for running this terrific game Merton, I really enjoyed plotting and planning my next move while feeling the tension of waiting for my opponents' moves, there was suspense till the end!

And like Toben said, it was awesome of you to still run it while working on a patch AND having a baby.

Special mention to the story between each move, there were some great parts there, made for some laughs too.  ;D

Too shocked by the fact we get to win such cool prizes after you've done all that work on the game yourself, but when I get back on Earth I'll try to provide accurate feedback on this. ;)

If you ever feel like running a round 2, I'm in for sure.  ;D
+1 :P
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 06:07:29 - 09/16/10
Thanks to Lez for the brownies and adding 64 feathers to the pot. 
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 06:22:11 - 09/16/10
Feathers sent.  Lez'll send the brownies at his convenience.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Misha on 06:24:05 - 09/16/10
Great job running this, Merton.  A+++++++++++++++ would play again!!!!
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Corpsemourne on 06:37:58 - 09/16/10
Yeah, great job with this game, especially with the storyline. The mechanics of the game were already pretty well thought out, though I absolutely hated being RNG screwed twice.

But yes, I want a rematch. I will overcome the Toben (/Baza) conspiracy if there is ever a round 2.
I now know where to put my priorities.

The fact that at least 3 of us want to play again is a pretty nice response to a forum game.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Azharh on 09:23:52 - 09/16/10
Really awesome game Merton ! Thanks a lot for finding me a spot to play (and thanks to the player who left me his spot  :P) ! And of course, thanks for the amazing rewards  ;D

Ok, so feedbacks, huh ?

Gameplay : Simple, yet efficient. It's really easy to understand, so one can start plotting and strategizing right away. One "bad" point though, the encounters and powers were sometimes ambiguous, and needed clarification - kindly and swiftly provided by Merton on demand  ;) So, my advice : try to rephrase some of them to make them more understandable without having to ask the Game Master.

Balance : We didn't had the chance to witness all powers and/or resolved encounters, but those that we saw seemed strongly balanced to me. I felt that the game has already acquired a good maturity, and it's very pleasant. If I sensed one power slightly overpowered, it's Demeter's. It's the reason she was so powerful in the end game, but I guess the 3 influence limit is here to balance this. If she had allied a god restoring influence though, she would have been over control...

Background/Ambiance : Nothing to say here, except WAAAAOOOHHHH ! We really have to talk about that. That was so nicely written, yet so accurate ! Did you already make some preliminary reasearch work on the gods' relationships, or did you look for background as you resolve each encounter ?

Players Interaction : The game is also well balanced to provide players with multiple opportunities of interactions and alliances. A lot of powers are alliance-oriented, I think it was a little under-played during this Tale, but heh, I had many opportunities to use mine in dreadful situations. This is a very good point of the game, allowing people to actively plot together, though not being mandatory at all.

Overall : It's an excellent game, well balanced and with enough suspense to keep the players interested until the very end. I think we have to wait for the people who were eliminated first to confirm it, but I guess even them where still eager to follow the storyline, even after elimination. And I guess the game was interesting to non-players too. Plus, you were a very helpful and reactive GM. That's what the players like, for sure  :)

I'll contact you later by PM. This game is one I would be eager to replay and/or to master.

Thanks again for all the fun.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Fenrir on 12:50:28 - 09/16/10
Awesome game Merton, can't wait for the 2nd time around to play again. :)
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Post by: Merton on 14:46:53 - 09/16/10
We really have to talk about that. That was so nicely written, yet so accurate ! Did you already make some preliminary reasearch work on the gods' relationships, or did you look for background as you resolve each encounter ?

From time to time I double checked some aspects or looked up alternative schools of lore from the one I tend to adhere to, but I was a bit of a Greek Mythology nerd from grade school until college where I was minoring in Archaeology, so most of it was off the cuff.

Thanks for the kind words folks.  Next time I'll definitely do what i did here at the end and run multiple turns at once I think..sheesh.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Dollstate on 21:26:25 - 09/16/10
Thanks for running it, Merton.  The move results were awesome. 

Congratulations to the winners.  I'm happy I got any prize at all after being usurped by my children!  It's interesting how the game created its own story arc with all of the elder gods eventually being removed. 

Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Wercool on 20:55:50 - 09/29/10
i would probobly play if you do it again. this looks fun.
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Merton on 21:27:13 - 09/29/10
I may someday, but expect a long break.  Shit's exhausting.  Of course I said the same thing about patch making after I did Kysin Keep and here I am working on another one >.>
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Kandiru on 23:30:58 - 09/29/10
Regardless of the actual game, the story was an interesting read for observers anyway! :) I imagine it was rather exhausting writing it all though, well done Merton. It is you who should be given phoenix feathers rather than the contestants! (Although, fighting over a prize does lead to better back-stabbing)
Title: Re: Mt. Olympus Forum Game (Play to win PFs!)
Post by: Blacksol on 05:17:48 - 09/30/10
... patch making after I did Kysin Keep and here I am working on another one >.>


Let's see how many more low level dungeons need to be farmed (by those that skipped it at the time  :P)