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Title: Character page
Post by: Kedren on 21:09:45 - 05/30/08
Hi relatively new player here :-D

I was thinking about the character page, specifically the event box that tells you what has happened to your character or that your animal has completed in a race.  It would be nice if this was colour coded, so that you can tell at a glance what has happened.

EG Red for a PVP battle, Green for a personal message, Yellow for Animal Race....perhaps other colours for other events (not sure what other events there might be)

It would also be nice to recieve a report of skill points recieved from referred players, perhaps also in the event box along the lines of "XXXX has achieved another level, you have received X Mentor points."

Otherwise I think the Character page is very well designed.
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Nipal on 21:23:11 - 05/30/08
we'll maybe overhaul that message box, and we'll think over your suggestion. what bothers us to put color in it is actually because
it serves as rss message as well, we'd better don't put much html in it since it's up rss reader to do the makeup.

about mentor message, we'll add it later.
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Kedren on 21:28:46 - 05/30/08
Ahh, I'm not very familiar with RSS, having only used it for updates on a Warzone 2100 remake site.

Still as Kudos to you developers for a game that appears to be quite early in it's development (and free) it appears remarkably deep, just as I was starting to worry that all my skills did was to give me a one-off attrib boost I noticed jobs that rely upon a previously mastered skill.  It would be nice to see more of that, although I imagine I will, being only level 7 I get the impression that much of the game is still hidden to me (or not yet developed :-D)
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Lezard on 21:47:39 - 05/30/08
being only level 7 I get the impression that much of the game is still hidden to me (or not yet developed :-D)

The jobs unlock themselves as you draw closer to the stats needed to take them, so what you see now is only the small part of the iceberg.

We are releasing new features quite often, but in term of content the game should be dense enough until level 42-43. There was a very long closed beta during which we took the time to make enough content to be sure you will not get bored for the next 6 months at last ;)

The amount of dungeons you can see on the map should already give you a hint. Almost all these dungeons introduce new game features, so they aren't even copies of known things... but you'll find out about all this yourself soon :)
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Nipal on 21:53:37 - 05/30/08
we won't spoil your fun of discovering things in estiah, but lots of surprises are waiting for you even at endgame. we just have too many
things to show that we can't do it at low level. people will only get overwhelmed and drop our game instead :'(
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Kedren on 21:57:22 - 05/30/08
That's pretty cool, the jobs aren't based upon level, but how you choose to improve your stats...and i can see what you mean about the quests, the LVL4 quests I can do without problem, but the level 6 bunny quest stumps me, I reckon it's because I either haven't got a good strategy or because I'm using the wrong cards for the situation.

It would be nice to see Combat skills play an active role in combat though, e.g. obtaining Master in Sword give a small bonus to all sword attacks, perhaps something like 5% so that it wouldn't be noticed on lower level weapons, but on higher level weapons there would be a slightly higher amount of damage, perhaps as an incentive to continue using that type of weapon. mean this game ENDS?
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Nipal on 22:02:49 - 05/30/08
endgame as game contents for (very) high level players. there is no "game over" screen in estiah, don't worry :)
there is no level cap either, but leveling at 40+ is very slow and hard. as we said in an other post, estiah "starts" at level 40,
you'll see dungeons with real challenges etc. stick with us and you'll never cease discovering things.
Title: Re: Character page
Post by: Lezard on 22:03:32 - 05/30/08
Endgame is just a term for when your character reaches the end of the level curve (somewhere between lv40 and 50, depending on how you play). At this point, you don't make your character by raising it's level, but by getting better charms as you defeat the very difficult dungeons. It's the time where your power is no longer bound by the time at which you joined the game, but by your playskills, your teamwork, and the reputation you made for yourself.

For many, this will not be the end... but the true start.