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Title: Game Tips
Post by: Nipal on 12:31:23 - 05/19/08
Here are some little tips about Estiah to make your journey easier.

In case that you didn't find it before, our FAQ is here, you may have some of your questions answered there.


How to keep being informed about what's new on

Use the news feed! For exemple, shows lastest news about new features and contents.
And there are many more feeds about auction items, loots and events related to your character. Use an aggregator such as igoogle or
netvibes so you don't have to refresh Estiah's homepage all the time.

Learn more about news feed on wikipedia


How to synchronize your avatar on forum with the ingame one

After uploading your avatar in game (in the account page (, the link is located on
top right corner of any pages in game), you may want to have the same avatar in forum as well.

Instead of upload your avatar to our forum (Menu Profile => Forum Profile Information), you can link to your ingame avatar directly
by selecting "I have my own picture" and copy&paste the URL, which looks like***.png
*** is your ingame player id. This way, whenever you change your ingame avatar, you should have your new avatar in forum as well.

You can easily find out the URL to your ingame avatar by right clicking on the image then
Copy Image Location on Firefox or Propriety on Internet Explorer.


How to invite your friends to play on

After registration, you can see a section called Mentor & Apprentices. There you can copy&paste a special
link of registration for your friends, or you can enter their email address so they'll receive an invitation from And your character will be rewarded by a unique ingame skill when your friends play on,
and the more friends you have invited, the faster you can learn this skill.


How to make Estiah popular so players can enjoy better PvP experience

Beside your friends that you can recruit as your apprentices, you can help us out by posting on boards you
usually visit, submitting news about Estiah on web sites about games etc. Your helps will be really appreciated,
and we'll be more motivated to implement new PvP features. We are happy to provide you Estiah logo, screenshots,
promotional text, game details if you request them on forum or by email. Thanks!